Monster Paradise
806 You“ve Been Thinking About Dating My Sister All the Time!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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806 You“ve Been Thinking About Dating My Sister All the Time!

Given Yi Zheng's abilities, if he got kidnapped without having the ability to fight back, it meant that the kidnapper was probably an imperial-level.

Had it happened last time, Lin Huang would have feared him.

However, he felt smug now and was excited to fight him. He hardly had the chance to fight an imperial-level.

Furthermore, he was just estimating his abilities based on theory. In order to know how powerful his abilities were, he had to engage in a real battle.

Since the opponent came to him first, Lin Huang was thrilled.

As for Yi Zheng who got kidnapped…"Hmm… Let's fight the kidnapper first," he thought to himself.

After making the decision, Lin Huang flew up to the sky from the balcony, transforming into a black meteor and headed towards the west of the city.

Guiyan Tower was an abandoned building site at the west of Wanbao City.

The buildings used to be part of a temple during ancient times. However, the temple had turned into a rubble of debris and broken bricks now. Only the lower half of the tower remained.

When the abandoned site was first discovered, the Union Government had sent people in to inspect the site. However, they only managed to dig out some of the books and bones of ordinary people. They then concluded that it was just an ordinary temple.

In the past hundred years, many people came to explore this place. However, nothing was discovered and the number of people who came here subsequently decreased.

In addition, it was too far from the center of Wanbao City. It was more than 2,000 kilometers away and it covered only a small area. Considering the extremely pathetic visitation rate of the ordinary tourists, the Union Government did not make it a tourist spot. Therefore, it was now an abandoned land.

Aside from visiting a few of the tourist spots, Lin Huang had not been to other places ever since he came to Wanbao City. Of course, he had not been to Guiyan Tower.

If the kidnapper had not mentioned it, he would have forgotten that there was such a site during the old era.

Activating his double acceleration, it took him about 20 minutes to arrive at the west of the city. He could see the abandoned site with a half-burnt tower and broken bricks all over from afar.

He could obviously sense that there were two figures on the first floor of the abandoned tower in the region covered by his territory.

A person was leaning against the wall while another stood, lifting his head and looking in his direction. Obviously, he had been discovered.

Lin Huang gradually landed on a hillside with broken bricks all over it. It was about 20 meters away from the abandoned tower and he could maintain a safe distance.

"I came as promised. Can you come out?" Lin Huang remained calm and both of them in the tower heard his voice clearly.

At the entrance of Yangui Tower, a pale, skinny man appeared along with Yi Zheng.

As the moonlight shone on him, Lin Huang could evidently see how the kidnapper looked like.

He looked so pale and ill. He was like the classic vampire described in most novels. He was about 1.8 meters tall and had a skinny and slender body. With very ordinary looks, he could hardly stand out from the crowd.

Without sensing the strength of his aura, Lin Huang would think that he was just an ordinary person.

"You're really an imperial-level. The first rank of an imperial-level – black gold-rank."

After sizing him up, Lin Huang had a rough estimate of his combat strength. He then shifted his gaze towards Yi Zheng.

Yi Zheng's Life Power had been emptied and must have been sealed by some sort of secret skill. However, it seemed like the kidnapper had not tortured him as he still looked fine. However, his face turned ghastly as he saw Lin Huang. "He's an imperial-level. You shouldn't have come."

"You didn't answer my call and reply to my text. What could I do?" Lin Huang smiled with his palms up. "If I don't do anything and you die here, I've no idea how to explain this to your sister."

"The conversation shall end here." The pale man pressed his hand against Yi Zheng's shoulder. Yi Zheng groaned and stopped talking.

"Give it to me and I'll let him go." The man lifted his head and looked at Lin Huang threateningly.

"What's that? You have to tell me clearly," Lin Huang challenged.

"Stop bullshitting me. You know that I want the God's Figurine!"

"Indeed, he knows what the God's Figurine is." Lin Huang's heart sank. However, nothing strange could be picked up from his facial expression. "I really have no idea what the God's Figurine is."

"You've no idea?! Why did you bid for it at the auction?" The man narrowed his eyes. "I've just scanned through his memory. Don't think that I don't know both of you were the members in VIP room No. 3 on the third floor. You're the one who bid for it."

"I bid for it? Oh… Are you talking about the wood carving?" Lin Huang looked like he was suddenly enlightened. "I just found out that it's called the God's Figurine. As an imperial-level, you kidnapped my friend because of the wood carving? It seems to be something valuable."

"Stop talking nonsense. Give it to me!" The man was impatient.

"If you give it to him, the both of us will die," Yi Zheng said calmly.

"I'm not allowing you to talk!" The man pressed against Yi Zheng's shoulder hard with his left hand and the sound of the bone being broken echoed. It was so painful that sweat dripped from Yi Zheng's forehead. He was startled and kept quiet.

"Don't fight first. I'm not saying that I won't give it to you," Lin Huang immediately said, "I can give it to you, but I have one condition. Let him go first."

"I'll let him go after you've given it to me," the man said without any facial expression.

"No, I can't do so. I don't trust you. My friend was right. You might probably kill us after getting what you want," Lin Huang insisted. "He's the brother to a female friend of mine. If he dies, his sister will definitely blame me. Even if I die, she'll hate me forever. Let him go and I'll stay. You know that the item is with me and not him. As long as he can leave here safely, I'll give it to you. If you want to break your promise, just kill me. As long as he's still alive, his sister won't blame me for not taking good care of him. She'll miss me every day because I sacrificed my life for his brother. Thinking of her long legs, it's worth dying for." Lin Huang acted like a drooling pervert.

"Lin Huang, you're thinking about dating my sister all the time!" Yi Zheng glared at Lin Huang. He was so angry and accidentally called out his real name.

"Do you think that I'm treating her like a friend?" Lin Huang raised his brows. "There's no pure friendship between a man and a lady. It's general knowledge that all adults should know."

"You…" Yi Zheng was too mad to the point that he could not say anything.

"Humans really are boring and low-class creatures…" The pale-faced man mumbled. He lifted his head and looked at Lin Huang again. "Alright, I promise you. However, I have another request. I want to have a look whether you've really brought what I want. I'll let him go immediately upon confirmation."

"Alright, keep your promise." Lin Huang grinned.

The man was staring at Lin Huang's hand movement. However, he was laughing on the inside. "Keep your promise? Such an innocent fella. If it weren't because I'm not sure whether you brought the God's Figurine along, I wouldn't have talked so much nonsense to you. After confirming that the item is with you, both of you must die! The only thing I need is the Emperor's Heart Ring."


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