Monster Paradise
769 True God-level Life Fire
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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769 True God-level Life Fire

By the time he returned from Kylie's mini world to Martel City, it was already slightly after five in the morning.

Those who had come to fight early in the morning might have left as there was nothing to discover. Even the residents had fled. After the fight, what remained were the ruins and the vacant buildings. Some of them also forgot to turn off the lights in their houses.

Watching the sunrise, Lin Huang felt like he was in another world. This was by far the most miserable battle he had ever experienced.

The first thing he did as soon as he went back to his hotel was sleep.

After fighting overnight, he was well and truly exhausted. Despite his body feeling energized after leveling up, he was mentally tired, which was why he could fall asleep so quickly.

Bloody was reading various sources of information through the Emperor's Heart Ring next to him.

Lin Huang woke up at about 6 p.m. and felt recharged.

"A person called Xia Hou visited you at about eight o'clock in the morning. He knocked on the door for a while, but I ignored him. He then left. I was afraid that he'd wake you up, so I blocked the noise out," Bloody said when it saw that Lin Huang was awake.

"Xia Hou?" Reminded by Bloody, Lin Huang then recalled that he was the investigator who had investigated the crime with him. "He must've heard about the incident that happened last night, so he should be asking me to investigate. Since I've killed the evil spirit, it's fated that they won't get any results for their investigation."

"Is there any other person who came?" Lin Huang asked.

"No." Bloody shook its head. It then added, "I've done some research on what you asked me to look for this morning."

"The imprint on your body is known as the True God imprint. During the old era, it was a mark the True God left on their slaves. It was mainly used as a symbol of authority over all their slaves. It can be used to locate them, but they don't have full control over their slaves. It can only be used as a mark. There's no way to destroy the imprint. Only the one who made the imprint or those who are of the same level are capable of removing it."

"It can only be used as a mark?" Lin Huang felt relieved when he heard that. Soon, he secretly contacted Xiao Hei and asked, "Is there any Healing Card that can be used to remove it?"

"Nothing strange is detected in your body. The Healing Card can't be used."

"It's fine. If it can't be destroyed, I shall just leave it there." Since there was no way to get rid of the imprint, Lin Huang decided to put it aside. "What about the information regarding the immortal-level?"

"The cultivation technique of an immortal-level is to kill an immortal-level monster and capture the monster's soul. The monster's soul serves as a container which stores the Life Fire in it. The monster's soul is initially used as a furnace to nurture the Life Fire, turning it into a Life Furnace. However, due to the shape of the Life Furnace that looks like there's a semi-transparent screen covering the Life Fire, it looks very similar to a lamp. Therefore, it was named as a Life Lamp. The people got used to calling it this way, and they seem to have forgotten what it used to be called. The name 'Life Furnace' was then replaced by 'Life Lamp'," Bloody continued.

"I've come across this before. In fact, the Life Lamp looks like an energy reaction furnace whereby the monster's soul is a container that stores the burning Life Fire. With the current strength of my Life Fire, there's no way that I can store any of the monsters' souls in it. My Life Fire can probably burn an imperial-level monster's soul into ashes within minutes, let alone an immortal-level's monster's soul." The Divine Pod was the perfect tinder. However, its sequel had become Lin Huang's greatest problem.

If none of the monster souls could bear his Life Fire, it was an indication that the Life Furnace (Life Lamp) could not be formed. Lin Huang would then be unable to level-up to immortal-level.

"The Life Fire in your body is a True God-level item. Not only does the imperial-level monster's soul does not affect you; in fact, aside from the True God-level monster's soul that can be used as a container, all containers of other levels will be damaged. Even a Virtual God-level monster's soul will be destroyed later on." After finishing its words, Bloody then stated, "That's why I think that the conventional leveling technique of an immortal-level no longer works for you.

"I have two suggestions. First, you could major in another cultivation system, but you have to look for a system that's compatible with your current training technique. Secondly, you could refer to another cultivation system and create your own set of cultivation system."

"Both of your suggestions are less feasible." Lin Huang shook his head helplessly.

"Most of the cultivations systems are independent. There are only a few of them that are compatible with each other. Even if they aren't independent, it's rare for their compatibility level to exceed 30%. If I were to major in a cultivation system with such a low compatibility level, why not I spend some time learning it again?

"As for the second suggestion, creating a new cultivation system can only be achieved through the efforts contributed by different tribes for tens of years or even hundreds of years. I don't have the sufficient knowledge to do so or the time."

Bloody kept quiet for a while and soon, it said, "There's another way…"

"Do tell." Lin Huang nodded.

"Look for something that can replace the monster's soul so that it can be used as a container that stores Life Fire," Bloody said, "The items that can be used to replace the God-level monster's soul are mostly soul god items or god relics. It'd be better if the god items or god relics are on a True God-level."

"This plan could probably work." Lin Huang had a strange expression on his face.

In the gravel world, god items and god relics were extremely rare. If either of them happened to be available for sale at the auction, people would've gone crazy. Lin Huang could hardly afford to buy a demigod-level item even when he was wealthy, let alone a True God-level item.

"Also, don't forget that you have nine Life Lamps," Bloody reminded.

Lin Huang felt that he had just been splashed with a bucket of ice water. He stiffened.

Although he had found his way out after communicating with Bloody, he knew that he had a long way to go.

"So, I need nine True God-level items. That's if there are that many of them in this world. If there are, I guess I'll be broke hundreds of times if I were to buy them with all the money I have." It was stressing him out. "It seems like I have to participate in more exploration of ruins and heritage sites."

Snapping out of his thoughts, Lin Huang then began to check the rewards he got from killing the evil spirit.

Still, he was unable to obtain the Supreme Intelligence that he desired during the hunting of Life Fire. Right before the Divine Pod was made into its card form, its internal consciousness had collapsed. Neither its inheritance nor memory had been retained. When Xiao Hei had made it into its card form, it handled and extracted the remaining pieces of consciousness that were not completely destroyed. However, it only managed to retrieve one secret skill: the Golden Cicada.

That secret skill was what the evil spirit had been using to revive itself. However, the effect of the skill he had obtained was much weaker than the evil spirit's.

The Golden Cicada secret skill allowed Lin Huang to disguise himself as anyone perfectly he had ever killed (disguising himself as a monster was not allowed) and at the same time, he could completely mimic one's inheritance, memory, and abilities.

He was given three chances a day to shed. He could either abandon the body or the body itself could remain as a scapegoat. However, once the body was discarded, he would be unable to disguise himself as the body any longer.

The secret skill consisted of two abilities which were Disguise and Scapegoat. Despite it being way weaker than the evil spirit's skill, Lin Huang was quite satisfied with it.

After scanning through the description of the secret skill, he took out another card.

"Monster Card

"Rarity: Mythical (Pseudo)

"Name of Monster: (Unnamed)

"Type of Monster: God's Blood (Initially the evil spirit) (Pseudo Pureblood)

"Combat Level: Immortal-level rank-2 (Beginner)

"Summoning Limit: Activated for the immortal-level

"Card Remarks: Recommended to train with maximum effort!"

"God's Blood?" Seeing the information on the evil spirit's card, Lin Huang was shocked because he used to think that it was an evil spirit, but it turned out to be a God's Blood.

After carefully checking the information on the card, Lin Huang could briefly tell what had happened to the monster. It was an evil spirit for real. However, after being parasitized by the God's Blood, it was modified into a God's Blood with pure blood. Since it was human-made, Xiao Hei had stated that it was a monster with pseudo pureblood.

Bai was only a high-level God's Blood and was still far away from containing pureblood. In terms of levels, the "evil spirit" was much higher than Bai and Charcoal.

"Unfortunately, only an immortal-level can summon it." Seeing the chain seal on the front of the card, Lin Huang knew that he had insufficient authority to use it. He then put the card away after a while.

As the sky was turning dark, Lin Huang took a step forward towards the balcony.

He glanced up into the sky, watching the cloud layers being tainted golden red by the setting sun. Lin Huang observed the sunset from afar and mumbled, "I'm going to leave early tomorrow. I'll first get the cross-ranking rewards for the gold flame-level!"


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