Monster Paradise
788 Falling into the Trap
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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788 Falling into the Trap

In the Secret Forest, a charcoal grey silhouette flashed through the tree branches quickly.

The silhouette was extremely fast. The immortal-level rank-8 and rank-9 monsters only managed to detect that a black shadow passing through.

When one actually throttled down the speed of the silhouette 100 times slower, one could actually see that it was a charcoal grey bird with an intricate golden pattern on its body. It had a slender body that looked elegant yet powerful.

The bird that looked almost eerily similar to Thunder was, of course, Lin Huang.

Lin Huang could not get used to Thunder's body in the beginning. Unlike Bai and the rest that were humanoid monsters, he felt awkward having his hands change into wings. However, in less than an hour, he had gotten used to the body and even liked flying by flapping his wings.

Feeling excited for only a few minutes, Lin Huang started to calm himself down.

Sensing that Kylie was approaching him at a breakneck speed with his Territory skill, he slowed down. While waiting for Kylie to appear, he started practicing some skills that could trigger the anger of the Luna Beasts.

After a short while, he saw a black shadow flying towards him at lightning speed. There was a massive monster horde that followed the black shadow.

Lin Huang immediately fluttered his wings and stopped moving forward, staying in one place.

Kylie caught a glimpse of Lin Huang and brushed past him without slowing down.

This was what Lin Huang had instructed Kylie earlier. She had to pretend that she did not know Lin Huang and continued to flee, leaving the rest of the act to Lin Huang.

Obviously, Kylie did what she had been told. She did not even greet him. She directly grazed Lin Huang and flew away. It went so smoothly as though it had been practiced countless times.

"She simply just left…" Lin Huang thought to himself.

The Luna Beasts, of course, noticed Lin Huang in the first place. He now looked exactly like Thunder, and its body was a few times bigger than Kylie's, so it was hard not to steal the attention.

Seeing the monster horde chasing after him, Lin Huang did not immediately turn back and flee. He flapped his wings, and his body began to glow purple.

His body was flickering in a purple electric arc, creating peculiar patterns. As Lin Huang opened his mouth wide, a purple glow accumulated within his mouth.

The dazzling purple light glowed even brighter as Lin Huang flapped his wings. In just a short while, the intensity of the beam of purple light had reached its peak, becoming much more resplendent.

At that moment, Lin Huang let out a screeching bird cry, accompanied by the purple glow shooting out from his mouth.

The fist-like purple sphere lingered in mid-air. While it expanded, it rotated quickly. The purple sphere expanded to the size of a fitness ball in just one breath, and it was still increasing in size.

Just when the Luna Beasts were less than ten meters away from Lin Huang, the sphere that consisted of the purple thunder exploded.

A dazzling purple beam was instantly released. Nobody could gaze directly at the brilliant beam of light.

Countless beams of purple electric arcs were gushing out like snakes, spreading in the form of a fan towards the direction where the monster horde was. It was like casting a net into a lake full of fish.

The attack which Lin Huang had deliberately launched covered a much wider region compared to Kylie's. It covered almost half of the monster horde.

The purple electric arc struck tens of thousands of Luna Beasts. Although it could do no harm to the Luna Beasts, they would still experience numbness and pain. Reacting to the assault, the Luna Beasts roared in pain.

Despite the range of attack being much more comprehensive than Kylie's, the force was relatively weak. Lin Huang knew very well that the attack would not be able to kill any of the Luna Beasts, but it was the most suitable skill to trigger them.

Lin Huang turned back and fled after the attack without a moment of hesitation.

The angry Luna Beasts soon targeted Lin Huang and started pursuing him.

Although his agility was incomparable to Kylie's after transforming into Thunder, Lin Huang had his way of getting rid of the Luna Beast's attack. He did not fly in a straight line, but he flew in a Z-shape instead. He was like a drunkard, flying up and down.

He became much more provoking to the Luna Beasts. The insult level had been 100% initially, but it had now risen to 120%.

The group of Luna Beasts had forgotten entirely that they were previously chasing Kylie. The evil bird was now their target.

"The outcome is pretty awesome." As the bait-changing plan was working, Lin Huang felt relieved.

Kylie was flying at her maximum speed and had already disappeared from his sight.

Lin Huang then leisurely led the Luna Beasts forward.

Perhaps because the attack had triggered a large number of Luna Beasts or because Lin Huang looked much easier to defeat than Kylie, the Luna Beasts did not give up on him easily.

Lin Huang then managed to bring the Luna Beasts to their destination.

Sensing that Bloody and the rest had hidden well and were ready, Lin Huang grinned and looked towards the Fiendish Osiery. He then accelerated and headed towards it.

The Luna Beasts were so naïve, and they did not realize that the Fiendish Osiery was dangerous. They thought that Lin Huang wanted to get rid of them using the forest. Therefore, they sped up and followed him.

Of course, they did not realize that Bloody and the rest were hiding there. The monster horde followed Lin Huang and entered the terrifying Fiendish Osiery.

After entering the Fiendish Osiery, Lin Huang immediately looked back at the Luna Beasts. He was worried about the Luna Beasts finding out and retreating at the very last minute. The group of Luna Beasts was obviously not as alert as he thought. They went into the Fiendish Osiery without hesitation.

"Success!" Lin Huang was exhilarated.

As the Luna Beasts got into the Fiendish Osiery, 80% of the hunting plan had succeeded. He knew that he could gain tens of millions of points with extreme ease.

Although more than half of the plan was turning out well, Lin Huang did not let his guard down.

He did not immediately leave the Fiendish Osiery. Instead, he continued leading them deeper in.

He knew that nobody could retreat after entering the Fiendish Osiery. If he did so, the Fiendish Osiery would immediately block his way, and the Luna Beasts would definitely be startled by them.

In addition to the monster horde not going deep enough into the Fiendish Osiery, if they found out that something was wrong, it was highly possible that they could get rid of the controlling willow forest. Once they managed to get rid of the Fiendish Osiery's control, Bai and the rest would not be able to stop such a large number of monsters. The plan would definitely fail.

"It's best for me to go 43 meters deep into the Fiendish Osiery. The Luna Beasts will follow me at least 30 meters deep…" Lin Huang was doing the calculations in his mind so that he would not make any mistakes.

The best distance was, of course, calculated by Bloody based on its understanding of the Luna Beasts and the Fiendish Osiers. It was the distance where the Luna Beasts could be controlled, and at the same time, it was also the safest distance for Lin Huang.

"35… 40, 41, 42, 43!" As soon as it reached the depth calculated by Bloody, Lin Huang immediately flapped his wings, turning back and flying right towards the Luna Beasts that were chasing after him.


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