Monster Paradise
777 Can“t Afford Anything
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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777 Can“t Afford Anything

At the safety zone of Division 3, foothold No. 3A5, Wanbao City.

A young man was sleeping soundlessly in the top management room of a luxurious hotel. The Emperor's Heart Ring on his left hand suddenly vibrated.

"Who is it?"

The young man reluctantly tapped the communication page of his Emperor's Heart Ring open having been disturbed from his slumber. After identifying who the person who called him was, he hesitated for a while, but he still ended up accepting the person's video call with a frown.

"I can finally reach you!" A beautiful lady with long legs appeared and soon, she realized that the person she called was lying in bed. It seemed like he did not want to get up from bed at all. "Lin Huang, why are you still sleeping? What's the time now?"

"Sis, do you know that we're not in the same time zone? It's not even 5 a.m. here..." Lin Huang slightly shifted the camera. Dawn was breaking, and the sun had not even risen yet.

"Eh, I forgot. It's about 11 a.m. here, and it's lunchtime soon." Yi Yeyu then recalled that they were in different time zones. Then, she said confidently, "So are you trying to say that I'm disturbing your sleep? Why don't you just ignore my call?"

"Don't you know that you're an expert at calling incessantly?" Lin Huang sighed helplessly. This was the main reason why Lin Huang had not chosen to ignore her call.

It seemed like she could not refute. She then rolled her eyes at Lin Huang and changed the topic. "I couldn't seem to reach you at all yesterday. Did you really go to the Cursed Land in Division 3?"

"Yeah, I disabled the communication function." Lin Huang nodded his head.

Under normal circumstances, most people would decide to disable the communication function while exploring the danger zones temporarily. This was to avoid getting themselves from getting into trouble by receiving calls from others when they were in danger or when they had to hide.

Of course, Lin Huang had done the same as the place he had gone to was the Cursed Land.

"So, the videos and photos that you posted on your social media were taken in the Cursed Land?" Yi Yeyu asked.

"Yes. Why?" Lin Huang felt that Yi Yeyu's facial expression seemed weird.

"No… Nothing." After uttering her words, she realized that Lin Huang was staring at her quietly. She then told him the truth grudgingly, "I've shared your videos and photos on my social media. My friends shared them as well. It ended up getting more than 800,000 shares and approximately a billion views. The videos and photos are trending on a few of the social media platforms right now."

"Many of them said that they must visit the place in the video at least once in their lifetime." Yi Yeyu's voice became softer and softer.

Lin Huang did not expect that the photos and videos that he had randomly captured would become the latest social media trend.

Remaining silent for a while, Lin Huang then asked, "Did you tell them it's the Cursed Land?"

They would die if they were to enter forbidden areas like the Cursed Land randomly. He was worried that if Yi Yeyu revealed the location, those who were still weak would die there.

"No, I didn't. I just said that a friend of mine took the photos and videos in Division 3 and that I'm not sure about its exact location. I was wondering whether you were joking when you said you're going to visit the Cursed Land. Even then, I'm afraid that some of the dumbasses might go there and seek for death after I tell them the location." Yi Yeyu immediately shook her head. Although she would make silly mistakes, she would still consider the consequences when dealing with a serious issue.

"That's great." Lin Huang felt relieved.

"It's just been a day, and the videos and photos have become viral. I'm afraid that they'll be widespread on social media in the future. I guess many of the travel companies are going to seize the opportunity, offering tour packages to Division 3." Yi Yeyu forced a smile.

"That's good as one gains knowledge when they travel. Just don't go to the dangerous spots. Most of the places in Division 3 are actually considered safe." Lin Huang did not mind at all. It had nothing to do with him as long as the tourists did not go to the forbidden land.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you this." Yi Yeyu suddenly recalled why she had called Lin Huang. "My brother has just leveled up to immortal-level a few days ago. My family is going to send him to Division 3 for training. He's going to leave tomorrow early in the morning. I heard that his first destination is at Wanbao City which is situated in the grade-A foothold. Recently, they've organized an auction over there. You can go and have a look and ask him out for lunch."

Lin Huang knew that Yi Yeyu was worried about Yi Zheng since he was alone and was unfamiliar with the place. He then promised her, "I'm at Wanbao City now. Ask him to call me once he reaches."


After dealing with the important stuff, both of them chatted casually for a while until Yi Yeyu's housekeeper started urging her to go for lunch. She then hung up the phone.

The time projected by Lin Huang's Emperor's Heart Ring was about 6 a.m. now. Both of them had been on the phone for nearly an hour.

"Yi Zheng has leveled up to immortal-level. Perhaps he's one of the youngest people who managed to get to immortal-level in Division 7." When Lin Huang was still on white flame-level, Yi Zheng had already gotten to purple flame-level. Lin Huang did not feel surprised that he had managed to achieve immortal-level. He was not even 25 years of age but was already an immortal-level. The boy was a genius.

"The Yi family is sending their eldest grandson to Division 3 for training. They're really strict."

Lin Huang was impressed by how they trained the younger generation. At least, the Yi family had their very own way of training. Many others who came from smaller royal families would be unable to compare to them.

Yi Yeyu had awoken lin Huang early in the morning. He wanted to sleep for a little longer as he had been swamped over the past few days and did not get to sleep well. However, he could no longer fall asleep after tossing and turning in the bed for a while. He had no choice but to get up.

After taking his shower, he changed his clothes and went downstairs for breakfast. Instead of going out to paint the town red, he went back to his hotel room.

He was not a homebody, but the reason why he came to Wanbao City was not to go on a vacation.

Lin Huan had rushed back to Wanbao City as soon as he returned from the Cursed Land because he wanted to attend the auction which Yi Yeyu had just mentioned.

On the sofa in the living room, he browsed through the auction website and began looking at the items.

There was a variety of items being sold. However, there were only a few photos and a brief description of each of the item. The prices were not mentioned at all.

"There are a total of 273 items. The auction will officially start three days later, but I can't afford anything now." Lin Huang forced a smile helplessly. When he had upgraded to gold flame-level in the Cursed Land, the True God-level Life Fire had almost engulfed all his Life Crystals. He could not afford to place a bid on almost all the items displayed on the website, let alone buy them.

"After the auction has ended, there'll be an underground auction that sells illegal items. I heard that they have God Crashers this time. I've no idea if that's true."

The God Crasher was the reason why Lin Huang came to Wanbao City.


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