Monster Paradise
805 Getting Kidnapped
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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805 Getting Kidnapped

"Congratulations, you've leveled up to immortal-level!

"There's an upgrade in some of the authorities.

"1. Summon authority of pseudo-mythical-level card is activated.

"2. The number of summoning increases from 10 to 15.

"3. Personal skill slots increase from 20 slots to 30 slots.

"4. The maximum limit of the combat strength of the monster cards is immortal-level rank-9.

"5: Activation of new cards: Duplication Card, Forge Card, Modification Card…

"6: Change of cross-ranking reward rules: You'll only obtain a cross-ranking reward by killing an imperial-level. You can no longer obtain a cross-ranking reward by killing an immortal-level.

"When on the beginner-level of an immortal-level (from rank-1 to rank-3), you'll obtain 10 card draws by killing a black gold-rank; you'll obtain 20 card draws by killing a crimson gold-rank; you'll obtain 40 card draws by killing a yellow gold-rank; you'll obtain 80 card draws by killing a white gold-rank; you'll obtain 160 card draws by killing a purple gold-rank; and you'll obtain 320 card draws by killing a demigod.

"When on the intermediate-level of an immortal-level (from rank-4 to rank-6), you'll obtain 10 card draws by killing a crimson gold-rank; you'll obtain 20 card draws by killing a yellow gold-rank; you'll obtain 40 card draws by killing a white gold-rank; you'll obtain 80 card draws by killing a purple gold-rank; and you'll obtain 160 card draws by killing a demigod.

"When on the expert-level of an immortal-level (from rank-7 to rank-9), you'll obtain 10 card draws by killing a yellow gold-rank; you'll obtain 20 card draws by killing a white gold-rank; you'll obtain 40 card draws by killing a purple gold-rank; and you'll obtain 80 card draws by killing a demigod."

"Remark: You can't use a Function Card to assist in a cross-ranking kill."

"I can't use a Function Card? I guess I'm not cheating if I were to use the Knight skill and Integration skill to achieve an upgrade in my combat strength, right?" Lin Huang mumbled with an evil smile, "I can first upgrade the combat strength of the monster that I'm riding on to immortal-level rank-9. With the overlaying effect of the Knight and Integration skills, my combat strength can be upgraded to at least black gold-level or even crimson gold-level…"

"That's too much. According to the strength of your body and soul, black gold-rank is your limit. If you were to advance it to crimson gold-level forcefully, your body and soul will probably collapse in an instant. Therefore, given the restriction of the system, you'll only be able to obtain the minimum overlaying effect of Knight and Integration and your combat strength will only reach black gold-rank. There'll be an exception if you level up to the intermediate-level of the immortal-level."

"Black gold-rank. That's great." Lin Huang did not feel upset at all. "With my abilities on black gold-rank, it won't be difficult for me to fight crimson gold- and yellow gold-ranks. Bai and the rest of their combat strength can be upgraded to immortal-level rank-9 too. Furthermore, I have two pseudo-mythical-level monster card: evil spirit type and Regal Sword Killer. Despite not being able to use the Combat Strength Upgrade Card, they can fight in a team and see if they can kill white gold-rank monsters…"

There was actually a significant increase in Lin Huang's abilities as he leveled up to immortal-level. Nevertheless, he knew that there was still room for improvement.

Training the monster soul could allow him to own the combat soul. The training of the Seamless skill would enable him to create more telekinetic threads, expanding the region covered by his telekinesis. The training of his Sword Dao that had begun to plateau could be further improved. Also, the tremendous improvement in his combat strength unsealed many of the memories inherited…

As he thought of this, Lin Huang knew that he had a lot of things to do.

After returning from Kylie's mini world to the hotel room, it was already 10 p.m.

He felt strange as he could detect with his territory that Yi Zheng was not in the room.

"Did he go for supper?"

Lin Huang did not think too much about it since he had entered Kylie's mini world after they got back from the auction hall. Most likely, because he had seen that he was not in, Yi Zheng had gone out for supper on his own.

After taking a shower, Lin Huang began reading the news on the sofa.

After reading all the news and browsing through social media, it was about 11 p.m. but Yi Zheng had not come back yet.

Lin Huang began to worry about him. He thought for a while. Then, he opened the communication page and decided to call Yi Zheng.

Soon, the call was connected. However, after waiting for a long while, only a beeping could be heard. Until the sound ended after a minute, nobody picked up the call.

"What happened to him?" Lin Huang frowned.

After calming himself down, he texted him. "I called you just now but nobody picked up. Where are you? Please get back to me soon when you see this message."

After the message had been sent, one minute passed, then two minutes, three minutes… Nobody replied to him and Lin Huang panicked.

The Emperor's Heart Ring was different from the usual mobile phone on Earth. It was worn directly on the finger and would not be taken it off even when they were taking their shower. As long as they received a call or text message, it would vibrate. It was impossible that they could not sense it. Even if they were too busy to pick up the call, replying a voice message would only take them a few seconds. Yi Zheng had grown up in the military and he used to be really efficient at work. Normally, he would reply to text messages within seconds.

Since he did not reply Lin Huang after so long, it indicated that something had happened to him.

After making such a conclusion, Lin Huang immediately entered Yi Zheng's hotel room.

It was so clean and tidy inside the room and there were no traces of any scuffle or conflict. Lin Huang scanned the area with his Divine Telekinesis several times but he discovered nothing apart from the balcony door being open.

However, no evidence was found at the balcony.

"Yi Zheng normally closes the balcony door before going out and locks it." Standing at the balcony, Lin Huang checked if he had missed out on anything. "That guy must be strong. He managed to control Yi Zheng in an instant as soon as he entered from the balcony and kidnapped him. When did he get targeted by the kidnapper?"

Lin Huang frowned as he carefully recalled whether somebody had been following after them or spying on them. However, he discovered nothing.

"Regardless of who his target is, if somebody is following me, I'll be able to detect it with my territory. If the opponent is using a spiritual detection skill, I'll be able to detect it easily with my Divine Telekinesis. However, nothing has been detected in the past few days when Yi Zheng was with me."

Lin Huang could not understand it. He had no idea when they got targeted by the kidnapper or why would this happen.

Just as Lin Huang was in doubt, his Emperor's Heart Ring suddenly vibrated. A message came through.

He immediately tapped opened the communication page and unexpectedly, the sender was Yi Zheng.

"He replied?" Lin Huang was stunned. However, it was 20 minutes ago when he had sent the message to Yi Zheng. He did not expect him to reply at this moment. "Did I overthink?"

As he read the message, Lin Huang's pupils dilated.

"If you want to save him, come to Yangui Tower before midnight. Bring along all the auction items you bid from the auction hall and come here alone. If you don't bring all the items you have or you have someone following you, you have to bear the consequences."

"Someone has caught him!" Surprisingly, Lin Huang felt relieved after receiving the message.

Firstly, the person was using Yi Zheng's Emperor's Heart Ring to send him the message. That being said, Yi Zheng was still alive and it was good news.

Secondly, the reason why he kidnapped Yi Zheng was obvious. It was because of the auction items. Therefore, it was less likely that the person would kill Yi Zheng before the deal had been made.

Yi Zheng and Lin Huang had a total of five auction items. The four items that Yi Zheng bought were ancient relics. It was not worth doing so for those items. The only item Lin Huang got was the God's Figurine.

Lin Huang smirked as he understood everything that had happened and could roughly guess the identity of the kidnapper.

"He's coming after the God's Figurine! During the auction, the only person who bid for the God's Figurine was the member in VIP room No. 1 on the third floor. Most probably, he knows the truth about the God's Figurine and that's the reason why he's giving his all to get it. If I'm not mistaken, he's the kidnapper!"


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