Monster Paradise
798 The Auction Has Begun
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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798 The Auction Has Begun

At 8.30a.m. the door of the auction house officially opened and the bidders entered the auction house one after another.

Excluding the VIP room, Wanbao Auction could accommodate 12,000 people at most. It was different from the stadium that could simply hold tens of thousands of people. Wanbao Auction was considered big for an auction house.

It was because the spectators in a stadium were mostly ordinary people. However, those who attended an auction were mostly the cultivators and the number of transcendents who attended could be more than one-third of the total number of people at times.

Some of the cultivators attended the auction not because they wanted to bid at an auction. Instead, they wanted to gain knowledge and see how the transcendents looked like. There were also people who came here just for fun, wanting to see the war between the pros at the auction.

Soon, 12,000 seats were occupied. Lin Huang and Yi Zheng could clearly sense that there were about 5,000 transcendents out there and a majority of them were on holy fire-level.

"There are only four immortal-level and none of them is on imperial-level." Yi Zheng looked around, feeling surprised.

"Perhaps they've entered the VIP room." Lin Huang stood up, walking towards the transparent periosteum. He lowered his head as he looked downward. It was covered in black and he could see nothing.

As the staff brought the both of them to look around the room, she had briefly told them about the VIP room. Aside from having eight Grade-S VIP rooms on the third floor, there were 128 Grade-A VIP rooms on the second floor as well.

It was about 9a.m. now after getting the crowd seated.

The auctioneer who had been waiting for them then gradually walked onto the auction stage.

The auctioneer looked young as if he was at the age of 20. He was handsome and was definitely a young guy who could attract many women on Earth.

However, Lin Huang and Yi Zheng could clearly tell that his combat strength was on immortal-level rank-9. His age was definitely not as young as he looked.

"Welcome to Wanbao Auction. I'm the auctioneer – Yu Bo. I hope that you'll be able to bid whatever you want in the next five days."

"I'm not going to waste your time and I'll keep it short. Let the bidding begin!" Yu Bo took a look at the time and it was 9a.m. sharp. He then got straight to the point.

"Let's take a look at the first item!"

After finishing his words, the staff who had already prepared themselves then brought over the first item which was covered by a red cloth.

By looking at the shape itself, it should be a long box.

Generally, there would be a sword type weapon in a box of a shape like this.

Of course, Lin Huang could not be completely sure about it as there could be some other items inside the box.

"The first item is…"

Yu Bo then unveiled the red cloth, revealing a red wooden box with delicately made engraving. Even the lock was made of pure gold.

"Ancient relic – Gold Saber!"

After having his words uttered, the red wooden box was slowly being opened and a saber could be seen.

The saber was about one meter long with a black handle. It had a golden scabbard with exquisite engraving on it.

"The Gold Saber was dropped by the Gold Serpent after being killed by an imperial-level. It's extremely sharp…"

Many of them had a stronger interest in it after listening to Yu Bo's explanation.

Even Yi Zheng felt the same about it. He had heavy breathing and it was obvious that he was already attracted by the first item.

"Do you want to buy the saber?" Lin Huang asked, raising his brows.

Lin Huang had read through the information regarding the Gold Serpent on the monster guide before. Its combat strength varied from black gold-rank to yellow gold-rank. After it was being killed, the probability of dropping an ancient relic was extremely low. However, among the ancient relics, the Gold Saber was only considered as a beginner-level weapon. Lin Huang felt that it was not worth buying it.

"The ancient relic is a very rare weapon in Division 7 and it's rarely available for sale on the market. After getting into immortal-level, the ancient relic which my family rewarded me was merely a Blackscale Saber. The weapon was obtained from killing the Dragonscale Hog where there's no addition of attributes. The quality of the Gold Saber is quite good with sharpness addition. It's much better than the one that I'm using." Yi Zheng said helplessly.

Lin Huang was startled as heard that. He then thought of it carefully, as compared to Division 3, Division 7 was indeed a place that faced resource scarcity. There was only a small number of imperial-level monsters over there. On the other hand, there were very few people who were on imperial-level as well. The two reasons had amplified the impact as the probability of a monster dropping an ancient relic was extremely small. One could then tell its supply rate.

As for the black gold-rank Dragonscale Hog, other than having outstanding defensive ability and strength, it had nothing special in other aspects. It even had relatively low intelligent. If the immortal-level were to fight in a group, it would not be difficult to kill it as long as an appropriate way was used. Therefore, a large number of Blackscale Sabers obtained from this monster was available for sale on the market. It was not difficult to buy it as long as one was willing to spend some money for it. However, one could hardly find an ancient relic better than it and normally had to get it from the auction.

Yi Zheng's first destination was Wanbao Auction and his intention was clear. He wanted to change his equipment in the first place, preparing himself for the training after that.

On the auction stage, after the auctioneer had done a brief introduction, he finally revealed the starting price of the ancient relic.

"The starting price will be 22 million Life Crystals! The price increment must not be less than 500,000 Life Crystals each raise."

After having his words uttered, the bidders began to place their bid.

"23 million!"

"24 million!"

"25 million!"

After just a couple of moments, the bid price had exceeded 30 million.

Seeing the situation at the auction house, Yi Zheng had not placed a bid yet. It was not because he did not want to bid for it, it was simply because the bids were being placed too quickly. He did not even have the chance to hit the button to place a bid each time.

However, after the price had increased to 30 million, the number of bidders had reduced significantly. The price increment for each raise was no longer one million but only 500,000.

Just as the price rose to 31.5 million, Yi Zheng finally pressed the button to raise the bid. He then offered his bid price, "35 million!"

Lin Huang did not stop him as he could use it first after purchasing it. He could buy another one when there was a better choice later on. If he were to sell it to the auction house by then, he would not suffer great losses. It could be treated as the usage fees.

All of them shifted their gaze in the direction where the Supreme member who had just placed a bid on the third floor.

Since it was being covered by a black screen, what could be seen were the golden characters, "35 million!"

It was the special effect for the bid price of the Grade-S VIP room. The price would be displayed in the state of a golden spark on the isolation layer which was 20 meters long.

Yi Zheng was the first person who placed a bid among all the guests in the VIP rooms.

Many of them began to talk about it as it was their first time to join Wanbao Auction. What just happened was like a novelty to them.

"He's on the third floor. I heard that only the Supreme members are qualified to enter the Grade-S VIP room."

"It's really different to be in the Grade-S VIP room. They even have a special effect on the bid price!"

"The Supreme members of Wanbao Auction will usually have a powerful background. Why is he interested in an ancient relic of such a quality?" A man who wore glasses and had blond hair in one of the Grade-A VIP rooms on the second floor smirked. Soon after, he pressed the bid button.

"36 million!"

Characters in silver color suddenly lit up on the isolation layer on the second floor. It was the special effect for the members in the Grade-A VIP rooms. However, it was much weaker as compared to the effect it had when Yi Zheng placed a bid.

"Someone in the Grade-A VIP room just placed a bid!"

"What is he doing? Is he trying to suppress the pro on the third floor with his wealth?"

"What's happening? Is there anything special about the saber?"

What the bidder from the Grade-A VIP room on the second floor just did had attracted many people's attention.

A few of the bidders no longer had the desire to bid for the saber as they saw the price being offered by the person on the third floor. They were afraid that they would offend the pro on the third floor. Seeing that the bidder from the second floor was trying to get into the bidding war, they got even more excited to watch the show.

"40 million!"

Yi Zheng had no idea why he placed a bid but he could not be bothered to continue the bidding war with him, so he simply increased the bidding price to 40 million.

"The more you desire, the more it shows that something's wrong with the saber!" The blonde man on the second floor grinned, pressing the bid button again.

"41 million!"

"61 million!" Yi Zheng unexpectedly increased the price by 20 million.

The crowd was overwhelmed as they felt that the pro on the third floor might be feeling angry now. Some of them doubted that there could be some hidden secrets in the saber being sold on the auction stage.

Even Lin Huang who sat next to him was startled, "Bro Zheng, stop fooling around. The saber worth at most 30 million. You can buy two sabers at this price."

Yi Zheng did not stay anything, staring at the auctioneer on the auction stage. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

At the next second, the bidding price on the second floor lit up again.

"62 million!"

Lin Huang was worried that Yi Zheng would place another bid. However, Yi Zheng turned back and patted his shoulder, "Don't worry, I'm not going to place another bid."

At the auction hall, many of them lifted their head, fixing their gaze at the VIP room where Lin Huang and Yi Zheng were at. They were hoping to see the new bid price offered by Yi Zheng.

Even the auctioneer was thinking about the same thing. However, the isolation layer on the third floor remained dark. Right until the auctioneer announced that the deal had been made, the isolation layer on the third floor did not light up.

"62 million going thrice! Deal!"

"Congratulations to the bidder in VIP room No. A22 for getting the first item for sale at our auction!"

The blonde man on the second floor frowned, "Why didn't he place another bid? Perhaps I've made the wrong guess?"

In the VIP room on the third floor, Lin Huang smirked as he sized Yi Zheng up. "You did it on purpose?'

"Did I?" Yi Zheng was trying to look innocent, "I wanted to increase the price by two million but I end up entering another zero. I then accidentally hit the bid button and the bid was placed… Fortunately, the bastard on the second floor placed a bid for it. Otherwise, I'm going to suffer great losses."

"I'm not going to believe you." Lin Huang thought to himself.

After the first item was being sold at a price of 62 million, the second item was then being displayed on the auction stage.

"Now, let's take a look at the second item!"


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