Monster Paradise
773 The God“s Item in the Mountain
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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773 The God“s Item in the Mountain

Lin Huang could confirm that there was a treasure in the cliff since he had detected something strange with his Telekinesis. It could be the god's item that caused the weird phenomena to happen at the Cursed Land.

"It's highly possible that it's a spiritual god's item since it's capable of engulfing my Telekinesis power. In addition to that, its characteristic is similar to a legendary god's item's." Lin Huang looked at the cliff with excitement.

Since Telekinesis was a type of spiritual power, it would most probably be a spiritual item that could overwhelm his Telekinesis power.

He appeared at the bottom of the cliff in a flash. Lin Huang then pressed against the rock wall which had a rough surface and was similar to an ordinary mountain.

Again, he activated his ocular skill and carefully observed the cliff. However, he did not manage to find anything strange.

He attempted to detect with his Telekinesis, and again, as soon as his Telekinesis power reached the rock wall, it disappeared.

Since his ocular skill had been activated, Lin Huang could capture the energy waves that were created. They were completely transparent, and there was no force generated. Thanks to Lin Huang's ocular skill and his Boundless Vision, he could observe things beyond what the average eye could see. Otherwise, he might not have noticed it.

Lin Huang kept his Telekinesis activated while observing the cliff with his ocular skill.

Colorless waves spread wider and wider on the surface of the cliff which was where his Telekinesis power was in contact with the cliff. It seemed like the waves tightly adhered to the surface of the cliff by an invisible isolation layer.

Again, Lin Huang extended his hands towards the cliff. The position that he touched was right at the core of the waves. However, what he felt was similar to touching an ordinary rock. He could even pick up the rough texture on the surface of the rock caused by the rain as if the isolation layer did not exist at all.

Lin Huang frowned. He fell into deep thought for a while, standing in his original position.

After several moments, he suddenly raised his hand up. His palm was shrouded in black Life Power, and he smashed into the center of the waves created on the cliff.


It seemed to be an ordinary attack, but his power should never be underestimated. A gaping pit was formed on the surface of the cliff with a diameter of more than two meters.

"It doesn't have any defensive power. It seems like I made the right guess. It's an isolation layer with spirit. That's why it doesn't interfere with the substances on the surface of the cliff. It also explains why my palm can reach the rock and why my attack isn't blocked. The isolation layer has ignored all the interference effects that occurred on the surface of the cliff."

Lin Huang could then be more confident that there was something hidden in the mountain. Perhaps it was the spiritual god's item, according to the legend.

Upon the confirmation, Lin Huang then remained calm. He started thinking of ways to obtain the item.

It was named as a god's item not merely because of its grade. It was also because it had an instinct.

The instinct it had was completely different from that of some evil creatures which were influenced by negative emotions. A god's item could think independently and even could learn. Its intelligence could be compared to a human's.

Even a baby would be on alert when encountering strangers, let alone the intelligent god's item.

There were two primary methods to capture the god's item.

The first method was to suppress and capture by force.

However, the captor had to meet a very high requirement in order to capture it with this method because the god's item would fight hard. The captor would have to be at least a Virtual God or even stronger.

The second method would be the influence method.

One would have to research the god's item's preference beforehand in order to persuade it and coax it to enter into a contract with humans voluntarily.

Lin Huang had not prepared for it before he came since he could not confirm if the god's item really did exist on this island. His main intention had been to obtain the cross-ranking rewards and scout around if there was anything he could discover.

He was not expecting himself to discover the legendary god's item by sheer luck.

"The god's item is hidden somewhere in the mountain. It's not easy to get it out of the mountain," Lin Huang thought to himself. Soon, he had a plan.

He took out a Transformation Card, transforming into Spectre after crushing it. He then squeezed his hand against the mountain.

However, Lin Huang's hand did not penetrate the mountain. Instead, he was blocked by the transparent isolation layer.

He felt a smooth and cold surface as he touched the isolation layer as if it was glass.

"So, it's true that the isolation layer only has effects on spirits. Spirits like Spectre would become isolated." Since Spectre, who could normally pass through mountains, was being blocked, Lin Huang could not think of a better solution at the moment. "If it doesn't work, I guess I have to smash the entire mountain."

As soon as the thought ran through his mind, an immense attraction force acted towards his palm that was touching the surface of the isolation layer.

He wanted to retreat, but it was too late to do so. His body penetrated through the isolation layer in an instant and was being drawn into the mountain.

Lin Huang's body was steadily being dragged into the mountain by the immense force. No matter how hard he struggled against it, all his efforts were in vain. The force far exceeded his strength which was usually incomparable.

Despite returning to his own body from his spectral form, the immense force still did not let go of him. What was so strange about it was that although he was inside the mountain, his movement was not restricted. There was very little difference compared to when he was in his spectral form. It seemed like the rock and soil were not real and that they were just an illusion.

However, with his ocular skill, he could quickly confirm that it was not an illusion. He had thought that it was not real simply because his body was entirely wrapped by the force, isolating him from touching the substances.

After realizing that his struggle was in vain, Lin Huang completely gave up. He waited until the immense force dragged him to its final destination.

After a short while, Lin Huang could clearly feel that the force dragging him was weakening and he knew that they were reaching their destination.

At the moment when the immense power disappeared, Lin Huang experienced a feeling of release. He immediately balanced himself and looked around, curious to know where he was.

He was stunned as he looked around.

"What's happening?" Lin Huang's eyes flew wide open.

He had been brought to a dimension with a starry sky, and he was in zero gravity as he floated in space.

Within his field of vision, the planets were so massive, making him feel insignificant.

Soon, he saw an enormous object approaching him at an incredibly fast speed. It was obviously not a planet. However, its size exceeded all the planets that Lin Huang had ever seen.

"A stone tablet?" Lin Huang gaped at the object in shock. He then quickly reacted. It must be the hidden god's item in the mountain.


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