Monster Paradise
766 Death Goddess
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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766 Death Goddess

Between the clouds, the sky was enveloped by a black mist. A wave of terrifying energy gathered quickly along with an immense power.

The entire mini world dimmed due to the presence of the oppressive energy. Lightning flashed in between the cloud layers and the ground trembled slightly.

It seemed like its arrival was a big burden to the mini world and the world was about to collapse.

By unleashing his ocular skills, only then could Lin Huang see the layer of black mist in the air and the scar-like crack that was spreading quickly in mid-air.

Lin Huang frowned as he shifted his focus away, figuring out what he should do.

Bloody paid attention to everything that was happening on Lin Huang's sleeve. Seeing that Lin Huang had no idea what to do, Bloody then suggested, "Given my current ability, it's impossible to fight a Virtual God or even a True God face-to-face. There's only one way to overcome the danger, which is to stop the summoning of the evil spirit!"

"I've killed the evil spirit, yet I can't seem to stop its summoning," Lin Huang lamented. He suddenly recalled what the evil spirit had said. "Oh yeah, the God's Blood Pod! The evil spirit once said that in order to stop its summoning, one will have to destroy the God's Blood Pod!"

Lin Huang then appeared next to the evil spirit's carcass in a flash, pressing against its head. He quickly inserted his Life Power into it, searching for the so-called God's Blood Pod.

After a short while, he discovered a very weak and unusual energy fluctuation near the root of its tentacles. The fluctuation of the energy was weak and obscure. They were more difficult to discover compared to Bloody's Leech Pods. He was familiar with the weak energy fluctuation since he possessed the ability to control the Leech Pods, without which, he would have neglected the presence of the energy fluctuation despite having inserted his Life Power into the corpse.

"I've found it!"

After targeting where the unusual fluctuation of energy originated from, Lin Huang recalled the God Crasher that could not be recharged in time, summoning the rest of his five God Crashers.

He retreated hundreds of meters away. Soon after, the five God Crashers were arranged in a row less than 10 meters away from the evil spirit's dead body. The God Crashers accurately took aim at the dead body where the unusual energy fluctuation came from.

Soon, red flames appeared on the muzzles of the God Crashers. The lightning-like red flames then gathered and shot out at the same time.


Attacks from the five God Crashers were launched at the same time. Of course, the effects of the attacks were way more effective than having just one God Crasher. As a consequence of the energy generated by the five God Crashers, a chain reaction occurred with an intense explosion. Its power far exceeded Lin Huang's expectations.

A bloody sphere that was completely made of fire began to expand like a balloon and covered a radius of ten kilometers in an instant. The ground was burnt as soon as the bloody glow passed by. A red mushroom cloud shot up into the sky and a loud explosion was heard.

Lin Huang was thousands of meters beneath the ground with his Dark Mirror activated, trembling. He had realized that something was off and managed to use his Transformation Card in time, transforming himself into Spectre and went underground. Otherwise, he would have been caught in the explosion.

"Is this the effect of the God Crashers?"

Sensing that the vibration of the ground had stopped, Lin Huang then went up to the surface.

What he saw was burnt marks all over the ground and a gaping, round pit that was more than 100 meters deep where the explosion had occurred.

Lin Huang felt anguish when he saw that the evil spirit and the five God Crashers had turned into ashes.

Two out of five of the God Crashers had one remaining attack each.

Soon after, Lin Huang noticed that right at the bottom of the big pit was a thumb-sized black crystal. Thanks to Lin Huang's terribly good eyesight, he saw it. Otherwise, nobody would have noticed the black crystal that was almost similar in color to the charred black ground.

"Could it be the God's Blood Pod?" Lin Huang appeared at the bottom of the pit so that he could have a closer look at the black, jade-like crystal.

The crystal was of the size of a female adult thumb. It was slightly larger than a water droplet. However, it was not round in shape. Instead, it looked like a diamond with countless crystal structures.

A layer of faint black mist spread on the surface of the crystal and it was soon covered by the smoke coming out from the burnt ground. Lin Huang saw it as he went closer to it.

Lin Huang stopped approaching it when he was about ten meters away. He could vaguely sense that the layer of black mist surrounding the surface of the crystal was threatening.

"It seems like it's not been destroyed at all…" Lin Huang's face turned ghastly as he carefully observed it. However, he could then confirm that the black crystal was the God's Blood Pod.

All five of his God Crashers had been used and that was Lin Huang's most powerful skill. The God's Blood Pod was not damaged by the attack at all, and Lin Huang had no idea what he should do now.

An opening could be seen in the sky where the scar-like crack in the air had been torn apart. Black, sticky liquid that looked like asphalt gradually dripped out of the opening.

In the mini world, the sky had completely turned dark as though the day had turned to night in an instant.

The sky was overcast with dark clouds and beams of golden lightning flashed continuously. The ground trembled vigorously as if there was an earthquake. The howl of the wind resonated through the area, resembling the devil's cry. It was like a phenomenon before the apocalypse.

"Is there any way to stop this from happening?" In the air, Lin Huang saw that the black, sticky liquid was still gushing into the mini world and a humanoid feature was gradually forming.

Lin Huang had been staring at the sky all the while and he did not realize that the surface of the God's Blood Pod was emitting a faint black glow. Seemingly, it echoed the real body's consciousness.

Right at this moment, Lin Huang received a notification from Xiao Hei.

"A Divine Pod is detected. Its consciousness has collapsed and it can be turned into a card. Do you want to make it into a card?"


Lin Huang was stunned. He then shifted his gaze to the God's Blood Pod and noticed the changes. He soon understood that the Divine Pod that Xiao Hei had mentioned must be the God's Blood Pod right in front of him. He immediately nodded his head and said, "Get it!"

After finishing his words, the God's Blood Pod was immediately shrouded in a golden glow that appeared out of nowhere. The God's Blood Pod vibrated vigorously as it was covered by the glow. It struggled to get rid of the golden glow. Soon after, it got weaker as it struggled. It was completely suppressed and could no longer move. The golden glow then began to shrink, transforming into a card form. It then collapsed, turning into a golden beam and flowing in between Lin Huang's brows.

"Congratulations! You've obtained a Divine Pod (True God-level)"

After the arrival of the notification, before Lin Huang could even respond to it, his body stiffened. He could feel an immensely strong and oppressive aura coming from the top of his head. He felt like he was being suppressed by a huge mountain.

The crack in the air soon sealed and the black, asphalt-like, sticky liquid dissipated, flowing back into the crack in the air.

However, between the cloud layers, a huge, demonic face formed and gazed down at the mini world. The demonic female face covered tens of thousands of square meters. A pair of black, jade-like eyes shot Lin Huang a deadly stare.

Its glare alone could petrify Lin Huang.

"A holy fire-level managed to destroy my God's Blood Pod. That's kind of interesting, human brat… Please remember my name: the Death Goddess! I'll come back to you after I've finished my stuff. You won't be able to run away so easily next time. Your body is fated to be mine…"

After having uttered those words, the demonic face's left eye suddenly flashed with a black glow.

Lin Huang felt that his chest was burning. He lowered his head and soon, he noticed that a black imprint was quickly forming on his chest.

At this moment, the opening in the air had completely closed. The demonic face had disappeared as well as if it had never appeared.

The dark clouds that covered the mini world had cleared and the howling of wind had stopped. There was no more trembling of the ground as well.

Lin Huang stood at his original position as he looked at the imprint on his chest, remaining quiet.


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