Monster Paradise
763 Ink Feather
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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763 Ink Feather

Just as the tentacles pierced through Lin Huang's eyeballs, the evil spirit noticed that something was off and it froze for a while.

At that moment, a bloody glow that looked like a lightning bolt struck on top of the evil spirit's head.

The red glow moved so quickly that the evil spirit could not react to it at all. Its huge body then slumped to the ground.

Half of the blade of the bloody sword that was about two meters long had penetrated through the evil spirit's head from the top and the person who was holding the sword was no other than Lin Huang, whose body was shrouded in his bloody Life Power.

Till then, "Lin Huang" who had his head pierced by the evil spirit transformed into a starry glow and vanished.

Lin Huang was holding a sword with both of his hands. He exerted more force, attempting to pierce deeper into it with his Air Slicer.

The evil spirit roared angrily and soon after, hundreds of tentacles ripped out at almost the same time, heading straight for Lin Huang. It wanted to rip him into pieces.

As the countless tentacles went after him, Lin Huang immediately whipped out his sword. He then stomped the ground hard and retreated.

Black blood constantly oozed out from the evil spirit's wounds. Due to the special characteristics exhibited by his Air Slicer, despite it possessing an extraordinarily strong recovery ability, it was difficult for its wound to heal in such a short period of time.

Enduring the pain that it suffered, hundreds of tentacles that resembled bones headed out for Lin Huang. The tentacles that were initially about seven meters long extended to thousands of meters and continued growing.

With the help of his Vampire Particles, Lin Huang's speed was slightly faster than those who just got to imperial-level.

However, the evil spirits tentacles were even faster and ambushed him. They were initially tens of meters away, but the distance between them was constantly reducing.

"How long can the tentacles actually extend to?" Lin Huang thought to himself in bewilderment as he fled.

Since he had encountered monsters like this in the past, he already knew that the evil spirit's tentacles could extend. He used to think that escaping from the tentacles' attack range would not be difficult, but the extension of the tentacles was far beyond his expectations.

As the tentacles were less than two meters away from his ankle and were still approaching him, Lin Huang had no choice but to wave his hand, forming the Dark Mirror out of nowhere.

Hundreds of the tentacles completely ignored the mirror which blocked them and went straight towards him. However, they were blocked by the tentacles that were reflected by the mirror.

Seeing this, Lin Huang did not continue fighting them and immediately fled.

As soon as he left, the Dark Mirror lost the forces supporting it and collapsed. The evil spirit's tentacles continued to chase after him.

Blocked by the Dark Mirror, Lin Huang managed to distance himself tens of meters away from the tentacles.

Although the Dark Mirror could block the attack of the tentacles, Lin Huang did not want to exhaust his strength by using the Dark Mirror to fight the evil spirit.

In order to use the Dark Mirror secret skill, the exhaustion of his Life Power depended on the attack of his opponent. The stronger the attack and the higher the frequency of attack, the larger the consumption of his Life Power. According to what the evil spirit had said, its forces originated from its real body and were infinite. Despite having three Life Power Refill Cards in hand, Lin Huang would not have sufficient Life Power for that.

Lin Huang decided to use his Dark Mirror so that it could buy him some time and he could immediately escape.

He knew very well that there would definitely be a limit to the extension of the evil spirit's tentacles as such a secret skill could be a big burden to the user's body. If it went over the limit, the user's body would be unable to bear the burden. One's body might be severely injured by the secret skill and the body could even collapse.

In fact, the evil spirit stopped extending its tentacles as soon as they reached more than 3,000 meters. Although it was unwilling to stop, it still had to retract all its tentacles.

As the attack of the evil spirit had stopped, Lin Huang who was 3,500 meters away stopped as well, looking at it from afar.

Despite his attack injuring the evil spirit and even managing to get rid of the tentacles' attack, Lin Huang did not look relaxed.

"The attack range of its tentacles covers at least 3,200 meters. In addition to the number of tentacles and their attack speed, it's difficult for me to approach it. Even if its flaws are discovered and I can successfully get near it, one or two attacks aren't going to kill it. It'll be difficult for me to escape by then…"

Just as Lin Huang was quietly thinking about what he should do, the evil spirit's body that was thousands of meters away gradually faded. It transformed into its hidden state again, merging into the surroundings.

Having leveled up to immortal-level rank-6, the region covered by Lin Huang's territory was no longer restricted by Lancelot who was only an immortal-level rank-3. The radius of his territory had increased from 3,000 meters to 6,000 meters.

He looked like he remained still in his original position. However, he was monitoring each and every movement of the evil spirit.

After the evil spirit transformed into its hidden state, it pounced right in front of Lin Huang. Its speed could be compared to that of Lin Huang's as it reached less than 100 meters away from him in just a blink of an eye.

Till then, Lin Huang still did not move. He did not dodge or defend himself.

Just when it was less than 20 meters away, the evil spirit finally attacked.

"You won't be able to run away this time!"

Hundreds of tentacles streaked across the sky in different paths. They instantly blocked Lin Huang's way to retreat. Even a mosquito could hardly escape from them.

As Lin Huang was being attacked, a wicked sound was heard coming from his sleeve. Black daggers then ripped out. The Ink Feather that had not been used for a long time was like black fishes swimming away from him and colliding with the tentacles.

"Are you actually able to see me?!"

Seeing the daggers hit each of its tentacles precisely, the evil spirit then realized that it had been fooled. All along, Lin Huang could see it.

"I can't…" Lin Huang immediately denied, shaking his head. "But I can feel you."

The evil spirit was stunned when it first heard him. It then regained its senses immediately. "Is that your Territory skill?!"

Lin Huang did not give any response.

The daggers hit the evil spirit's tentacles like wriggling fishes. Aside from causing the tentacles to deviate from their original path, wounds formed on the tentacles as well.

Despite the fact that the Ink Feather daggers were not as sharp as Lin Huang's Air Slicer, it was still an ancient relic. The evil spirit's combat strength was only on immortal-level. Regardless of how strong its body was, it could not compare to an ancient relic.

Lin Huang floated up high in the sky, allowing the evil spirit's tentacles to attack him. The daggers shot out of his sleeve, defending him against all the tentacles. He was like a mountain that remained unaffected despite being pounded by waves.

The evil spirit made several attempts to attack. Its tentacles resembled waves that continually hitting him, trying to figure out if any of his flaws could be exposed. It wanted to take advantage of that, but its efforts were in vain.

The number of daggers coming out from Lin Huang's sleeve was increasing and there was a plot twist.

The evil spirit originally had a great advantage over him due to the number of tentacles. However, due to the increasing number of his daggers, he successfully pinned it down.

There were 3,600 daggers in a set of Ink Feather. After about 1,000 of the daggers had shot out of Lin Huang's sleeve, he managed to defend himself against the onslaught on him.

As the number of daggers continued increasing, Lin Huang started controlling the remaining daggers to weave through the gaps between the tentacles during the defense and attack the evil spirit.

The evil spirit could not do anything and it had to retract its tentacles in order to dodge.

The battle was turned around in an instant.

Just as about 3,000 of the daggers shot out of Lin Huang's sleeve, the evil spirit had lost its chance to attack. It had to focus on defending itself against the daggers.

The daggers flashed in the air like piranhas swimming in the river and scaring every creature.

The evil spirit still did not want to retreat although hundreds of its tentacles were injured and blood stains were everywhere. None of its limbs got away scot-free.

However, the daggers were different from the combat sword which Lin Huang was holding as they exhibited no special characteristics. The evil spirit's tentacles were all bloody now. In fact, they were recovering on their own at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Of course, Lin Huang noticed that. The Ink Feather could injure the evil spirit. However, due to its strong recovery abilities, it could not be harmed.

In the next ten minutes, its perseverance was proven as it managed to survive the 3,600-dagger attack by Lin Huang.

The evil spirit did not only dodge the attacks with his tentacles. It had extremely strange body movements as well. Its water-like body could twist into unimaginable shapes and successfully avoided his onslaught.

"You're controlling thousands of ancient relics that work differently with Telekinesis. You've indeed done a great job. However, how long can your Telekinesis sustain?" The evil spirit insulted, "I suppose you can still sustain for another three months based on your attack strength."

Lin Huang knew that it was an exaggeration to say that he could still sustain for another three months. It had an endless supply of energy and its wounds recovered on their own. Moreover, it could avoid all his attacks with its body movements.

"If this continues, I'll be the one killed."

Flesh constantly grew from the evil spirit's wounds. Despite having countless wounds, its aura was not weakened at all. It became stronger instead.

Sensing the slight changes that occurred in the evil spirit's body, Lin Huang who was still struggling finally made up his mind. A flicker of fury flashed through his eyes.

"Since one set of Ink Feather isn't enough for you, let's have two more sets! I don't believe that I can't kill you with that!"


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