Monster Paradise
802 Items to Be Sold off at the End of the Auction
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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802 Items to Be Sold off at the End of the Auction

After lunch, the second half of the auction then began.

The auction got livelier in the afternoon. Almost every item sold was exquisitely made. A majority of them were ancient relics of similar levels. All of them were sold at a price of at least 100 million Life Crystals.

Lin Huang had lost his focus as he kept on thinking about the God's Figurine and the Divine Fire in his body.

Yi Zheng found that Lin Huang had been exceptionally quiet in the afternoon and asked about his moodiness. Lin Huang just told him that he was thinking about something. Since he did not want to share much, Yi Zheng did not ask any further.

At about 5.40 p.m., 48 items had been sold.

Since the 49th item had not been brought up to the stage after a long while, the crowd knew what was going to happen soon and they were excited.

Yu Bo remained quiet for a few moments as well. He then said, "Perhaps many of you know that right up to now, we have three more items left available for sale."

"I guess many of you have been waiting for this to come for a long time. I'll stop here and now for our staff to unveil the first secret item!"

After finishing his sentence, two muscular staff brought something that was as large as a wardrobe up on stage.

Almost every person in the auction hall held their breaths, fixing their gazes on the item covered by a red cloth. They were secretly guessing what the item under the red cloth was.

"The first secret item is…" Yu Bo paused for a moment. He then pulled the red cloth away.

A transparent cabinet was unveiled.

A long saber with a scabbard was floating in the middle of the cabinet.

The handle of the saber was burgundy in color. The blade of the saber along with its scabbard emitted a faint, red glow. The oppressing aura of the demigod relic spread throughout the auction hall.

In order to give it a grandiose display, the imperial-level had temporarily activated it before bringing it up on the stage.

Since it was one of the items sold at the end of the auction, they treated the saber which Lin Huang had sent in in a completely different way. After it was activated, all of them could clearly sense the immense power of the demigod relic.

"It's such a terrifying oppression!"

"I seem to be able to smell the scent of blood."

Everybody was discussing it and they could clearly sense how bone-chilling the demigod relic was.

Many of the members on the second and the third floor had fallen into deep thought.

"It seems to be a saber that drinks blood…"

Yu Bo finally revealed where the three secret items came from and they were all curious about it.

"Perhaps some of you might've discovered that it's a Bloodthirster. It's forged through blood sacrifice. The Bloodthirster can grow and might even create saber spirit after engulfing sufficient blood.

"We're unsure about the history of the saber. However, based on the evaluation done by the Grade-S appraiser, it should be remnants from the old era. The main material used is the bones of unknown demigods. Most likely, they're monsters that existed in the ancient times and have gone extinct now.

"Although we don't know much about this saber, the person who sent this saber in is a demigod for real. Two days before the auction began, a demigod visited us late at night, sending three items in for sale. The saber is one of them.

"The first item to be sold off at the end of the auction is the Bloodthirster. The starting price is 33 billion! The price increment must be at least one billion Life Crystals each round!"

After finishing his words on the auction stage, three bids lit up at almost the same time from the VIP room on the third floor.

"35 billion!"

"38 billion!"

"40 billion!"

The black screen suddenly glowed continuously and large numbers were displayed.

The crowd in the auction hall exclaimed as it was the first time they were witnessing such intense bidding since the last five days.

"The bidder in VIP room No. 26 has offered a price of 40 billion Life Crystals. Is there anyone…"

Before the auctioneer could finish his words, the black screen on the third floor lit up again.

"45 billion!"

"The bidder from VIP room No. S8 has offered 45 billion…"

In less than five seconds, the bid rose from 33 billion to 45 billion. The people were surprised by what they just saw.

"In less than five seconds, the price has exceeded the final bid price of the demigod relic sold on the first day of the auction." Yi Zheng looked towards Lin Huang. "How do you feel?"

"I don't feel anything."

Lin Huang remained calm as it was completely within his expectations. "The quality of the Bloodthirster is better than the demigod relic sold on the first day. The saber can be further enhanced, so that's why it's normal for it to fetch a higher price."

After Lin Huang explained his opinion, the bid had exceeded 50 billion. It was the highest price offered so far among all the items sold.

However, it was not the end.

"55 billion!"

"The member from VIP room No. S3 has offered 55 billion. Again, he's just broken the record! Is there anyone going to place a higher bid for it?" Seeing that nobody continued to place a bid, Yu Bo grinned. "I'm now putting my job at risk to reveal some information. The Bloodthirster is the last saber for sale at the auction. It's the saber with the highest quality. If you're majoring in saber, perhaps you'll have to wait for another year if you miss out on this chance."

Soon, the black screen on the third floor lit up again.

"60 billion!" It was offered by the member in VIP room No. 6.

"The member from VIP room No. S6 has offered 60 billion!"

"65 billion!" At the next second, the black screen glowed again.

"The member from VIP room No. S8 has raised the price by five billion. The bid price is now 65 billion! Is the guest from VIP room No. S8 going to own the Bloodthirster?" Yu Bo's gaze swept through the rest of the VIP rooms on the third floor. Despite the price exceeding his expectation, he still wanted to know if the price could go even higher.

However, at a price like this, the true value of the Bloodthirster was on the low side. Those who majored in saber knew about this and the rest of the guests in the VIP room remained quiet.

Yu Bo waited for a few seconds. Since no one else continued bidding for it, he then shouted, "65 billion, going once!"

"65 billion, going twice!"

"There goes the last chance…" Yu Bo lifted his hammer and waited for another two seconds, then he shouted, "65 billion, going thrice!"

At the same time, he knocked down the hammer. "Sold!"

A smile finally plastered across Lin Huang's face who was in VIP room No. 2 on the third floor.

"That's great. It's higher than my expected price." His expected price was about 55 billion and he did not expect the final bid price to be 10 billion higher.

Selling the first item went more smoothly than expected. The final bid price had exceeded his expectations as well. He was much happier now, forgetting about the God's Figurine. He began to anticipate the bidding of the next two items.

Soon, the second item was brought up to the stage. It was the demigod-level combat sword Lin Huang provided.

As soon as it was unveiled, the combat sword that floated in the middle of the crystal-clear cabinet released a faint, golden glow, appearing very powerful.

Bloody had intentionally chosen a golden sword. Not only did it have beautiful arcs on the blade of the sword, but the blade and the sheath of the sword were also delicately made. The golden engraving on the sheath looked remarkably artistic.

"It's a demigod-level combat sword forged about 200 years ago. Based on the arcs on its blade and the degree of fineness of the blade and the sheath, it must be the work of Master Jing. Master Jing is the only female forgemaster in this era who can forge a demigod relic. She's also a demigod. There's only a small number of her artworks and it's rare to own a demigod relic forged by her. There are only three demigod relics available in the market so far. The combat sword must be the fourth one and it's also the first demigod-level combat sword she has ever forged…"

Even Lin Huang did not know about the information provided by Wanbao Auction House. He was shocked as he heard it from the VIP room.

Obviously, they had put in a lot of effort to raise the bid price of the item.

"It makes me feel like buying it…" Lin Huang mumbled.

"You majored in sword. Why don't you keep it for yourself? It's just a matter of time for you to get to imperial-level," Yi Zheng asked.

"If I want a sword, I can get a better one at any time," Lin Huang said, raising his brows. He felt that the Stairway Tree was an amazing place.

What he said startled Yi Zheng. However, Lin Huang did not seem to be lying.

Seeing the doubt on Yi Zheng's face, Lin Huang did not say anything else. However, a thought crossed his mind. "I must look for a chance to ask Yi Zheng to join the Genius Union."

Yi Zheng's abilities were on par with a genius'. If Lin Huang were to recommend him, he could definitely join the Genius Union. There was no harm asking him to join the Genius Union.

On the auction stage, Yu Bo announced the starting price of the combat sword.

"The starting price is 32 billion Life Crystals! The price increment must be at least one billion Life Crystals each round!"

An intense bidding war began immediately.

"35 billion!"

"40 billion!"

Five minutes later, the combat sword was sold at a price of 62 billion. The final buyer was the guest in VIP room No. A3 on the second floor. He showed his determination in buying the sword throughout the bidding process. He raised the price by one to two billion each time. The two bidders on the third floor gave up bidding for the item as they did not want to increase the price by such a large margin anymore.

After the bidding of the combat sword had ended, there was only one last item remaining and everybody was excited to know what the last item was.


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