Monster Paradise
781 Hornet“s Nes
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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781 Hornet“s Nes

In the Secret Forest, Lin Huang's body had shrunk to a size of fewer than two millimeters tall. Everything seemed so massive to him.

Lin Huang felt that even an ordinary palm-sized leaf could be compared to a huge dome. Trees in the Secret Forest were like towering cliffs that nobody could pass through.

Fortunately, his combat strength and telekinetic power were not affected. The region detected by his Territory skill and his Divine Telekinesis were not restricted as well. He could still detect what was within a 4,000-meter radius and take great advantage of it. Under such circumstances in which all the creatures were shrunken, the coverage of his detection was expanded to 1,000 times larger. This allowed him to travel without obstacles and avoid danger.

Of course, Lin Huang did not bypass all the obstacles. Most of the time, he would choose to fight through it, going through all the obstacles in the shortest possible time. Only when he encountered monsters like the Witch Petals or obstacles that were rather troublesome or regions that he could hardly get through in a short period of time, he would ask the Mighty Ape for help to make it through these areas.

Standing on the Mighty Ape's shoulder, Lin Huang suddenly warned, "There's a hornet nest not far away from us. Let's prepare for a fight."


The Mighty Ape let out a low growl, slowing down its crawling speed, and was on alert.

After a short while, Lin Huang then detected the hornet nest with his Divine Telekinesis.

The black hornet nest was not very large. It was approximately the size of two human fists and was hanging on one of the tree branches.

However, the hornet nest was extremely huge to Lin Huang in his condition. Each of the hornets that were flying around the nest was a few times larger than him. Some of them were even ten times larger than Lin Huang.

"The Combat Hornetdemon is on the 56th checkpoint for real. Perhaps it's the remaining Combat Hornetdemons on the 55th checkpoint that built these hives after the monster horde. Fortunately, the hornet nest became much smaller since the Combat Hornetdemons shrank. There should be less than 20,000 Combat Hornetdemons in the hive."

Combat Hornetdemons were monsters on the 56th checkpoint. Their nests were everywhere on the 56th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree.

Combat Hornetdemons were demons that liked confrontation. They had powerful territorial awareness, killing any creatures that attempted to invade their territory.

Their combat strength normally ranged from immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9. Their personal abilities were not that strong, but they were not afraid of death, and they liked to gather in a swarm and were venomous.

Contact with their venom resulted in pain and itching. The poison would spread quickly throughout a person's body. Black pustules would grow non-stop, and the fluid inside was contagious, and the infection could spread to others. The venom would only work on the surface of the skin in the beginning. However, after more than 24 hours, it would penetrate through the flesh and burrow deep into the organs after 36 hours. Even the brain would be infected. Eventually, the infected person would then die.

There was a slight difference in the composition of the venom in each of the Combat Hornetdemons' body. However, the venom could work in multiple doses.

If an immortal-level rank-9 was injected with a Combat Hornetdemon's venom, the person could only survive for, at most, 40 hours. If a second shot were given to this person by a second Combat Hornetdemon, the destructive effect would be multiplied and the time for it to take effect would be reduced by half. This meant that this person could only live for a maximum of 20 hours. If this person were stung by a third Combat Hornetdemon, the venomous effect would be even worse. Of course, the person's physique had to be able to support the multiplier effect of the poison. Most immortal-levels would die as they could not take it after getting poisoned by more than three Combat Hornetdemons.

Most imperial-levels would avoid places with a large swarm of Combat Hornetdemons. This was also the reason why they did not want to offend monsters like this. The venom of a Combat Hornetdemon seemed to have no effect on an imperial-level. However, if seven or eight Combat Hornetdemons attacked one, the imperial-level would be poisoned due to the multiplier effect of the venom. Since the number of poison multiplier was high, they would still die.

Seeing the hornet nest from afar, even the Mighty Ape, who was usually not afraid of anything, stopped moving forward. Although it could not recognize the Combat Hornetdemons, it could still sense that the monster was threatening.

"Since we've encountered the Combat Hornetdemons here, it's time to try a few of the hunting skills that I've previously thought of," Lin Huang mumbled, "Charcoal's dragon flames can restrict the Combat Hornetdemon's venom; Bai's Vampire Particles can be an excellent defense against the Combat Hornetdemon's attack. Because of Tyrant's defenses and its physique, it has no fear of the Combat Hornetdemon's poison. Lancelot's Dark Mirror can perfectly guard against the Combat Hornetdemon's attack. Its Saber Dao Territory and Sword Manipulation are good skills to attack with. Kylie's Lightning Control can be a counter to the negative effects and should be effective for the demonized poison while the Ghastly Clown's telekinetic power and illusion skill are good for fighting in a group. The Eclipse Boa's engulfment ability has no fear of the poison as well. There are also two fiends with advanced-level bloodlines (The witch is now with Lin Xin)."

Although the Mighty Ape that had gone through its third mutation was not weak, its ability was still weaker than Bai and the rest. It was not suitable to fight a venomous monster like the Combat Hornetdemon.

"This fight is not yours to take up. Get some rest first. We'll continue our journey later."

After recalling the Mighty Ape, Lin Huang then crushed the monster cards. Charcoal, Bai, Tyrant and the rest were summoned, and they appeared in front of Lin Huang.

"The plants…" Bai frowned. Charcoal and the rest noticed that the plants over there were strange as well.

"There are some special rules imposed in this forest. All creatures that enter, including local creatures, will be 1,000 times smaller," Lin Huang explained briefly and immediately got back to his main point. "The reason why I summoned all of you today is to kill the Combat Hornetdemons. Bloody will be in charge of the battle."

After briefly describing his plan, Bloody then projected the Combat Hornetdemon's information.

Bloody did not directly join the fight. He was in charge of strategizing the entire battle to maximize everyone's efficiency to kill. Parasitism would not work on creatures with a combat strength higher than Bloody's. It was currently on immortal-level rank-4 while the weakest Combat Hornetdemon was on immortal-level rank-7. If its combat strength were not restricted, Bloody could fight all the Combat Hornetdemons alone regardless of how many of them there were.

"This is just a warm-up battle. There's only a small number of Combat Hornetdemons. I hope that all of you can try your best to follow Bloody's plan, killing the monsters at the highest efficiency. The number of enemies will be hundreds of times larger during the fight on the 56th checkpoint. It'll be much more difficult. Not all of you are immune to the Combat Hornetdemon's poison, but I hope not to see any injuries," Lin Huang glanced at the Supreme Overlord as he said. He was not worried about the rest, but the Clown was quite a character.

Seeing Lin Huang looking at it, the Supreme Overlord stuck its tongue out, flashing a funny face.

Lin Huang then let Bloody take over the conversation. Bloody began distributing the work to each of them.

After a short while, Bloody was done assigning tasks to them.

"Alright, let the slaughter begin!"

Lin Huang raised his hand up, pointing towards the hornet's nest from afar. Before he could finish his words, Bai and the rest had already headed towards the hive.


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