Monster Paradise
762 A Play of the Tentacles
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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762 A Play of the Tentacles

In the air, the semi-transparent monster floated where the evil spirit's last body had disappeared. It looked like running water lingering in the air and not look like a living creature at all. Until the liquid creature started forming a whip-like tentacle, it looked about 50% similar to a jellyfish on Earth.

Despite having seen how the monster actually looked like through the Backtracking Mirror, at the moment when he saw its true body, he somehow felt relieved. "It's finally revealing its actual form!"

The evil spirit was in its jellyfish form which was less than two meters wide. However, each of its tentacles measured a length of at least seven meters and there were more than hundreds of them.

Lin Huang had seen the evil spirit killing people with its tentacles. The tentacles that appeared soft had very easily penetrated through the immortal-level's supreme relics and their bodies. It was a very sharp killing weapon.

However, what made Lin Huang feel strange about it was that the evil spirits combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-2. It was way weaker than most of the bodies it had transformed into previously.

"So, immortal-level rank-2 is your real combat strength?" Lin Huang thought to himself.

However, just as the thought came to his mind, the evil spirit's combat strength started to grow. Within seconds, it managed to get to immortal-level rank-6, which was at the same level as him.

"It seems like it's kind of powerful…"

Despite the fact it had undergone an increment in its combat strength, the evil spirit's combat strength was still no match to the bodies it had transformed into. Lin Huang could sense that the evil spirit was intimidating right after it went through the upgrade. He rarely encountered opponents of a similar combat level that could make him feel in this way.

Lin Huang could clearly feel that after the upgrade, the evil spirit was fixing its gaze on him. Although it did not have eyes since it was in its jellyfish form, Lin Huang could clearly tell how it must feel like being stared at by the predators on top of the food chain. It was definitely not an illusion.

The evil spirit was floating high in mid-air, gazing upon Lin Huang. It moved its body slightly and the clear water instantly became even more transparent, merging with the surroundings. It then disappeared from Lin Huang's sight.

Lin Huang frowned at the strange phenomenon that he had just seen. Although he was unable to see it, he could still sense every moment of the evil spirit since it was within the range covered by his territory. It looked like it had just moved slightly. In fact, it was but a remaining shadow as it moved and became completely transparent right after it moved.

Lin Huang monitored the entire process as the evil spirit moved with his territory.

Apparently, it was afraid of stirring up the atmosphere and being discovered. Therefore, the movement of the evil spirit was not quick. It moved its tentacles alternately in mid-air as if it was a long-legged spider spinning a web. It did not make any noise.

It secretly moved towards the left in steps. After a few moments, it was right behind Lin Huang. Raising up a few of its tentacles, it quietly aimed towards the back of Lin Huang's head, backbone, and heart. It was about to pierce through the vital parts of his body.

Lin Huang pretended as if he knew nothing. He was grasping his sword, getting ready to defend against the evil spirit in the direction where it had originally been at. At the same time, Lin Huang looked to the left and to the right, pretending as if he did not know where the evil spirit was.

Just as the evil spirit was about to strike, Lin Huang suddenly rolled to another side clumsily and managed to dodge the attack as the sharp tentacles were about to pierce through his body.

The evil spirit was stunned as its fatal attack had missed its target. When it launched its attack, it had shielded its aura to its maximum. It had never missed a target, hence it doubted if Lin Huang knew its exact position.

However, Lin Huang was still playing on the defense and appeared panicked. Seeing that he was looking around and did not fix his gaze on itself, it then snapped out of its thoughts.

"I don't think that I've been discovered. He might have the ability to predict danger, that's why he managed to avoid my attack."

After missing its target, the evil spirit was now ready to deal with Lin Huang again. It took another step forward and moved towards the back of Lin Huang's body from the right.

Again, several tentacles formed, quietly targeting the vital parts of his body.

Before the attack struck, Lin Huang leaped aside and dodged the evil spirit's second attack.

As the second attack missed its target again, the evil spirit suspected it. "How did he successfully avoid the attack?!"

"Just show up if you're strong! Let's fight face-to-face! Do you think you're strong if you were to secretly attack a person?" Lin Huang raised his voice as if in alarm, looking around as he yelled.

Obviously, his acting confused the evil spirit as it no longer doubted him.

The evil spirit did not attack immediately after missing its target twice. Instead, it stared at Lin Huang from its original position for a couple of moments, and soon after, it seemed like it had a new plan.

This round, it moved about ten meters away from Lin Huang but did not attack. Instead, it gradually extended several vine-like tentacles. They resembled little snakes that slithered across the ground, not wanting to be noticed.

Lin Huang immediately figured out what the evil spirit was going to do. It wanted to approach him and secretly tie him up with his tentacles so that his movements would be restricted. Then, he would definitely be killed.

Lin Huang did not have any facial expressions but he had a plan. A card secretly appeared between his fingers on his left hand. He exerted a slight pressure on it and the card was crushed.

The next moment, the evil spirit's tentacles extended towards his legs and exploded into motion when they were less than ten centimeters away. Lin Huang could not respond to it at all. The tentacles twisted around his ankle. It was too late when he wanted to get rid of them. The two tentacles that twisted around his ankle got tighter and were constantly moving upwards. The other tentacles entangled his arms and neck, so it would be impossible for him to escape or counterattack.

Seeing that it had successfully captured Lin Huang, the evil spirit's body gradually exited its hidden state, turning back into its semi-transparent form again.

"I've finally captured you!"

A face gradually appeared on the evil spirit's jellyfish-like body. It was like a floating sculpture of the human face on a semi-transparent wall. The lips on the big carving-like face spread opened and the voices of hundreds of males and females could be heard.

"I've released more than 3,000 God's Blood Pods into different gravel worlds. These pods are going to encounter countless opponents during their growth phase. Among the opponents, you're one of them with the lowest combat strength, yet, you're the one who's the most difficult to deal with. You managed to destroy all the bodies of the God's Blood Pods all on your own. But that's fine since your body is way better than all the bodies that you've destroyed. As long as I can possess your body, the losses that I've suffered mean nothing to me."

After uttering its words, two tentacles of the evil spirit transformed into sharp thorns and blasted off into the sky, penetrating Lin Huang's eyeballs and going right into his brain…


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