Monster Paradise
789 The Uncatchable Prey
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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789 The Uncatchable Prey

Lin Huang had caught the Fiendish Osier's attention the moment he turned back. It began extending its osiers, reaching out for Lin Huang.

The Fiendish Osiers in the Fiendish Osiery were really patient. If their prey did not go deep enough, they would patiently wait until they were confident enough to control their prey before launching any attack. However, as for those who wanted to leave after breaking into the Fiendish Osiery, they would immediately attack, forcing their victim to stay.

As Lin Huang retreated, he undoubtedly triggered the Fiendish Osiery's instinct which was to extend their osiers to stop him immediately.

Hundreds of osiers headed out for Lin Huang from all directions. Ten tentacles with the circumference of an adult's arm extended from the tip of each of the osiers.

"Although I've seen this earlier, it's kind of disgusting to see it at such a close distance," Lin Huang thought to himself.

The tentacles were green in color and looked somewhat sticky like a slug. It was like a future generation of the earthworm and the slug that had gone through some kind of mutation. Not only was it ten times bigger, but it was also hundreds of times uglier. One would indeed find them disgusting.

Lin Huang's mentality was considered stable, but still, he felt sickened seeing those tentacles.

Thousands of tentacles wriggled in mid-air, heading out for Lin Huang.

At the same time, the Luna Beasts in front of Lin Huang were in trouble as well. The Fiendish Osier extended their osiers, and there were millions of tentacles going after the Luna Beasts.

Since they had already revealed themselves, the Fiendish Osiers was not going wait any longer. If they did not take any action to make the Luna Beasts stay, perhaps the Luna Beasts could escape from the Fiendish Osiery very quickly with their speed, which was the reason why the Fiendish Osier attacked without hesitation.

As the group of Fiendish Osiers went on a rampage, Lin Huang did not feel panicked at all. What happened right in front of him was entirely within his expectations.

Tens of thousands of tentacles did not stop chasing him. There was an ocean of tentacles right in front of him. Lin Huang flapped his wings and distanced himself from the tentacles. Seeing that he was about to enter the ocean of tentacles, he immediately crushed a Provisional Transformation Card.

His immensely colossal body immediately shrank and transformed from Thunder to Kylie. He did not stop and sped up instead as he flew towards the Luna Beasts. He then entered the region where there were countless tentacles.

The Luna Beasts that were chasing after Lin Huang were caught in a frenzy as the Fiendish Osier was suddenly attacking them. At that moment, only then did they know that they had fallen into a trap.

The Luna Beasts could no longer go after Lin Huang as the Fiendish Osier attacked them. They were alarmed.

A majority of the Luna Beasts knew that they had to flee in the direction where they had come from in order to leave the Fiendish Osiery as soon as possible. A small number of them were confused, and soon, they were captured by the Fiendish Osier's tentacles.

Those who fled in the correct direction were entangled by the Fiendish Osier as well. They had no way of getting rid of them. Despite being able to break the tentacles with their fangs and sharp claws repeatedly, the Fiendish Osier's tentacles could regenerate on their own endlessly. Their energy and Life Power were being drained, resulting in many of the Luna Beasts being caught.

Regardless of how fast the Luna Beasts were, how powerful its explosiveness was, and how sharp its fangs were, they were vastly outnumbered by the Fiendish Osier's tentacles, putting them at significant risk in the battle.

Their destiny was like a script written in advance whereby the outcome had already been determined.

Lin Huang, who had transformed into Kylie, approached the ocean of tentacles as well.

There were 12 pairs of black wings on his back, fluttering at a horrifying frequency. He was traveling through the ocean of tentacles at an extremely fast speed. Like a swimming fish in the ocean, he was moving forward with ease.

The tentacles attempted to capture him several times, but still, he managed to avoid the capture perfectly by flapping his wings.

Lin Huang could clearly sense that the movements of all the tentacles that were covered by his Territorial skill. In addition to Kylie's speed and her explosiveness, he could easily sense the attack coming from any of the tentacles. He managed to dodge the attacks in advance and could even use Flicker when necessary. This allowed him to travel in the danger zone without obstruction.

Moreover, the Luna Beasts had caught the Fiendish Osier's attention. Lin Huang was not worried that he might be unable to leave the Fiendish Osiery at all.

The osiers of the Fiendish Osier spasmed, extending their tentacles towards their enemies.

If one of the tentacles tangled the Luna Beast, it was fated that it would be unable to break free from the entanglement of the tentacles. This was because if it happened to pause for just a moment, the rest of the tentacles would twist around it one after another.

Nothing would work even if the Luna Beasts struggled to rip them apart. After breaking one of the tentacles apart, more than ten others would replace it. The broken tentacle could even regenerate at the speed that was visible to the naked eye.

The Luna Beasts were being wrapped like dumplings. The Fiendish Osier soon realized that there was a prey that they were unable to capture.

It was much smaller than the Luna Beasts. Upon closer inspection, it was a humanoid monster with 12 pairs of wings.

It seemed as if any of the tentacles that approached him at a certain distance could complete the capture at the next second. However, he always managed to dodge the capture. Most of the time, he was capable of avoiding the attack of the tentacles by moving a little as though he could foresee things.

"You must have discovered the weird guy with 12 pairs of wings on its back." One of the Fiendish Osiers realized that Lin Huang was different from the rest as it failed to catch him after several attempts. Soon, the information spread everywhere, and tens of the Fiendish Osiers nearby could receive the incoming message.

"He might be a human. He has strange movements as though he can foresee the trajectory path of our attack." One of the Fiendish Osiers next to it found out that something was weird about Lin Huang.

"Humans used to be evil. It's normal if they invented some movements to restrict our attack." Seemingly, the Fiendish Osier had dealt with humans before and did not have a positive experience.

"I don't think that he can dodge all of our attacks!" After finishing its words, it immediately launched another attack on Lin Huang. More than 20 osiers headed towards Lin Huang and hundreds of tentacles gushed towards him.

"It's not easy to encounter such an interesting prey. Let's see who has the ability to capture him!" Another Fiendish Osier suggested. Many of the Fiendish Osiers agreed with his suggestion.

After reaching a consensus, most of them had given up capturing the Luna Beasts. Lin Huang was their primary target, and they were giving their all to catch him.

Lin Huang knew nothing about the discussion between the Fiendish Osiers. The only thing he knew was that the Fiendish Osier was quite smart, but he did not know that this type of monster could actually communicate with each other.

He unconsciously became the target of tens of the Fiendish Osiers.

Despite not knowing that they were talking about him, he soon noticed that something was wrong because there was a larger number of tentacles that attacked him.

"What's happening? Are they afraid that I'll be able to leave this place, so they're all turning on me?" Lin Huang soon realized that the tentacles of the Fiendish Osiers had ignored the Luna Beasts that were not far away from him. Not a single tentacle was extended towards them. Instead, the tentacles were all coming at him!


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