Monster Paradise
778 A Way to Make Money
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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778 A Way to Make Money

Among the six God Crashers that Lin Huang had, five were completely destroyed during the battle with the evil spirit. Absolutely nothing was left. The last God Crasher he had was severely damaged and could only be used as a decoration now.

He had lost his trump card. Therefore, when he heard about the news of the God Crashers, he immediately rushed to Wanbao City.

Upon arriving at Wanbao City, Lin Huang found out that he was facing a severe problem – he had no money!

The Divine Fire in his body had engulfed all his Life Crystals. He might not even be able to afford an ordinary item, let alone the God Crashers for sale at the underground auction.

"The 33rd edition of the God Crasher is the latest model which the Union Government is selling at 280 million Life Crystals. It'll be priced at 350 million Life Crystals or more at the underground auction. Even the rest of the older models that have become obsolete are going to cost me more than 80 million Life Crystals. The 28th edition of the God Crasher that experiences deteriorating performance used to fetch 230 million Life Crystals on average at the underground auction," he thought to himself.

The reason why the 28th edition of the God Crasher was expensive was simply that it was the most successfully modified model of the third generation God Crasher.

Everybody knew that the third generation God Crasher was the most powerful one and that its only limitation was that it could only be used ten times.

According to the test data, the 28th edition of the God Crasher managed to achieve 82% more power than the third generation one. It was known to be one of the best versions of the third generation God Crashers. In addition to that, new materials had been used to replace the old ones, solving the problem that occurred due to the restriction imposed on the number of usages.

Many of them were optimistic about the 28th edition of the God Crasher. After using it, the Union Government discovered that despite having been able to overcome the problem of the number of usages, another issue arose. The barrel of the bulk-produced God Crashers began , and the precision of its attack was affected. The higher the number of usages, the more severe the distortion in the barrel, significantly impacting the precision of its attack.

The God Crasher was actually a failed product.

It was once a hot-selling item when it was first launched. However, after the problem of the distortion in its barrel was revealed, the new generation of God Crashers rapidly replaced it.

Some of the top gun masters were fascinated by this product and even boasted of it being a masterpiece because the precision of its attack could be adjusted personally. Although an ordinary gun master could only use it 30 times, many of the mighty gun masters could use it for about 80 times without affecting its precision. The top-ranked gun masters could even use it for more than 100 times.

As a result, many of the top gun masters flaunted their abilities, comparing the number of usages between one another. Moreover, these gun masters would usually place a bid for this model of the God Crasher at the auction.

"I wonder if the news that about them selling the God Crashers at the underground auction is true. If it is, which model are they going to sell?" Lin Huang zoned out, but soon, he snapped back to reality, thinking of the problem that he was facing. "Regardless of what model they're going to sell, I need to think of a way to make money. The auction is starting in three days."

Lin Huang had considered borrowing money from Yi Zheng, but he dismissed the thought quickly. There would surely be something that Yi Zheng wanted to buy at the auction. If he were to borrow money from him to buy the God Crasher, it was going to be a considerable sum. He did not want to affect Yi Zheng's purchasing decision. Furthermore, he was a person that did not like to owe others anything.

When Lin Huang was living on Earth, he had borrowed an eraser from his classmate when he went to school. He returned it to his classmate right after using it, not wanting to keep it any longer. If he were to borrow notes from his classmate, he would send them back to his classmate's house by bicycle right after he had finished copying them. He would not keep it with him until the second day.

After he began to work, he ate steamed buns for two months when he was in serious financial strain. The steamed buns cost him two yuan for two meals and the preserved vegetables cost him 1.5 yuan. He spent only 3.5 yuan in a day. He lived in a house no bigger than four square meters whereby he could only put a bed in it. The rental of his house was cheap at only 220 yuan per month. Even then, he had never borrowed money from anyone.

It seemed to be impossible to earn hundred million of Life Crystals in three days. However, Lin Huang soon understood what he needed to do.

"It isn't difficult to make money by selling the monster carcasses after killing immortal-level monsters. I have three more days to go. Although the Abyss Brink is a place where high-level monsters gather, the immortal-level monsters are scattered all around. I'll spend most of my time traveling. If it takes me ten minutes on average to kill a monster, I'll need about 17 hours to kill 100 monsters.

"It won't be a problem if I'm on the Stairway Tree. I'm already on the 55th checkpoint at the Stairway Tree. The 56th checkpoint is the level to hunt monsters. The monsters on that checkpoint range from immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9."

"According to the points on the Stairway Tree, I'll gain 640 points for each of the immortal-level rank-7 monsters killed. I will obtain 1,280 points if I kill an immortal-level rank-8 monster. That's equivalent to 1.28 million Life Crystals." Although that was what he was thinking about, Lin Huang was not going to convert the points to Life Crystals. He wanted to buy some of the rare items with his points so that he could sell them at the auction. Without a doubt, he could make way more money this way.

"Ancient relics are a hard currency. If I were to exchange my points for an ancient relic and sell it at the auction, the Life Crystals I obtain would definitely be 30% more than what I can get from directly converting the points to Life Crystals. The ancient telekinetic weapon belongs to an extremely rare category. Selling it at 50% higher is possible. There are also some modified guns that I can sell at the auction to make some money. If that's still not enough, I'll accumulate more points to exchange for the demigod relic and sell it at the auction!"

There were various types of items being sold at the Stairway Mall. Aside from some of the illegal goods that were prohibited for sale by the Union Government, there was nothing that one could not find from the Stairway Mall. The God Crasher was an illegal item. Since it was extremely powerful in addition to the requirements for users not being very high, it was a very dangerous weapon.

Unlike Lin Huang, not every one of them would buy the God Crashers for emergency use. Many of them who bought items like this from the underground auction were from the underworld. Organizations such as the Hunter Association and the Adventurer Paradise would not need to buy weapons from the underground auction as they could directly purchase it from the Union Government.

After making up his mind on how to earn money, Lin Huang did not hesitate any longer. He immediately tapped the Genius Union's website, which he had not visited for a long time, open. He then logged into the system after scanning his identity code.

"Since Yi Zheng isn't here yet and nobody is going to interrupt me, let's collect some points first!"


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