Monster Paradise
793 A Unique Disguise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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793 A Unique Disguise

"Disguise Card is activated. Please choose your disguise. Please choose the race that you would like to disguise as."

"Human race."

"Please choose a gender."


"Please choose a combat level that you would like to disguise as."


"Please proceed with a detailed character design."


"Starting to create the body of the character randomly. Appearance and attire loading… The character has been randomly created."

"Would you like to confirm your disguise? (If your answer is no, a face will be randomly chosen again.)"


A skinny and tall man was then randomly created. He had a height of about 1.92 meters with long limbs. Even the size of his palm far exceeded an ordinary man's.

However, all these did not draw Lin Huang's attention. What stunned him was his reflection as he fixed his gaze at the mirror.

He had a sinister yet handsome face. Pairing his gloomy face with a pair of bloodshot eyes, he looked extraordinary. From his face, one would know that he was definitely not a kind person. Looking into his eyes, anyone would wonder how many people's blood was on his hand.

Lin Huang smirked as he looked at the mirror. As he opened his mouth wide, a chill spread everywhere.

He shivered as he saw his own reflection and he immediately dropped his smirk.

"I look scary."

He practiced some expressions and movements in front of the mirror, familiarizing himself with the new body. Lin Huang then donned a black robe.

It was a long robe which completely covered his body. It was difficult to even detect his body shape after putting on the robe. His head was covered by a hat, and his hairstyle could not be seen at all. His face was barely visible as the shadow of the hat masked it. One could hardly see him clearly.

"The attire makes me look even scarier." Lin Huang smirked in mockery.

After preparing himself well, Lin Huang then left and headed towards the Wanbao Auction.

The Wanbao Auction was open for 16 hours a day from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

When Lin Huang logged out of the Genius Union, it was not even 10 p.m. yet. It was just slightly after 10 p.m. when he arrived at the auction which was lively as usual.

A week before the auction officially began, the small dealers had very brisk business because many people from different footholds went there to seek good deals. They wanted to find treasures that people might possibly miss out on.

As he entered the auction, the liveliness of the place was out of Lin Huang's expectations. He thought there would not be that many people at this hour. However, he seemed to have entered the wet market area where it was incredibly crowded.

As he gazed around the auction square, Lin Huang walked towards a lady in a uniform. From the uniform that she was wearing, it was not difficult to identify that she was neither a seller nor a buyer. She was an auction staff.

"I have something to sell. Please bring me to meet your boss," Lin Huang said as he approached the lady. He did not bother whispering.

"May… May I know what kind of item you have?" Seeing Lin Huang's pair of red eyes, the uniformed lady was frightened and stammered immediately. She tried not to distance herself from him while forcing a smile.

"Demigod relics," Lin Huang spoke audibly.

Despite the fact that it was noisy at the auction, complete silence fell over the hall as soon as he uttered his words. Most of them then looked towards Lin Huang who grinned as this was precisely the effect he wanted.

He wanted as many people as possible to know that he had demigod relics for sale. Therefore, many of them would know that there would be more than two demigod relics on sale on the last day of the auction. They would then prepare more credits for the relics.

However, many of them did not size Lin Huang up immediately. The moment when they saw his pair of eyes, they quickly shifted their gazes as they did not have the guts to look at him.

A minority of them checked him out, but they did not fix their gaze on Lin Huang any longer. They tagged Lin Huang as "an extremely dangerous" person.

Only a small number of people could bear the effect of deterrence and secretly observed Lin Huang. They wanted to know if they could get some clues from him.

Lin Huang did not mind at all. He stared at the staff, patiently waiting for her reply.

"Demi-Demigod relic?!" The staff was terrified and still, she spoke with a stutter. Her lips moved slightly as if she had something else to say. However, Lin Huang interrupted her.

"Stop wasting my time. Bring me to meet your boss."

Lin Huang's character was meant to be rude and unreasonable. A person like his character would certainly not have the patience to listen to her.

The staff's body shivered slightly. Fearfully, she brought Lin Huang to meet her boss. She had completely forgotten that she did not have the right to bring anyone to meet the boss. Under normal circumstances, if someone requested to meet the boss, she had to inform the manager who would have the power to bring the guest to meet the boss.

After a short while, the staff brought Lin Huang in front of a door.

"This is the boss's office."

After completing the task given by Lin Huang, the staff felt relieved and no longer spoke with a stutter.

"Is he in at this hour?" Lin Huang wondered as it was about 10 p.m.

In order to disguise himself, he had even removed his Territorial skill as he was afraid that someone would notice that something was off. He dared not simply activate his Divine Telekinesis either. He knew nothing about what was happening behind that door.

"He should be in at this hour. The auction is about to begin. The boss is in the office almost 24 hours a day." The staff nodded her head. Lin Huang did not ask her to go and she also did not dare to leave.

Just as Lin Huang was about to push the door open, a voice was heard coming from behind the door.

"The VIP is here. Please come in."

After finishing his words, the door opened on its own accord.

Lin Huang grinned and strode into the room without any hesitation.

He looked around the room as he entered.

It was a room with a clean and simple renovation, but one could tell that it was an extremely luxurious room just by looking at the room details.

The office table was made of ink lightstone which was a scarce type of mineral. Seemingly, the entire ink lightstone had been used to make the office table. Based on its weight, Lin Huang estimated its price to be comparable to an ancient relic's.

On the other hand, the office chair was built using dark gold. Dark gold was an alloy and it was one of the primary materials used to make ancient relics. The chair was made of quality materials and its price could also be compared to an ancient relic.

The cost of the sofa was high. Just by looking at the sofa legs and arms, it was apparent that its frame was made from the bones of monsters. The leather that wrapped around the sofa was from the black-scaled dragonkin while its back and seats were made of skin with leopard print. Lin Huang could roughly recognize that it was the skin of a monster called the Sapphire Coeurl. As for the leather, it should be made from the skin of the Thinscale Night Dragon. Both of them were imperial-level monsters. Therefore, Lin Huang guessed that the bones of the monster must belong to the bone of an imperial-level monster as well.

As for the price of the sofa, it should be equivalent to the price of an ancient telekinetic weapon.

The both of them sat up straight on the sofa.


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