Monster Paradise
800 The Fifth Day
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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800 The Fifth Day

On the second day of the auction, still, nothing caught Lin Huang's attention and he did not join the bidding war.

Yi Zheng spent 48 million bidding for a set of ancient armor. He did not buy anything else.

However, just as the auction was about to end on the second day, the last item became everybody's focus again.

Wanbao Auction had taken the demigod-level combat sword out as the last item to be sold off on that day.

The members on the second and the third floor placed their bids. The fight was even more intense compared to the first day when they wanted to buy the Dragon Slayer.

Eventually, the combat sword named Combat Shade was sold at a price of 46 billion. The buyer was the member in VIP room No. A21 on the second floor.

Since the identity of the members would be kept a secret, Lin Huang could not see how the buyer looked like.

Although the buyers in the auction hall did not place any bids, they looked happier watching the bidding war rather than placing a bid of their own.

The second day of auction then ended in high spirits.

The auction remained rather dull on the third and the fourth days as nothing appealing was sold. Over the past two days, the most expensive item that was sold as a set of ancient telekinetic weapons which was priced at 23 billion. The price was just a portion of the price of a demigod relic.

On the fourth day, Yi Zheng had finally gotten whatever he wanted after buying an ancient relic at 51 million Life Crystals. Its quality was higher than the one sold on the first day of the auction.

Just as the auctioneer mentioned that the deal was closed, he was so thrilled because he was afraid that someone would continue to raise the bid.

Lin Huang had never hit the bid button. If Yi Zheng had not been in the room, people might have doubted that there was anyone in VIP room No. 2 on the third floor.

He did not place any bid because there was nothing he was interested in. In the past four days, there was nothing that caught his attention.

There were no problems with the items sold at Wanbao Auction. Instead, Lin Huang had a very clear target. He did not like fancy things and his main concern was the practicality of the item itself. Unless it had a better function than the equipment that he was using currently or if it was an item that possessed a unique function that could improve his abilities, nothing could catch his eye. The former was hard to find and the latter was exceptionally rare. Indeed, none of the items sold at the auction fulfilled his two criterions.

Time passed and soon, it was the fifth and last day of the auction.

Before the auction began, all the seats were already occupied and the attendees were talking excitedly to each other.

In the auction hall, the seats of the guests never changed. Despite the fact that they did know not each other in the very beginning, after being "desk mates" for four days, they started to familiarize themselves with one another.

In addition to being the last day of the auction, the last three secret items to be sold off at the auction would be revealed soon. It was the reason why the people were feeling rather excited and the auction hall was livelier than it had been a few days ago.

Almost everybody was discussing the same topic – what were the last three secret items for sale?

On the third floor, Lin Huang and Yi Zheng were chatting with each other in VIP room No. 2.

"It's so lively today and it's much better than the past two days. I almost fell asleep then," Lin Huang said before tossing a red berry into his mouth.

"Today's the last day. Many of them are here for the items that you're selling," Yi Zheng said while making himself a cup of tea. After a short while, the room was filled with the fragrance of tea leaves.

"I hope that they can be sold at a good price." Lin Huang raised his brows.

"Don't worry. The prices of the three demigod relics itself aren't low," Yi Zheng laughed as he said, "They had a fierce fight to bid for the demigod relics on the first and the second day. The war between them will definitely be more intense on the last day of the auction."

Lin Huang smiled, nodding his head without saying anything else.

The room remained quiet for a short while. Soon, Lin Huang broke the silence and asked, "Where are you going after the auction?"

"I'll stay in Wanbao City for a period of time. I'll adapt myself to the environment in Division 3 and gather some information so that I can prepare myself for the upcoming training." Apparently, Yi Zheng had a plan.

"Wanbao City is under the Union Government's jurisdiction. Compared to the footholds with the code after No. A10, it's safer. Footholds after No. A10 are mostly under the underworld's jurisdiction. It's different from Division 7 where there are different kinds of people in the areas under the underworld's jurisdiction." After finishing his sentence, he told Yi Zheng about the incident of him being blackmailed by the people in Division 3 when he first arrived.

Yi Zheng simmered with laughter when he heard the anecdote.

"Despite many of them from the underworld not being strong, they have their ways to blackmail others. They can do bad stuff to you. You have to be careful when checking into a hotel. You need to check the background of the hotel before deciding whether to stay there or not. Some of the hotels look luxurious in photos, but they're actually tourist traps. Not to mention robberies and the badger game, some of them will even use guest towels to wash the toilet bowl. After that, they'll use the same towel to clean the glasses and tea set…"

Yi Zheng fixed his gaze on the tea set that he had just used. He then took a long, hard look at the cup that he was holding, pretending as if nothing had happened and placed the cup back on the table.

After chatting for a while, the auction finally began.

After the auctioneer's opening remarks, the first item was soon available for bidding.

"The first item we have today is an ancient telekinetic weapon… The starting price is 300 million Life Crystals! The price increment must be at least five million Life Crystals each round."

"310 million!"

"330 million!"

"350 million!"

The last day of the Wanbao Auction then began.

35 items had been sold as lunchtime approached. Aside from a few of the items that managed to trigger an intense battle, there were no eye-catching items.

"It's about noon now. Let's go for lunch!" Lin Huang stood up from the sofa, stretching his body.

"There are six more minutes to go. There must be one more item to bid for." Yi Zheng did not stand up.

"The items are almost the same. There's nothing to see." Lin Huang was not interested at all.

"Let's wait for a while. Just a few more minutes to go."

"Alright, let's see what's next." Lin Huang then sat down helplessly.

36 items were brought up the auction stage.

As the red cloth was unveiled, it revealed a palm-sized wood carving.

Lin Huang caught a glimpse of it, seeming as if he was not interested in it. All of a sudden, he received a peculiar feedback from his Divine Telekinesis.

Before Lin Huang could confirm what the feedback from his Divine Telekinesis was trying to tell him, a voice urged him, "Buy it!"

"The voice is coming from…" Lin Huang frowned. "The stone tablet?"

"It's me," the stone tablet soon responded, "It's best if you can buy the item on the auction stage."

"It's just a wood carving. Is there anything special about it?" Lin Huang could not understand why he had to get it. However, he could sense that there was something odd about the detection of God's Soul. However, he could not understand the feedback it was providing.

"It's a God's Figurine. I'll explain to you later when we have the time. Buy it first. It's more valuable than a demigod relic!"

On the auction stage, Yu Bo began introducing the item, "This wood carving originated from the battle ruins. We don't know any further information about it though. We aren't hiding it from you. Our appraisers have no idea what it's made of and its grade can't be evaluated as well. However, this item is exceptionally hard. We've tested it with an ancient relic many times and no traces were left on it. The wooden material used might be a new material that hasn't been discovered yet…"


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