Monster Paradise
767 Xiao Hei“s Suggestion
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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767 Xiao Hei“s Suggestion

The imprint on Lin Huang's left chest turned black as if his skin had been inked. It was about the size of an adult fist and its shape looked like a complicated Witchcraft Rune.

However, Lin Huang could clearly tell that it was not the Witchcraft Rune. It was something from another system as the lines were not structured by any fundamental Witchcraft Runes. Moreover, its style was way more different from the Witchcraft Rune.

Although he had no idea what the imprint was, he could confirm that it was definitely not something good.

He stood still, carefully checking his body from head to toe. He checked his soul, the Life Wheels in his body and also his physique. Not even a single strand of his hair was neglected. He checked thrice but still, he found nothing odd.

"It doesn't mean that there isn't any problem although I can't figure it out," Lin Huang mumbled.

He extended his hand and an Ink Feather fell right into his palm. The dagger ripped through his collar and he tore his T-shirt apart. Again, he lowered his head and studied his left chest.

"Let's see if I can get rid of this in the simplest way."

After finishing his words, with the Ink Feather he was holding with his right hand, he pierced his chest. He could feel that the dagger stopped piercing through as it hit his breastbone. The dagger then began cutting along the imprint when it was a centimeter away. Soon, a circular wound was formed on his chest. Lin Huang endured the pain and pierced the dagger deeper into his chest. He groaned and soon after, he cut the circular flesh with the weird imprint out from his body.

Lin Huang was being harsh with himself. After the flesh was cut out of his body, one could clearly see his exposed breastbone.

However, thanks to his Divine Regeneration skill, his flesh grew at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. In less than two seconds, his chest injury had healed as if he had never experienced any injury before.

Yes, he looked exactly like he was not injured at all.

The imprint was still there and it could clearly be seen on the flesh that had just grown back. The position of the imprint was exactly the same and its size and angle remained unchanged. It seemed like Lin Huang's flesh had never been cut from his body before. Without the bloody flesh that he was still holding in his hand, Lin Huang would have thought that what had just happened was merely an illusion.

The weirdest thing was that the imprint on the flesh that had been removed had disappeared.

"It's not working."

The outcome was as Lin Huang expected. He simply wanted to verify if such a crude way could get rid of the imprint.

"The imprint has targeted your body. It won't disappear as long as your body still has its vitality. This matches with what the demonic face said. What it wants is your body," Bloody slithered out of Lin Huang's sleeve and said.

"That means even if I die, as long as my body is still here, the imprint isn't going to disappear." Lin Huang was helpless. With his Divine Regeneration, as long as there was no destructive damage, even after his body had lost its vitality, he could remain as he looked for tens of thousands of years and there would be not a single change.

"Yes, it is. In addition to the woman being at least a Virtual God, the imprint she left on your body most probably contains the remnants of divinity. The power it contains is of another level. Perhaps onlyGod is capable of getting rid of it," Bloody added.

"There's another piece of bad news. She's at least a True God," Lin Huang said helplessly.

Despite Lin Huang not looking at the card after the Divine Pod was made into its card form, he did take a glance at Xiao Hei's notification. Next to the Divine Pod, it stated that it was on the True God-level.

The name of the Death Goddess itself sounded like it was a monster that nobody could afford to offend. In addition to it being capable of dominating more than 3,000 God's Blood Pods that were on True God-level, it indicated that it was at least a True God or even stronger.

Lin Huang was only looking for a Life Fire monster. He had never expected that things would get so complicated.

Aside from only managing to kill it after about 20 attempts, he had even attracted the arrival of the big boss that almost killed him.

"Just let it be. Since I can't feel anything, I'll think of a solution after leaving this place." Lin Huang shook his head, snapping out of his thoughts.

After recalling all the daggers, he crushed his flesh with his left hand and it vanished.

"It's too bad that the evil spirit's body has been destroyed. I don't have time to extract its tinder. I have to look for another tinder monster…" Lin Huang lowered his head, looking at the deep pit caused by the God Crashers. Nothing was left of the evil spirit's body. Obviously, it had been destroyed due to the high temperature generated from the explosion caused by the God Crashers.

Just as Lin Huang was about to leave the mini word, Xiao Hei's voice was suddenly heard. "I helped you to extract the tinder."

"When did you extract it? Why don't I know it?"

Lin Huang found it strange. Lin Huang had to touch the monster's carcass after it was killed each time during the extraction of tinder. Lin Huang had never touched the evil spirit's dead body at all, yet Xiao Hei said that the tinder had been extracted.

"The Divine Pod can be used as tinder."

"Isn't it the Divine Pod on the True God-level? Do I have sufficient authority to activate it?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"It's indeed on True God-level. However, since the Divine Pod is artificially made, it can be used by a holy fire-level. In addition to its previous body having a low combat level, its activation state remains on the beginner level. Therefore, a low level of authority is sufficient to activate it. You can use it."

"Are you sure that it can be used as tinder? Is it going to affect the upgrade in my combat strength in future?" Still, Lin Huang was worried.

"I've made a thorough analysis. The core structure of the Divine Pod and the Life Fire in the human body is 70% similar. Perhaps, the person who made it referred to the structure of the Life Fire which causes it to be completely compatible with the human body. Of course, its structure is much stabler and stronger than the tinder's.

"If it's used as tinder, it won't influence the upgrade in your combat strength. Instead, you'll become even stronger.

"Of course, if it influences the upgrade in your combat strength in future, I can turn it into its card form again. Then, you can look for a new tinder to replace it.

Stroking his chin, Lin Huang then agreed with Xiao Hei's suggestion. "Alright. Then, I'm going to use it as tinder!"

It was not easy for him to look for a tinder monster like the evil spirit. If he were not going to use the Divine Pod, it would take him a few more months to look for a suitable tinder. Be it on Mr. Fu's side or at the Abyss Brink, he could not afford to waste any more time.

After making up his mind, Lin Huang took out the Divine Pod card.

The golden card floated above Lin Huang's palm. The animated image on top of the card was a diamond-like black crystal. There was a layer of faint black mist on its surface and it looked exactly the same as the real item that Lin Huang had seen previously.

Staring at the card for a moment, Lin Huang took a deep breath. Two of his fingers exerted force and the card was crushed.


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