Monster Paradise
761 Revealing Its True Body
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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761 Revealing Its True Body

"Why is it still alive?!"

Lin Huang was flabbergasted. Despite possessing the Divine Regeneration skill, he would definitely die when all his body particles died out.

"I somehow feel that the ability it has isn't merely regeneration," Bloody that was hiding in Lin Huang's sleeve suddenly said, "It did mention before that each time it's killed, the only thing it needs to do is to get another body. Just like human clothes, regardless of how the clothes are damaged and even if they're burnt to ashes, it'll have no effect on the rest of the clothes. One will only need to change to another set of clothing. That's why despite its body being severely damaged to the point where not even a single piece of its physique was left, it can still switch to another body."

What Bloody said dawned upon Lin Huang. He used to think that the evil spirit possessed a secret skill like regeneration. That was why he had been scratching his head for a way to obliterate its body into pieces so that it could no longer regenerate. After listening to Bloody's explanation, he knew that he no longer had to waste his energy on that. Regardless of the extent to which its body was damaged, it could simply revive itself by switching to another body.

"Since that's the case, I don't need to waste my Life Power attempting to kill it into pieces." Lin Huang felt relieved as his Worldly Purification consumed a large portion of his Life Power.

As the black mist formed again, he could confirm that the explosion had ended and that the area was no longer dangerous. Lin Huang then removed his Dark Mirror, appearing next to the black mist in a flash.

He made countless attempts trying to interfere with the formation of the black mist. All his efforts were in vain. Lin Huang was not going to waste his energy on that anymore. Therefore, he patiently waited next to the evil spirit until its new body was created.

The black mist swiftly formed and in less than half a second, its new body stabilized. This time, it transformed into a skinny man.

Right after its body was formed, the evil spirit opened its eyes. It then saw Lin Huang standing less than ten meters away from it, revealing a "kind" smile.

The next second, the bloody glow streaked across the sky.

The evil spirit did not have time to respond at all. Its skull flew away and black blood spurted out of its neck to a height of two meters. After a long while, it collapsed to the ground, transforming into the black mist and fading.

"That saves me a lot of effort." It was the fastest win since Lin Huang had started fighting it.

Lin Huang did not retreat after it was killed. He remained at its original position, patiently waiting for its body to form again.

Perhaps the evil spirit itself might not notice that there was such a flaw in its secret "regenerative" skill.

Each time when its body was formed, the black mist was visible and its speed was not fast enough, so its whereabouts could easily be tracked.

It seemed like it did not have full control over its body replacement process which took place on its own. Once the body died, the replacement would happen within a minute. Seemingly, the evil spirit had no way of prolonging the time needed for the formation of the black mist. Otherwise, it would have extended the period to a few hours or even a few days until Lin Huang's upgrade in his combat strength had lost its effect before replacing it with another body.

However, it was convenient for Lin Huang to camp out and wait due to its flaws. Regardless of where the black mist formed, he would be there next to it.

Before using the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card, it would have been difficult for him to kill the evil spirit despite being a camper because it could react to his attacks in time. However, after achieving an upgrade by another three levels, Lin Huang's speed was so swift to the point that the evil spirit could no longer catch sight of him. Therefore, being a camper and killing it would become much easier. The evil spirit did not have enough time to respond right after it was revived.

Noticing the black mist moving away from him, Lin Huang remained calm and leisurely followed after it.

Despite traversing the sky, the formation of the black mist did not slow down. The new body was being formed while it moved.

"It seems like I guessed it correctly. As long as the body dies, a new body will automatically replace it. The entire process is out of its control." Bloody noticed that as well. It then whispered to Lin Huang, "Otherwise, it would've extended the duration needed for the body replacement process until you lost the combat strength increment effect since the process wouldn't be interrupted by any external factor."

"That's good. Since it does not have control over it, it's easier for me to just camp out." Lin Huang smirked.

In just a short while, the evil spirit's body was formed again. Impressively, the body formed was the victim who had helped them figure out who the murderer was. It was Li Jingbiao's substitute.

The evil spirit with the chubby face gradually opened its eyes, shooting Lin Huang a deadly stare. At almost the same time as Lin Huang hurled his sword forward, the black glow in its eyes started to grow. Its brutal self-combusting force caused its plump body to expand as if it was a balloon.

Lin Huang backed off to where Kylie was a few kilometers away. He took out his Dark Mirror again, producing a defensive shield five meters in diameter. Kylie and he were enveloped by the shield.

The evil spirit's plump body eventually collapsed as its body could no longer sustain the force from within. A black energy was emitted as well, releasing a dazzling white glow that resembled the sunlight and spread everywhere.

In less than a minute, a tsunami-like white glow had engulfed the entire region, covering more than 100 kilometers in circumference. The same thing happened again and the burnt ground was lit up.

Aside from the Dark Mirror's defensive sphere being in pristine condition, not a single item on the ground was left unharmed.

As the white glow faded, Lin Huang removed the Dark Mirror, looking in the direction where the evil spirit's self-combustion had happened. He shook his head and laughed. "It's decisive. It decided to go for self-combustion, knowing that it doesn't have the chance to counterattack."

"It's actually a wise decision. Unfortunately, you're the one it encountered. Within a certain distance, the force that resulted from its self-combustion was actually capable of killing those whose abilities range from black gold-level to imperial-level. However, your Dark Mirror is capable of defending against its self-combustion. If this happened to any of them who had yet to get to imperial-level, most probably they'd have been killed." Bloody's voice was heard again.

"It was just bad luck that it met me." Lin Huang chuckled.

After the white glow faded, the black mist was quickly created again. The evil spirit switched to another body again.

It saw Lin Huang as soon as it opened its eyes. However, it did not choose to go for self-combustion this time.

In just one hit, Lin Huang chopped its body in half with ease.

"Did I just kill it? Wasn't it able to respond?"

As soon as the thought flashed through Lin Huang's mind, Bloody's voice was heard. "Run!"

Lin Huang immediately fled without asking why.

Right when the evil spirit's body was chopped in half, the black glow in its left eye suddenly radiated. The next moment, a white glow appeared abruptly, engulfing the corpse which had been chopped in half.

The white glow spread towards Lin Huang in just a blink of an eye. Lin Huang initially wanted to go to Kylie. Right then, he had no choice but to activate his Dark Mirror and cover himself.

As the white glow passed through the Dark Mirror and continued spreading towards Kylie at a breakneck speed, Lin Huang immediately recalled Kylie into its card form.

Seeing the white glow had again, engulfed almost everything surrounding him, Lin Huang's face turned pale. "It's really evil. It managed to activate self-combustion even after its death."

His back was drenched in sweat. His t-shirt was all wet. Even if he was a fraction of a second slower, he might have been killed by the evil spirit's white glow and could have possibly lost Kylie.

"Encountering such an opponent, you have to be extra careful." Bloody's voice was deep.

"I must kill it!" Lin Huang was incensed as he realized that he had almost been defeated.

Seeing its body being formed again, Lin Huang decided to stand right next to the corpse without fear.

As soon as its body was formed, the evil spirit gave Lin Huang an insulting smile. Still, it did not go for self-combustion immediately.

Lin Huang killed it without a moment of hesitation. This time, the evil spirit's self-combustion became creepier. It activated it just as it was killed.

However, Lin Huang was prepared for it. He did not even bother to flee and immediately activated his Dark Mirror at his original position. The defensive sphere shrank to only a meter in diameter. He was at the center of the explosion and managed to overcome the evil spirit's self-combustion.

Regardless of what the evil spirit did, Lin Huang did not give up camping. He overcame all the explosions.

A few of the explosions tore the defensive sphere of the Dark Mirror apart and even penetrated through the defenses of the bloody wings, causing injuries to Lin Huang's body. However, they were quickly healed by Lin Huang's Divine Regeneration.

By doing so, Lin Huang managed to kill his opponent 17 times.

Witnessing the 17th body of the evil spirit self-combust and disappear, Lin Huang then saw the black mist gradually appear at the ruins again. Lin Huang frowned.

After several moments, he could no longer shift his gaze.

The black mist did not apparition into a human figure this round. A monstrous face gradually formed instead.

Despite not being completely formed, Lin Huang could recognize it as the semi-transparent monster that had killed the two immortal-level rank-9s at Chenxing Building.

"Its true body has been revealed!" Lin Huang smirked, staring deadly at the monster which was about to fully form.


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