Monster Paradise
765 Die, Evil Spirit!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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765 Die, Evil Spirit!

If one's consciousness was emptied, was the person still the same as before?

This topic had actually been discussed by many, but nobody could actually give an accurate answer.

Somebody had once said that as soon as one's consciousness was wiped away, the person would not only experience a loss of memory. Aside from their memory, they would lose their personality as well. Personality was complex as it was determined by nature and nurture. Having had their personality erased, they would lose a part of themselves as well. This indicated that they would lose their personality that had been shaped by their experiences, their emotions, will, and all other aspects of life. Losing one's consciousness actually meant that one's consciousness was replaced by the new consciousness.

There were also people who likened the emptying of consciousness to reformatting a hard disk. After it was being reformatted, the hard disk was still what it used to be. With or without consciousness, you were still you. You would just be a different version of yourself.

The evil spirit had never done research on this topic. However, it definitely did not want to lose its consciousness. However, because of Lin Huang, it had no other choice.

It either had to be killed by Lin Huang or its consciousness had to be removed. Both choices were equally bad.

However, as it thought of what it had encountered today and felt how miserable it was now, the evil spirit chose the latter.

Lin Huang instantly felt that something was amiss just as he heard it growl, "You forced me to do this!"

Before he could react to it, a black glow emerged between the eyebrows of the evil spirit's floating sculpture. All of a sudden, the black glow then flashed in the air and penetrated through the cloud layers in an instant. Lin Huang could not identify where it was going.

He felt insecure as he had no idea what the evil spirit was doing.

He immediately transferred a large number of daggers that were initially restricting the evil spirit's tentacles to attack it. Also, he increased his attack speed as he wanted to kill it as soon as possible.

"It's useless. It's no use even if you completely damage my body." A ferocious smile plastered across the evil spirit's face. "You forced me to do this…"

"What have you done?" Lin Huang frowned, feeling more and more insecure.

"Nothing special. I've just summoned my real body." The evil spirit laughed loudly after uttering its words. As countless daggers were coming after it, it went mad and completely gave up defending itself. It allowed the daggers to strike against its body and yelled at Lin Huang, "Enjoy the last slaughter of your life! Kill me and become my new body!"

"Has the dude gone crazy?" Lin Huang frowned, seeing the evil spirit's reaction. However, he got some important information from the evil spirit, which was that it had summoned its real body.

Lin Huang felt his emotions spiral downwards. Right until this moment, he could not understand the actual concept of the God's Blood Pods. Based on what he could see from the evil spirit, he guessed that it could be something with a cloning ability. With its cloning ability, he had to use almost all of his trump cards in order to gain victory.

Right now, the evil spirit's real body was coming from an even stronger world. Despite the fact that it was only the consciousness of the real body itself, its ability would far surpass the God's Blood Pods'.

Moreover, Lin Huang speculated that its real body might be a Virtual God or a True God due to the phrase "God's Blood" in the God's Blood Pods.

Lin Huang lifted his head and looked towards the sky. On top of his head, a powerful yet unusual energy was throbbing vigorously between the cloud layers which the black glow had just penetrated through. The energy was spreading and increasing tremendously. Perhaps within half a minute, the plan that it was brewing would soon be revealed.

"It's too late to escape now. Even if I were to leave the mini world, with the God's power, it could easily tear the mini world apart and chase after me," Lin Huang surmised. He then quickly shifted his gaze towards the evil spirit.

The evil spirit's black blood was splashed everywhere on the ground and there were wounds all over its body. It was spine-chilling to look at. It no longer cared to what extent its body was damaged. It put its tentacles down and gave up defending itself against Lin Huang's attacks. However, it could still survive at the moment due to its body's recovery ability.

"Let's kill it first!"

Lin Huang did not want to waste his time fighting the evil spirit any longer. He then took out his God Crasher.

Manipulated by his telekinesis, the God Crasher then took aim at the evil spirit.

The six third-generation God Crashers that Lin Huang owned only had two remaining shots. They would be completely destroyed after being used. Lin Huang had been unwilling to use them all the while as they were weapons that could save his life, so he tried his best not to use them.

He had wanted to purchase more of the God Crashers from the black market for emergency use. However, the purchase of the item was strictly controlled by the Union Government. It was an extremely rare item in the black market as well. At almost every foothold if he happened to drop by the local black market, he would ask if the arms dealers had any God Crashers available for sale. However, each time he would receive the same reply: out of stock.

The God Crashers could not be replenished, so Lin Huang could only reduce the usage of the weapon.

Seeing the God Crashers taking aim at it, the evil spirit could clearly sense that it was threatening. All the memory regarding the God Crashers that it had inherited from the bodies that it had previously killed flashed through its mind. It then knew very well that the weapon could destroy it into ashes. However, the face of the floating sculpture revealed no fear. It taunted instead, "I've told you before that it's useless. As long as my God's Blood Pod isn't destroyed, the summoning process won't be interrupted. The arrival of my real body won't be stopped as well. The God Crashers that you have can't even break through the God's Blood Pods' defense."

"You're not the one to judge whether it's useful or not!" Lin Huang glared at the evil spirit. The daggers stopped attacking and scattered in all directions. The evil spirit was at the center, which stopped it from running away.

At the same time, a red glow appeared at the muzzle of the God Crashers. It continued to radiate intensely and reached its peak in an instant. The lava-like red glow then gushed out of the muzzle like lightning.

The evil spirit's eyes flashed with fear. The red glow then penetrated through its head before it could react to it. A large hole that was about a meter in diameter appeared next to its tentacles that were less than a meter away. The brain juice within its wound was boiling. Lin Huang could see the towering mountain behind its back through the hole.

A third of its head had exploded in one hit.

The evil spirit's body became limp and it fell down to the ground.

Lin Huang stared at the evil spirit, not letting his guard down. A notification from Xiao Hei was then heard.

"Congratulations! You've obtained a Pseudo Mythical-level Monster Card (Unnamed) x1"

Lin Huang then felt relief flood through him.

He had made countless attempts to kill the evil spirit but kept failing. Now, Lin Huang could confirm that it had died after receiving the notification from Xiao Hei.

Soon after, his face turned ghastly because the summoning force of the evil spirit had not faded away. It remained unaffected and continued to grow immensely.

Lin Huang could clearly sense that the terrifying aura growing stronger every second.

"What it said is indeed true. Killing it won't stop the arrival of its real body…"


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