Monster Paradise
799 The Death Knight and the Fallen Knigh
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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799 The Death Knight and the Fallen Knigh

After the first item was sold at a high price of 62 million Life Crystals, it seemed like none of the following items was priced higher than that. A few of the ancient relics were put up for sale, but there was no saber type of weapon. Yi Zheng was not interested in the sale, let alone Lin Huang.

Everyone would expect better quality items later in the auction. The show only began especially on the last day of the auction.

Soon, the first day of the auction ended.

There was nothing appealing and it made most of the crowd sleepy. Some of them could not bear it any longer and left early.

Just as the first day of the auction was about to end, the auctioneer suddenly dropped a bombshell.

"The last item for sale today won't disappoint you. Many of you know that we have three secret items to be sold off on the last day of the auction. Therefore, one of the two demigod items that we initially intended to sell on the last day of the auction will be the last item for sale today!"

As the red cloth was unveiled, it revealed a long, golden scabbard which exuded a powerful aura.

Without a doubt, it was a demigod relic.

In the auction hall, everybody obsessed over it as soon as they saw the saber.

Even Yi Zheng who sat next to Lin Huang had his eyes fixed on it. "This is the saber of legends…"

Although Lin Huang could tell that he was dying to get his hands on the saber, he was not going to lend Yi Zheng his money.

Only an imperial-level would be capable of activating a demigod relic. Yi Zheng would have no way of using it despite buying it now. He had just made it to immortal-level rank-1. Lin Huang had no idea how long Yi Zheng would have to wait until he could level up to imperial-level. Instead of buying a demigod relic, he would be better off buying equipment that he could use and training guides that were useful for him to improve his abilities.

"It's called the Dragon Slayer. Its master used to be a demon slayer who achieved imperial-level about 100 years ago. The saber was originally obtained from killing a triple mutated white gold-rank Silver-Winged Rocfiend. It was then modified and reforged with 99 sets of dragonkins' teeth and three dragonkins' vertebrae as auxiliary materials…"

On the auction stage, Yu Bo was putting a lot of effort to introduce the particular item and hype it up.

After listening to him for a while, Lin Huang then ignored him and began searching for the "demon slayer" online. After a short while, he went through all the information about this item's previous master.

The demon slayer's original name was Jiang Yi who was an imperial-level in Division 3 more than 100 years ago. About 80 years ago, he was severely injured after he explored one of the underwater ruins in the Peaceful Ocean. Less than half a year after he returned to Division 3, he died from an incurable illness. The Dragon Slayer he owned then became his son's legacy. However, after tens of years, none of his descendants managed to break through to imperial-level. None of them could use the saber and it was then abandoned.

However, Lin Huang had no idea why the saber would appear at the auction house. Since the auctioneer dared to reveal the actual information about the saber, it had to be a legitimate item. Otherwise, they could only sell it at the underground auction instead of selling it in public.

As one of the top auction houses in Division 3, the Wanbao Auction knew the unspoken rules of the business very well and it was impossible for them to make such a silly mistake.

While Lin Huang was pondering to himself, Yu Bo who was on the auction stage had completed the introduction. "I'll stop bullshitting now. Let's begin the last round of bidding!"

"Dragon Slayer! Its starting price is 20 billion Life Crystals. The price increment mustn't be less than 500 million Life Crystals each round!"

"25 billion!"

Just as the auctioneer finished his sentence, the bidder in the VIP room on the second floor placed a bid at a price that was five billion higher than the starting price.

Seeing the silver figures light up abruptly on the black screen, most of the onlookers at the auction house were surprised.

"He increased the price by five billion without thinking twice… I can't even spare 50 Life Crystals for a bowl of noodles."

"It's great to be rich. As peasants, we wouldn't know how it feels like…"

"To the rich man on the second floor, are you looking for a son-in-law?"

As the black screen on the second floor lit up for less than two seconds, the black screen on the third floor lit up as well.

The figures were bigger and brighter this round, and they were golden in color.

"30 billion!!!"

The bidder on the third floor raised the price for the second time and again, it was an increment of five billion. The bidding price had immediately risen up to 30 billion.

At the auction house, everybody appeared stunned. Nobody would expect such an aggressive bid for the second time!

"To the rich man on the third floor, are you looking for a son-in-law? Or do you need a houseboy? I'm an excellent bedwarmer!"

Seeing the one who said this was a muscular man who was more than two meters tall, the crowd gagged.

Yi Zheng, who was in VIP room No. 2 on the third floor, was shocked as well.

"Why are the pros in Division 3 so rich? I used to think that I was wealthy enough with hundreds of millions of Life Crystals."

"You aren't considered rich with hundreds of millions of Life Crystals." Lin Huang laughed, shaking his head. "The cheapest ancient relic costs tens of millions of Life Crystals. Those on white gold-rank basically cost at least hundreds of millions. As for those on purple gold-rank, the starting price is at least 200 million. Not forgetting the telekinetic weapons whereby the lowest ranking is on black gold-rank and costs at least 100 million. You aren't even qualified to bid for the purple gold-rank telekinetic weapon if you don't have at least two billion Life Crystals. The price of the demigod relic is even higher. Any of them will start from 10 billion Life Crystals. If they're of really premium quality, they don't accept Life Crystals but Divine Stones instead."

"Divine Stones?" Yi Zheng had just arrived at Division 3 and it was his first time coming across this term.

"A Divine Stone is a rare ore that comes with God's energy. A Divine Stone is equivalent to 100 million Life Crystals. However, almost none of them will exchange Divine Stones for Life Crystals. The God's energy within the Divine Stone can be absorbed by demigods. This is a high-ranking currency only used by the demigods to trade."

Lin Huang heard the information regarding the Divine Stone from Mr. Fu who had casually mentioned it and he could remember it up until that day.

On the auction stage, the price of the Dragon Slayer had increased to 38 billion. The number of bidders had increased from two to five as well. Each time, the increment of price would either be 500 million or a billion.

Among the five bidders, three of them were Supreme members on the third floor whereas the other two were members on the second floor. None of the people in the auction hall had placed any bids and they were just sitting there, watching what was going to happen next.

It was not strange though since only an imperial-level was capable of activating a demigod relic. The strongest person in the auction hall was only on immortal-level rank-7.

The bidding lasted for more than ten minutes and the Dragon Slayer was finally sold to somebody else.

"The member in No. S4 VIP room bid 43 billion Crystals!"

"43 billion going once!"

"43 billion going twice!"

"Anyone wants to place another bid? Otherwise, you might not have the chance anymore!"

"Alright, 43 billion going thrice!"


"43 billion…" Yi Zheng was so envious of him.

Lin Huang then thought to himself, "If the saber can be sold at 43 billion, I guess I can sell mine at 55 billion and above."

The first day of auction then ended. Lin Huang and Yi Zheng went back to the hotel empty-handed.

After having their dinner, just as Lin Huang and Yi Zheng were about to walk around the night market, Kylie's card suddenly vibrated in his body.

"I just thought of something else I have to deal with. You go first and I'll meet you at the night market after getting my things done."

After sending Yi Zheng off, Lin Huang went back to his room and summoned Kylie. "What happened?"

"The two dark knights that you placed in my mini world have completed the evolution and awoken the bloodline."

"Let's have a look."

Before coming to Wanbao City, Lin Huang had advanced the two Dark Knight cards that he just obtained, transforming them into two cocoons. Nothing happened after that but they finally managed to break free from their cocoons.

Lin Huang could not wait any longer to enter Kylie's mini world. Soon, he saw the two Dark Knights that had been transformed.

The two of them used to be exactly the same but after the evolution, they were now completely different. However, the change was out of Lin Huang's expectations.

"They look formidable."

Sensing the aura of the two knights, Lin Huang frowned and immediately checked their information in detail.

"Monster Card

"Rarity: Legendary

"Monster name: Death Knight

"Type of Monster: Spirit type

"Unique Bloodline: Death (Beginner)

"Combat Level: Immortal-Level Rank-4

"Skill 1: Immortal

"Skill 2: Dead Eye

"Skill 3: Disastrous Ring"

"Skill 9: Death Punishment

"Summon Authority: Activated

"Card Remarks: Trainable"

"Monster Card

"Rarity: Legendary

"Monster Name: Fallen Knight

"Type of Monster: Undying Species

"Unique Bloodline: Master of the Abyss (Beginner)

"Combat Level: Immortal-Level Rank-4

"Skill 1: Triple Inferno

"Skill 2: Instant Kill

"Skill 3: Cursed Ring"

"Skill 9: Falling Abyss

"Summon Authority: Activated

"Card Remarks: Trainable."

"They're really powerful!" Lin Huang exclaimed after looking through their information.

Having nine beginner skills were the maximum of what a triple mutated monster could have.

Many other skills could be derived from beginner skills, forming a massive skill tree. However, many of the derived skills and advanced skills could not be used yet and were gray in color. Lin Huang knew that the two monsters had great potential just by briefly looking at their information.

"The Immortal skill is incredible. It has full blood revival three times. After the fourth death, it'll transform into a strong, immortal egg. Dead Eye is a spirit type attack skill that can directly burn its opponent's spirit. Disastrous Ring deters creatures in a specific region, depriving the opponent's intent to fight to various extents, lowering the opponent's ability to fight.

"The skills of the Fallen Knight are impressive too! Triple Inferno allows it to recover its total blood volume to 50%, 30%, and 10% three times in a row when it's on the edge of death. Its ability will be multiplied each time as its blood is restored! The Cursed Ring can weaken its opponent and includes curse effects in its skill to lower its opponent's ability. In addition to that, the Falling Abyss contaminates most of the creatures, demonizing them and gaining control over them. I suppose this is the ability of a parasite…"

Even Lin Huang was envious of some of the skills.

He then took out a bottle of mineral water from his Emperor's Heart Ring to wash his hands and face after that. After preparing himself in a spiritual way, Lin Huang mumbled, "Buddha, Jade Emperor, Guan Yin, Monkey King, Xuanzang, Pig God… Please bless me with two solid skills…"

As Lin Huang mumbled his words, he opened the skills that he had obtained.

"Skill extraction has been completed!

"Congratulations, you have obtained a skill – Knight (Death Knight).

"Congratulations, you have obtained a skill – Integration (Fallen Knight)."

"Eh…" Seeing the two skills, Lin Huang had no idea what to say. The two skills were possessed by both the Death Knight and Fallen Knight. They were not weak and were even considered powerful. However, Lin Huang was not interested in becoming a knight. He was more inclined to get into a solo fight.

"Knight: The user of the skill is allowed to ride on any non-human monsters. On a ride, the mount's combat strength will be one to three ranks higher (depending on the grade and combat strength). At the same time, the user and the mount can share all the skills that the both of them possess, which increases the skill power anywhere from three to five times stronger.

"Remarks: A knight without a mount is not a complete knight."

"Integration: The user of the skill can integrate with any mount, pet, or summoning monster. After the integration is completed, one's combat strength can increase anywhere from one to three ranks higher (based on the one with a higher combat strength). The leader possesses all the skills of those one has integrated with.

"Remark 1: Integration can only be done upon agreement of both parties. Otherwise, integration can't be completed.

"Remark 2: The skill can be used to overlay with the effect of the Knight skill."

However, after carefully reading the skill descriptions, Lin Huang noticed that both of the skills could be used to compensate for his greatest weakness which was his weak combat strength.

"If I were to use Knight and Integration at the same time, Bai's combat strength will be considered the initial combat strength which is immortal-level rank-4. I can level up to at least two ranks higher, reaching immortal-level rank-6. If three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards are used, my combat strength will be upgraded to immortal-level rank-9 and I can even save my Transformation Card.

"I didn't expect that the two skills that I'm not interested in are much more practical than the skills I've been longing for."

Lin Huang was just skimming through the skill description of the two knights. He did not analyze them carefully as to which would be the most beneficial to him. He only noticed a few of the skills that he was eager to obtain. After obtaining the skills, he then realized that it was not necessary for the skill to have amazing effects. The best ones would be those that suited him the most.

He still had a few Skill Extraction Cards whereby he could extract the skills for the second time. However, after obtaining two of the new skills, 20 of his skill slots had been filled. He had to wait until he got to immortal-level for more vacant skill slots.

"My combat strength can only be upgraded to immortal-level rank-7 at the most with my Transformation Card and Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards. It's a limit that I can never break through. However, with the two new skills, it's no longer difficult for me to upgrade my combat strength to immortal-level rank-9. I'm now capable of killing black gold-rank and crimson gold-rank enemies. I can finally compensate for my weaknesses!"


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