Monster Paradise
772 The Burial Ground
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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772 The Burial Ground

The burial ground was at the most western side of the island and was surrounded by mountains.

It was already 6 p.m. when Lin Huang arrived at the valley. The sky was turning dark.

As the setting sun glowed all over the valley, it added beauty to the scenery. A randomly captured photo of the scene could be set as a desktop or mobile wallpaper without the need to choose the perfect angle.

Lin Huang captured a few of the videos as well, sharing them on his social media which he had not logged in to for a long time.

He was not active on social media, and the total number of friends he had was less than ten. Just as he posted the videos, his friend commented within seconds. "That's so beautiful. Where's it?"

Lin Huang then took a look at it and realized the person who had commented was Yi Yeyu. It was evident that she had a lot of free time.

He then replied briefly, "The Cursed Land". Lin Huang then logged out of his social media as he did not have the time to chat with Yi Yeyu. Even imperial-levels would not put their guards down when they were in the forbidden land, let alone Lin Huang.

As soon as he entered the valley, Lin Huang delved deeper and soon, he was at the deepest point of the valley.

He went completely silent after seeing the scenery in the deepest part of the valley. He had no idea how to describe how he felt at the moment.

Above the ground, white bones entirely covered the ground.

There were several big pits in the valley. Apparently, humans were the ones who had dug them. The deepest pit was hundreds of meters deep. However, when Lin Huang peered into it, what he could see were still the remains of the monsters. Apart from that, he discovered nothing, not even a blade of grass.

There were several versions about the origin of the burial ground that could be found online. However, they sounded ridiculous. Nobody knew the actual reason behind the formation of the ground.

When the island was discovered, the burial ground had already existed for a couple of years.

However, there was a most widespread version, and it was also the one which most people agreed with.

This was what it said: The hidden god's item was at the burial ground of the Cursed Land. The item had dominated all the monsters' souls on the island. When all the monsters died, they returned to the place where the souls were kept. This was the only way where they could achieve peace.

Since many of them believed this, many people dug the burial ground, making it appear thus.

"It's similar to the elephants' graveyard, which people have been talking about on Earth." Lin Huang remembered that he had heard of this legend before back on Earth.

When the elephants sensed they were near death, they would enter the deep forest during the last few days of their lives. Following the path, they would reach the elephants' graveyard where they were buried.

Of course, Lin Huang could not confirm whether if elephants' graveyards really existed or not.

"It's less likely that it'd be a human-made burial ground. It must be related to the strange story behind the island. If I'm not mistaken, it's the same thing that caused the formation of the burial ground and the curse cast on the island. However, nobody knows what it actually is. Be it an item or a living being, no one can confirm," Lin Huang speculated.

He took a few photos and soon, he activated his Telekinesis. He then began to explore every single corner of the area.

The burial ground was not really big at about 30 square meters. However, due to its depth, Lin Huang had to investigate carefully. The sky had turned completely dark even before the first round of exploration was completed.

Far away in the sky, a red and a purple moon rose from different directions. It was a beautiful and cloudless night with the moonlight glinting off the ground without obstacles. The white bones buried beneath the burial ground looked even whiter.

"It's really a good place for the filming of a horror movie," Lin Huang grumbled. It was even creepier when the moonlight shone on the burial ground.

Despite the sky becoming dark, it had no effect on Lin Huang's investigation. The impact of the light ray on his eyesight was not significant, let alone given his Telekinesis and territorial skill. The investigation effect had nothing to do with the intensity of the light ray.

At night, all the spiritual monsters would become active. However, the burial ground was an exception. There was no living monster here. Even imperial-levels or demigods would intentionally avoid this area. The remains buried beneath the burial ground were different from the rest of the spirits as they would not reanimate back to life and attack others. They seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep forever.

"I have to complete the investigation twice before 10 p.m. After that, I can go back to the hotel and take my supper. I shall sleep after taking my bath." Lin Huang secretly planned.

At about 8 p.m, Lin Huang was finishing up the first round of investigation at the burial ground.

His Telekinesis penetrated through the gap of the remains and went 4,000 meters deep. However, he still did not manage to get to the deepest part of the burial ground. 4,000 meters was the maximum distance which Lin Huang's Telekinesis could reach to retrieve information in detail. It was not because his Telekinesis power could no longer be extended, but because there was a substantial decrease in his ability to control his Telekinesis and risked deteriorating the accuracy of the investigation.

Lin Huang was expecting to investigate with his Telekinesis in the first round whereby the investigation could be done precisely. If nothing was discovered, he would increase the depth of investigation in which his Telekinesis could reach. It would be fine if the investigation was not precise enough. If anything suspicious was found, he could use his Transformation Card, transforming himself into the Spectre and go underground for a more detailed investigation.

Since the first round of investigation was about to end, Lin Huang seemed disappointed.

He had scanned almost all the remains that were 4,000 meters beneath the ground. The performance of his oracle skill was at its peak as well. Observing all the skeletons that he could see with his eyes, there was nothing.

After a short while, Lin Huang's Telekinesis scanned through the last region of the burial ground.

It penetrated through the gap of the skeletons that were all piled up, resembling a spider web that scattered all around the underground world. His Telekinesis power went deeper and deeper through the gaps and extended thousands of meters away.

The underground world which was 4,000 meters deep was all revealed by Lin Huang's Telekinesis. Even if it was a granule of sand, Lin Huang could clearly identify how many crystal surfaces it had.

However, despite being able to detect things so precisely, Lin Huang could not find anything.

After the first round of investigation, Lin Huang could hardly hide his disappointment. Although it was within his expectations, he was still unwilling to accept the truth.

"Never mind. I shall follow my original plan to carry out the second round of investigation. If I find nothing, I'll just go back to the hotel."

Lin Huang then turned back, getting ready for the second round of investigation. However, he saw a cliff not far away from him.

"The surface of the cliff is so smooth as if someone cut it out with a saber," Lin Huang mumbled. He then scanned it with his Telekinesis. However, after doing so, his Telekinesis disappeared as if it would never return.

"What's happening? Could the god's item be right there in the mountain?" Lin Huang's eyes brightened as he stared towards the cliff. He never thought he would stumble upon an unexpected discovery just by merely scanning the cliff for fun.


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