Monster Paradise
787 Bloody“s Misjudgemen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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787 Bloody“s Misjudgemen

Kylie's speed and explosiveness in short-distance flight surpassed all the monsters Lin Huang owned. Even Thunder that was good at flying could only excel Kylie in long-distance flight.

Encountering Luna Beasts with extremely high explosiveness, it was apparent that Kylie could make better bait than Thunder. In fact, Kylie did an impressive job.

Kylie was about 10% faster than the Luna Beasts all the way.

The Luna Beasts had made several attempts to accelerate, but Kylie sped up only when they were less than a meter away from her, maintaining her speed at 10% faster than the Luna Beasts. Some of the Luna Beasts had gone on a rampage, but they were still trailing behind by Kylie.

Kylie maintained a speed at which the Luna Beasts could see her but were unable to attack her.

Lin Huang and Bloody were monitoring the situation on Kylie's side all the while. They felt relieved, seeing Kylie's performance.

All of a sudden, Lin Huang frowned.

"The Luna Beasts are slowing down!"

"It seems like they're giving up on Kylie." Bloody was surprised.

The Luna Beasts had terrible tempers, and they were monsters that held grudges. They were not intelligent and under normal circumstances, they would chase after their enemies non-stop and would not choose to retreat.

It seemed like the Luna Beasts had lost their patience upon realizing that the possibility of chasing after Kylie was low. They were not going to bug her anymore.

"She's made it through half the journey. What should we do now?" Lin Huang raised his head and looked towards Bloody.

"Ask Kylie to attack them," Bloody suggested.

"Would it work? Since they've already found out that they can't possibly chase Kylie..." Lin Huang doubted.

"I guess it'll work this time, but I'm not sure if it'll still work the next time." Bloody did not expect the Luna Beasts to retreat after being fooled by Kylie.

After getting the confirmation from Bloody, Lin Huang immediately contacted Kylie with his Divine Telekinesis and told her what to do next.

A few kilometers away, Kylie then turned back to the Luna Beasts after listening to what Lin Huang told her. She then realized that the Luna Beasts were actually slowing down. She scoffed and again, she activated her Lightning Control.

Hundreds of beams of black lightning rained down from the sky. The attack covered a broader range compared to the first attack launched by Kylie. Besides that, it was much stronger as well.

More than 500 of the Luna Beasts let out a howl of pain. Their fur was burnt and singed.

Still, Kylie was unable to kill any of the Luna Beasts.

Nevertheless, it was quite effective. The Luna Beasts lost their rationality and began to chase after Kylie insanely.

Seeing what Kylie did, Lin Huang flashed a thumbs-up. "They're now bearing a huge grudge!"

"Don't count your eggs before they hatch. While it's effective, it's still unknown whether Kylie can lure them to this place." Bloody pointed out pessimistically.

Lin Huang kept quiet for a moment, and something seemed to have dawned on him. "Does it mean that the effect will be reduced each time Kylie attempts to aggravate them?"

"Yes, it does. Although the Luna Beasts aren't intelligent and can be easily triggered, they won't be tricked repeatedly. Since they've already confirmed that they are unable to catch up to Kylie, they'll be wise enough to give up their target. Once attacked, they'll temporarily lose their rationality. The more they're attacked, the less likely they'll act irrationally and the higher the possibility that they'll give up their target." Bloody nodded while giving a detailed explanation. "Also, the Luna Beasts will regain their rationality in a shorter period this round. Soon, they'll realize that it's useless to chase after Kylie."

"What should we do?" Lin Huang's eyebrows knitted together. He now understood why Bloody had expressed its doubt on whether Kylie could successfully lure the Luna Beasts to this place.

"The best way is to change baits." Obviously, Bloody had a plan. "They've lost confidence in chasing Kylie, and it's time for us to change their target. They'll regain the thrill of the chase once they have a new target. They can then complete the second half of the journey."

"Do you mean that we need Thunder to be the bait?" Lin Huang knew who Bloody was referring to.

"Other than Kylie, it'll be the most suitable one." Bloody nodded.

"No, we can't. Thunder is too huge, and its agility is nowhere near Kylie's. If it happens to enter the Fiendish Osiery, it's difficult for it to survive through it," Lin Huang rejected.

Compared to Kylie, Thunder's size would make it an easy target. Moreover, Kylie's agility would allow her to avoid sudden attacks whereas Thunder was much weaker than her and it would be easier for the Fiendish Osiers to attack it. Once it became the Fiendish Osiers' target, it would be in great danger.

"Do you have any other plan?"

It was already risky for Kylie to enter the Fiendish Osiery. If Thunder was the one that entered the Fiendish Osiery, the probability of it surviving was close to zero.

A pet monster was different from humans. If it died on the Stairway Tree, it would die in reality instead of returning to the first checkpoint on the Stairway Tree.

Bloody kept quiet for a long while after listening to what Lin Huang asked.

"This isn't how you'd look like if you're running out of ideas." Lin Huang knew that it was not because Bloody had no other plans. It was because of some reason that it was reluctant to tell. "Just spit it out."

"Other than Kylie and Thunder, there's actually someone who can be the bait," Bloody then said slowly, shifting its gaze towards Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was stunned. After a couple of moments, he then pointed at himself and asked, "Me?"

After confirming that Bloody was referring to him, a thought suddenly ran through Lin Huang's mind. "Oh, right, the Transformation Card! How could I forget about it?!"

Lin Huang had almost forgotten that he could actually use the Provisional Transformation Card, transforming into Kylie or Thunder. As long as he changed into how they looked like, he would have all of their abilities, including their speed.

"I'll first transform into Thunder and become bait. As soon as I enter the Fiendish Osiery, I'll transform into Kylie and get out of there as swiftly as possible." Bloody was unwilling to reveal its plan. It did not want Lin Huang to take the risk, but it was running out of solutions.

Setting the Luna Beasts up was risky business.

"Alright, I'll take on the task!" Lin Huang accepted without thinking twice.

"It's too dangerous," Bai, who had kept quiet all the while, frowned as he said. It turned back and looked at Bloody. "Is there any other way?"

Bloody shook its head helplessly. "Changing the bait is the only way to solve the problem. It's uncertain whether any other solutions are going to work."

"Don't worry. After using the Transformation Card, my combat strength will level up to immortal-level rank-4. My abilities will be stronger than any of you." Lin Huang patted Bai's shoulder reassuringly. "I didn't really make any contribution for the whole day. It's time to move and do some exercise."

"That's it. I'm going to back Kylie up!"


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