Monster Paradise
791 It Is Here
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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791 It Is Here

"These demonic monsters are really crazy!"

As Lin Huang showed up in the next moment, he had already left the area of the Fiendish Osiery that was within the osiers' control. He then turned back to look at the continuous explosions of the catkins that were scattered through the air. A third of the region near the Fiendish Osiery was now shrouded in flames.

"It's not that out of the ordinary for demonic monsters to do something crazy like this." Bloody slowly floated toward Lin Huang, "The mentality of those demonic monsters is controlled by their negative emotions. When they're triggered, their negative emotions will multiply, causing them to lose all ability to think rationally and consider the consequences of their actions."

"But why would they hurt themselves to kill me?!" Lin Huang felt amused when he saw the Fiendish Osiery shrouded in flames with most of the osiers left with nothing.

Neither the daggers not the bombs were usually used by the Fiendish Osiers. Those abilities were usually reserved for self-protection and once activated, it would remain unusable for the next three months. The Fiendish Osiers had given their all in their attempt to kill Lin Huang.

"It's almost time to attack! Although the explosion did directly affect the group of Luna Beasts, some of them may have been severely injured. If we don't attack them now, the Fiendish Osiers might kill them." Bloody reminded, "If they're killed by the Fiendish Osiers, you won't get any points."

Lin Huang nodded his head and shifted his gaze in the direction where Bai and the rest were. "It's time to show up!"

After saying that, a few shadows flashed by and at the next moment, Bai and the rest appeared standing next to Bloody.

"I relinquish the task to you." Lin Huang then allowed Bloody to take charge of the situation.

Bloody nodded slightly and called out the first name. "Charcoal!"

As soon as Bloody's voice was heard, Charcoal rapidly returned to its original body size.

It knew very well what it was doing because Bloody had already planned a strategy to fight when they began setting up the trap. Charcoal only had to follow what had been planned.

It opened its mouth wide as black flames shot out in waves, engulfing the Fiendish Osiers and some of the Luna Beasts.

The Luna Beasts that were caught in the attack attacked groaned as they struggled. They wanted to break free from the Fiendish Osier's entanglement and escape from the fire.

However, the Fiendish Osier waved their osiers, extending their tentacles in Charcoal's direction to rip Charcoal into pieces.

In the beginning, Charcoal would still flutter its wings so it could fly to a higher position. It feared getting tangled by the Fiendish Osiers but soon, it realized that the height Bloody told it to fly at had already exceeded the Fiendish Osier's range so it did not need to worry about attacks from the Fiendish Osiers.

"Kylie!" Bloody's voice was heard before the first attack was over.

Kylie who was in her black armor then picked up her spear, pointing the tip of her spear toward the sky. A purple electric glow began flickering on the spear.

All of a sudden, dark clouds were formed in the air, and purple lightning was quickly formed on top of the cloud layers.

After a short while, endless thunder rumbled in the sky and lightning bolts struck the ground like a storm was coming.

The lightning accompanied with the purification power was a poison to the Fiendish Osiers. In addition to the injuries caused by Charcoal's dragon flames, many of the Fiendish Osiers were burned and died on the spot. Despite there being a small number of Fiendish Osiers that were still alive, they were severely injured and were already on the verge of death.

As for the Luna Beasts, the Fiendish Osiers had almost taken their lives away. After experiencing the explosion of the catkins, the dragon flames, and the lightning strikes, it was not easy for them to stay alive. They did not have the energy to run away now, let alone engage in a fight.

Bloody did not seem satisfied with the battle's outcome so it did not immediately ask the rest of them to enter the Fiendish Osiery. Instead, it called Lancelot.

Lancelot nodded its head before it brandished its saber, pointing toward somewhere in the Fiendish Osiery.

A strange force wave could be felt coming from the sky. A black saber was then formed out of nowhere. Its blade was narrow, long, and was about a meter long.

As soon as the first saber appeared, a second and third saber with the same length began to form. In a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of black sabers that looked exactly the same appeared in front of Lancelot.

The tips of the sabers were all pointed in the same direction as the saber Lancelot was holding – the Fiendish Osiery.


A deep voice was then heard, accompanied by tens of thousands of sabers that streaked across the sky with a whistling sound.

The streaking sabers raced toward the Fiendish Osiery like a torrential rain, passing through the bodies of the Fiendish Osiers.

Lancelot's Sword Manipulation was not that strong and could only be compared to a random attack from an immortal-level rank-8. Usually, it could do no harm to the Fiendish Osiers. However, its attack was the final straw that would spell the doom of the Fiendish Osiers. The ones that were already knocking on death's door could no longer defend themselves against their enemy. Soon, they succumbed to their injuries after the onslaught of the sabers.

The Fiendish Osiers finally died after three attacks from Charcoal and the rest. Less than a tenth of them managed to survive the onslaught.

The Luna Beasts were rather pitiful. Each attack from Lancelot's dominating saber was a fatal strike especially since the Luna Beasts had depleted their life power earlier. The onslaught of Lancelot's sabers only added to their casualties.

However, due to a limited range attack, it only managed to cover a twentieth of the Fiendish Osiery.

"Charcoal, Kylie, Lancelot! Continue assisting the fight. Attack the rest of the areas in the Fiendish Osiery. You don't need to care how many Luna Beasts and Fiendish Osiers are killed. I'll ask the rest to complete the remaining task."

After instructing Charcoal and the rest, Bloody turned its body around and looked toward Bai.

"Bai, please lead the rest to continue clearing up the monsters. Kill the remaining Fiendish Osiers and Luna Beasts that are still alive after the first wave of attack. Don't go to places where Charcoal and the rest haven't been to. Just go after them and complete the kill." Bloody intentionally glanced at Ghastly after finishing its words as if it wanted to warn Ghastly.

Ghastly grinned as if it did not mind at all.

"I'll look after it." Bai took a glance at Ghastly and whispered to Bloody. After taking a leap, a voice was heard, "Follow after me!"

Tyrant and the rest immediately followed after Bai and Ghastly was no exception. However, it followed at the back of the team, looking relaxed without even an ounce of nervousness despite the fact that the battle was about to begin.

Soon after, the battle began as instructed by Bloody.

The battle was not as intense as expected by Lin Huang. After three rounds of attacks launched by Charcoal, Kylie, and Lancelot, they no longer had the strength to fight back, be it the Fiendish Osiers or the Luna Beasts. This made it much easier for Bai and the rest to complete the kills.

It was certainly a one-sided fight, and Lin Huang's points kept increasing every second.

In the Fiendish Osiery, Bai and the rest were busy with the fight while Ghastly walked leisurely as if it was on a vacation.

It did help to attack the Fiendish Osiers in the beginning. However, it began to slack off after a while.

Since it did not influence the overall efficiency of the team, Bloody did not bother scolding it.

Ghastly walked before one of the Fiendish Osiers for about five times, having observed it for a long time. Them, as it made up its mind, it waved its right hand that wore a white glove. Soon, a gigantic arm was formed out of nowhere, grabbing the Fiendish Osier's trunk and easily uprooting it. Ghastly then dragged it toward the sky and disappeared from sight.

Bloody and Lin Huang saw everything that just happened clearly.

"Ghastly, what are you doing?" Bloody frowned as it asked.

"Killing all of them is just a waste. I want to catch a few of them alive so that I can do some experiments." Ghastly was being frank with Bloody.

Although the instruction given was to kill, Ghastly did not actually go against Bloody by catching a few of them alive. Bloody did not say anything else.

"It's fine. Just let it be." Lin Huang then whispered to Bloody.

He did not mean to spoil Ghastly. In fact, there was nothing wrong with Ghastly's decision to catch them alive.

Despite Ghastly slacking all the while, the battle ended very quickly. After less than 10 minutes, they were about to end the fight. They managed to wipe out all the Luna Beasts and almost two-thirds of the Fiendish Osiers had sacrificed themselves in the battle.

Just as Bloody was about to give the last instruction to clear up the Fiendish Osiery, its body suddenly became stiff.

At almost the same time, Lin Huang who was standing next to Bloody had a shocked expression.

Lin Huang's neck was stiff as he turned his head around to look at Bloody. Bloody's face had a shocked expression as well as both of them exchanged glances with each other. They knew they had seen.

"It seems like it has discovered us." Bloody was feeling worried.

"Yes. In fact, it's already staring at me." Lin Huang shook his head, forcing a smile.

"I felt like something was wrong right at the moment when she entered the area covered by my Territory. I checked what's actually happening out there with my Divine Telekinesis. However, it activated its telekinetic skill as well and the power it was on par with mine. It then managed to locate me after getting into contact with me." Lin Huang told Bloody what had just happened.

"I've hidden thousands of leech pods throughout the journey, and it has destroyed all of them in an instant. I was wondering how it did it earlier but after listening to what you said, I finally understood. It's because of its telekinetic skill." Bloody felt relieved as it was really frightened by its opponent.

"It's really strong even without its telekinetic skill. Its aura can be compared to that of Chan Dou. It's the strongest immortal-level monster that I've ever encountered." Lin Huang's face contorted.

"Should we leave?" Bloody asked.

"Yes, we should." Lin Huang quickly nodded his head. "The ability of the hornet queen is incredible. Also, there are 12 hornet guardians that have abilities that are almost at the imperial-level as well as millions of Combat Hornetdemons. With our current abilities, we're incapable of fighting them."

"Moreover, I've earned enough points." Lin Huang smirked as he looked in the direction where the hornet queen was leading a swarm of hornets at several kilometers away. "Keep the rest of the Fiendish Osiers alive, let's get them into trouble."


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