Monster Paradise
790 The Insane Fiendish Osier
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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790 The Insane Fiendish Osier

Seeing the tentacles coming for him multiply many times over, Lin Huang frowned.

The events that had just transpired were far beyond his expectations. Although he was faster than the Luna Beasts and according to Bloody's calculations, there would still be half the number of Luna Beasts remaining when he would escape the Fiendish Osier. Theoretically, it would target the larger group of Luna Beasts who were clustered in a group and would be more easily captured. However, they seemingly had a greater interest in Lin Huang instead of the Luna Beast group.

"Bloody, what's wrong with the Fiendish Osiers? Why would they give up attacking the Luna Beasts and come after me?" Lin Huang was under a lot of pressure and asked Bloody with his Divine Telekinesis.

Bloody kept quiet for a moment before answering, "The information we have on the Fiendish Osiers is very limited. I didn't notice it previously as I used to think that they're just demonic plants that are rather evil when they hunt. However, it seems like I've underestimated the Fiendish Osiers' intelligence."

"Most of the triple mutated monsters or those who're weaker are limited by intelligence. They hunt for survival. However, it seems like the Fiendish Osiers are beyond that and are more intelligent. Not only are they hunting for food, they're also hunting for higher level needs — fun."

"You've probably become their main target because your unusual behavior drew their attention. Hunting for you has become a game to them, and whoever that managed to capture you will be the winner of the game."

"Just like how a well-fed cat will hunts for mice. They're not going to eat it, it's just for fun." Lin Huang soon understood Bloody's explanation, "I'm now the Fiendish Osier's mouse."

"You're right." Bloody nodded.

"So before I get caught, it's less likely that they'll give up such an 'interesting' prey right?" Lin Huang knew the predicament he was in.

"Yes, it is. Before getting bored of you, a well-fed cat will definitely not give up their prey that easily." Bloody was not panicked though, "You're halfway through the 43-meter flight. You'll be able to make it through the remaining 20 meters in your current condition. You just need to be extra careful."

"Alright, I got it. Don't worry and get ready to attack. Immediately launch an attack as soon as I get rid of the Fiendish Osiery!"

After contacting with Bloody and knew what was actually happening, Lin Huang felt relieved.

The Fiendish Osier was behaving like how a cat was trying to fool a mouse. They extended their tentacles, attempting to capture Lin Huang. However, they failed.

Lin Huang flew past countless tentacles and accelerated from time to time. At times, he slashed his sword to get away from the tentacles and occasionally moved his body aside to dodge the attacks. Flicker would also be used to get rid of the tentacles at times…

Regardless of how many tentacles there were, the angle he was being attacked from, and the speed the attack, they were unable to even touch the edge of Lin Huang's clothes. However, there were several hits when they managed to cordon the area off but still, Lin Huang managed to break through it with ease with Flicker.

Seeing countless criss-crossed tentacles before him attempting to wrap him up, he grinned.

'It seems like the Fiendish Osiers have no idea what they can still do now. They've used the same attack over and over again but they've been rendered useless. Still, they're using the same skill to attack.' Just as the thought ran through his mind, Lin Huang's body reacted. He flapped the twelve pairs of black wings on his body abruptly and soon, he completely disappeared. When he reappeared, he had already passed through the big net formed by the tentacles, appearing at a location where there were no tentacles at all.

However, when his body became visible, something had put him on alert.

He immediately activated Flicker and again, he disappeared.

At almost the same time that he disappeared from his original position, a big net made of tentacles emerged from the ground, enveloping the area where Lin Huang was initially at.

Lin Huang who was dozens of centimeters away saw what just happened and was glad that he believed his instinct so he managed to avoid the danger.

Lin Huang had his guard up after figuring that there was a trap. "It seems like the Fiendish Osiers are much more intelligent than what has been described!"

"There's less than a third of the distance remaining. Don't be careless anymore. I didn't even notice that they've set a trap underground with their roots. Despite their intelligence being inferior to triple mutated monsters, it's on par with the intelligence of a 10-year-old child. If you happen to underestimate them again, you're possibly going to bear some losses." Bloody reminded, "It was mere luck that you managed to overcome the danger with your instinct. However, bear in mind that your instincts are not there to help all the time. In order to survive in such a dangerous place, abilities and cautiousness are of utmost importance."

"In fact, I was too careless. I didn't expect the Fiendish Osier to be actually able to attack with their roots." Lin Huang admitted his carelessness. "The Fiendish Osiers are totally depraved. They set me up by using their roots that I've never seen before. I was almost tricked by them."

"Another thing that you need to be aware of is that breaking the Fiendish Osier tentacles might not be as easy as it seems despite how unassuming it looks. I've been monitoring the battle between the Fiendish Osiers and the Luna Beasts and realized that only a small number of Luna Beasts managed to break free form the tentacles after being captured. Most of the Luna Beasts struggled for a couple of moments before they gave up, looking sluggish. I suspect that the tentacles contain a poison that can restrict the activities of their prey."

"Got it. I'll be careful." Lin Huang was focused on fleeing from the Fiendish Osier but did not notice this point. The information regarding the Fiendish Osiers he had made no mention of their poisonous tentacles. However, according to what had been observed by Bloody, Lin Huang believed that it was true.

Lin Huang did not know that he had triggered the Fiendish Osier's rage when he managed to escape earlier.

"How can he possibly get away from us? He's really good at escaping!"

"His movements aren't the best. It's his ability to foresee the future! He can accurately predict our attack and dodge it in time. That's the scariest part."

"Did you realize that he's only immortal-level rank-4? If he advances to immortal-level rank-9, what's going to happen?"

All the Fiendish Osiers that joined the discussion then kept quiet.

After a short while, one of the elder Fiendish Osiers said, "After leveling up, perhaps he'll come back and take revenge on us. We won't be the ones attacking him by then, for the sake of our safety, I think we should make him stay."

"I agree!"

"I agree too!"

The rest of the Fiendish Osiers agreed with it as well.

"Since there are no objections, inform the rest of the members who're still able to reach him with their attacks, we don't need to catch him alive!"

All the Fiendish Osiers did not treat it as something fun now. Instead, they treated Lin Huang as their greatest enemy.

Although Lin Huang knew nothing about it, he was on alert after nearly being trapped by them.

After the discussion, the Fiendish Osiers' killing intent immediately grew, and Lin Huang could sense that the atmosphere was somewhat strange.

The next second, the battle escalated. The Fiendish Osier gave up hunting for the Luna Beasts. Millions of tentacles were now heading out for Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was shocked. Although he had no idea what was happening, his body had already responded to the attack.

He activated Flicker, transforming into a silhouette and disappeared from his original position. Just as the silhouette appeared, countless tentacles ripped it into pieces.

"Are they crazy?!" Lin Huang mumbled, feeling that it was ridiculous.

"Get out of the Fiendish Osiery as soon as possible. Stop bugging them." Bloody had no idea what was happening as well. What they had to do now was to make sure that Lin Huang could get rid of the region covered by the Fiendish Osiers' attack.


Just as Lin Huang answered while nodding his head, the tentacles pounced towards him again. The number of tentacles was about the same.

The entire dimension was being vacuumed as a large number of tentacles moved. No noise could be heard.

However, Lin Huang knew it earlier and again, he activated Flicker and was several meters away. He was less than eight meters away from the border of the Fiendish Osiery.

After stabilizing himself, the Fiendish Osiers performed another attack. They knew that they had very few chances left to kill him. Their opponent could escape for another three times at most before getting away from the area within the Fiendish Osiery's attack range.

Seeing countless tentacles come after him, Lin Huang activated Flicker again.

However, as soon as his figure could be seen, a huge net immediately emerged from the ground. Just as it was about to wrap Lin Huang up, Lin Huang disappeared again after slightly moving his body aside.

The next moment, shots scattered through the air and surrounded Lin Huang within a ten-meter-wide area as soon as his body appeared.

He fixed his gaze on the Fiendish Osier and noticed them exploding abruptly, transforming into countless daggers that flew in all directions. A majority of them did not take aim at Lin Huang.

"There's nowhere else you can escape to, and the only thing you can do is to attack while teleporting." Bloody could clearly see everything that happened with his leech pods from the top. The Fiendish Osier's daggers had covered an area with a circumference that spanned about 13 meters. The attacks of the daggers were irregular and there were no more safe places.

Lin Huang nodded his head. The next moment, he activated Dark Mirror. The daggers then hit the dark sphere that covered Lin Huang's body, creating ripples on the surface of the sphere before they were reflected.

After the activation of Dark Mirror, Lin Huang decided to test the attack power of these daggers. Again, he took a step forward and appeared a few meters away.

"The Fiendish Osiers must've gone insane. They'd rather harm themselves to kill me." As soon as he showed up, his Dark Mirror was attacked by countless daggers.

Lin Huang smirked as he was now only two meters away from the border of the Fiendish Osiery.

"He'll completely get rid of our control if he were to teleport again. Don't let him run away!" After listening to this, all the Fiendish Osiers went into a frenzy.

On the osiers, countless catkins were dispersed by the wind and instantly enveloped an area dozens of meters wide.

Just as Lin Huang was feeling terrified, the catkins exploded and transformed into flares. Seeing himself being surrounded by dozens of catkins that were about to explode, Lin Huang took a leap and soon disappeared.


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