Monster Paradise
770 The Cursed Land
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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770 The Cursed Land

The Cursed Land was one of the six forbidden lands in Division 3. It was a lonely island located on the east coast of the Peaceful Ocean.

The reason why the people named it the Cursed Land was not because humans who visited the land would be cursed. Instead, it was because all the monsters that entered would be cursed and would be unable to leave.

It was said that all the monsters that left the island would die within 24 hours. Their dead bodies would transform into spirits, and they would return to the island.

There was more than one Imperial Censor who had performed experiments here with their pet monster. As long as the pet monster was summoned on the island, they would die within 24 hours, transforming into a spirit despite being recalled when the Imperial Censor left the island. The contract between the pet monster and the Imperial Censor would then be rendered void. They would attack all the creatures that blocked their way for the sake of returning to the island.

Apart from that, all the creatures that died on this island, including humans would turn into spirits and become new prisoners on the island.

Lin Huang had heard of the different kinds of stories about the forbidden land soon after he reached Division 3. He had also read through the information, so he was not even going to attempt it.

He chose such a place to obtain the cross-ranking reward because he suspected that there would be a hidden spiritual god's item or god relic on this island.

In fact, Lin Huang was not the first one who thought about this.

Just as the Cursed Land was discovered, many had suggested this. Up until more than 100 years ago, the rumor had spread to the entire Division 3, and almost all of the transcendents knew this.

Back then, many groups of explorers visited the Cursed Land. The explorers slaughtered almost all the spirits on the island. Every single corner of the island was explored, but nothing was discovered.

Over the past hundred years, nobody managed to find any of the spiritual items. Soon, the number of people who believed in this became lesser, and the number of explorers who visited the island declined.

What Lin Huang was thinking of was pretty simple. He merely wanted to look for a place with many immortal-level rank-9 monsters. The only locations that fulfilled this criterion were the six forbidden lands in Division 3. Since the Cursed Land was one of the forbidden lands and there was such a legend about it being a place with spiritual items, Lin Huang decided to pay it a visit.

He was not expecting much from this trip. His main intention was to hunt the monsters so that he could obtain the cross-ranking reward. He would walk around and leave the Cursed Land after that.

He departed from Martel City and finally arrived at his destination, the Cursed Land, after two days.

The island was not as deserted as Lin Huang expected. He used to think that a place where spirits lived would not have any living plants. However, it was an island with lush greenery. Since the island was barely visited, it looked like a primitive jungle.

Most of the immortal-level explorers had to be extra careful when exploring a forbidden land like this, including Lin Huang.

He did not enter the jungle in the first place. He gradually floated into the air, retreating hundreds of meters away from the island. He then summoned Bloody.

The curse was not going to work if one did not enter the region covered by the island. This was also the reason why the fishes nearby could leave safely after hunting for food in the vicinity.

After confirming this, Lin Huang then dared to summon Bloody. However, for the sake of his monster's safety, he retreated 300 meters away before crushing Bloody's card.

"Is this the Cursed Land?" Bloody was curious about the island. "It's much livelier than I thought."

"That's what I thought too." Lin Huang said, smiling. "I won't bring you in this round. Please help me to check the location of the immortal-level rank-9 monsters, and I'll recall you back into your card form later."

Bloody nodded its head. It knew that Lin Huang was doing so for the sake of its safety.

The Leech Pods were then controlled by Bloody, spreading towards the vast island.

After more than half an hour, Bloody then nodded its head at Lin Huang. "I've found them. There are quite a number of immortal-level rank-9 monsters on this island."

"I supposed that you've explored further. Is there anything else you discovered?" Lin Huang knew Bloody very well. Since it knew that there were hidden spiritual items on this island, it would definitely check those out.

"I found nothing special. There's a burial ground situated at the west of the island. However, it seems like it's been dug countless times. There are a few lakes, which I think the people have explored as well. I'll mark them on the map for you."

A map that Lin Huang had bought from the black market was then projected. Bloody marked it with different colors. The location of the immortal-level rank-9 monsters was marked in yellow whereas the location of the imperial-levels was marked in red. As for the lakes, Bloody marked them with a blue water droplet, and the burial ground was marked with a skeleton symbol. Several places looked strange to Bloody, so it marked them with a yellow question mark.

After getting all these done, Bloody briefly explained to Lin Huang about the condition of the places other than the burial ground. Lin Huang then recalled it back into its card form and headed towards the yellow spot, which was the nearest to him.

Before exploring, he wanted to obtain all the cross-ranking rewards first.

Soon, Lin Huang arrived at his first destination.

The first monster marked by Bloody was a spiritual bird.

It had two heads, but it obviously had them all along even before turning into a spirit. On top of the two of its heads, four white eyeballs without irises appeared. There were wounds on its stomach and wings. The wounds had stopped bleeding and had even begun to decay. However, it did not seem to have any reaction to it.

"I've no idea how long the Twinhead Dragon Condor has died for." Lin Huang could tell what type of monster it was at first glance.

After observing it for a while, Lin Huang crushed the Double Reward Card he had and attacked the immortal-level rank-9 monster in a flash.

If he leveled up to gold flame-level under the regular leveling process, he would not have the confidence to kill an immortal-level rank-9 monster. However, he was pretty confident that he could now kill most of the immortal-level rank-9 monsters.

In less than two minutes, both the Twinhead Dragon Condor's heads were chopped off by Lin Huang's constant attacks. Before he could even store its dead body in his storage space, a notification from Xiao Hei arrived.

"Congratulations! You've completed nonuple cross-ranking kill: Reward Card Draw x60!"

The effective period of the Double Reward Card was only an hour.

Lin Huang then put the dead body away and did not linger there any longer. He opened his map and proceeded towards the second yellow spot!


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