Monster Paradise
760 The Undead?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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760 The Undead?

"How could it be? How could you achieve a seven-level upgrade without affecting your body?"

The evil spirit could not tell how Lin Huang had done that. Despite his real body being extremely strong, it only managed to achieve a four-level upgrade in its combat strength. It would not be able to maintain the stability of its body if there was any further improvement. Regardless of how strong its physique was, a four-level upgrade was simply its limit. It was an absolute rule.

One thing that the evil spirit did not know was that Lin Huang's Transformation Card was not used for the sake of strengthening his body but was only a substitute. Once the Transformation Card was activated, it was equivalent to duplicating a monster's body with Lin Huang's consciousness and his body was sealed on the other side of the dimension.

The Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card which he had used later was applied to the monster's body whereby a further upgrade could be performed on them. Although it seemed like he managed to break through from purple flame-level to immortal-level rank-6,equating to a seven-level upgrade, in fact, Lin Huang only managed to achieve the upgrade in his combat strength after using three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards.

Moreover, he was only restricted to using three Combat Strength Upgrade Cards at once. In addition to Xiao Hei itself being powerful enough, directly using all the three cards would do no harm to Lin Huang's body.

Of course, Lin Huang was not going to tell the evil spirit about it. He was gleeful to see the evil spirit being so confused.

When he was on immortal-level rank-3, the both of them were equally powerful. After three consecutive upgrades, Lin Huang's strength, power, speed, Life Power in his body and many other aspects were completely different now.

Even the evil spirit who would not die after several kills appeared panicked.

Without any facial expression, Lin Huang looked towards the evil spirit. It seemed like the six bloody wings on his back could breathe, sending chills down one's spine. He slowly lifted the combat sword in his hand, pointing in the direction where the evil spirit was.

"I don't care where you're from and I don't care how many times you can revive yourself either. I certainly want your Life Fire tinder today!"

Just as his voice rang out in the air, the bloody wings on Lin Huang's back fluttered and soon, he disappeared from his original position.

The evil spirit's pupils dilated as Lin Huang's speed far exceeded what it could see. It tried its best to squint, but could just see a bloody glow streaking across the sky at a tremendously terrifying speed. It could only block the bloody glow with its spear in both its hands instinctively.

In the next moment, the bloody glow suddenly appeared right in front of the evil spirit. It resembled an electric current that collided with the evil spirit's long spear.


A loud explosion was heard.

At almost the same time, the black glow flew backwards and smashed through several mountains. Seven consecutive mountains collapsed in an instant after being hit by the black glow. Deafening booms were echoed throughout the area.

Lin Huang knew very well that evil spirit was not killed by his attack as it had managed to dodge the attack at the very last minute. If it were using a supreme relic, perhaps Lin Huang would have cut the evil spirit and its spear into half. However, since it was using an ancient relic, even an imperial-level could hardly inflict a scratch on it.

Since it still survived, Lin Huang did not mind giving a few more strikes.

He appeared at the mountainous region in a flash where the evil spirit was stuck.

With just one hit, the evil spirit knew that it could no longer defeat Lin Huang. It seemed like getting killed was a foregone conclusion. Regardless of how it struggled to survive, all its efforts were in vain.

"Outside the Kingdom, I might have the chance to flee by shedding my outer skin. However, the Kingdom is a sealed dimension. Even if the human brat doesn't have full control over the Kingdom, it's extremely easy to detect my aura in the Kingdom. I have nowhere to go…"

In the mountains region, the evil spirit frowned. Despite the previous attack not causing serious injury to it, the minor injuries it suffered from the shock resulted in pain in its lungs each time it breathed. It had a headache which refused to go away due to the intense collision. Although its broken bones were instantly cured, its body was still stiff. Fighting Lin Huang now would be akin to knocking on Death's door.

Several thoughts quickly ran through the evil spirit's mind. Soon, it sensed that Lin Huang was not waiting for it to break out of the mountains from his original position. Instead, he was coming after it.

"Since you're not coming out, I shall go in then."

As soon as his voice was heard, he appeared right in front of the evil spirit. Before it could respond to him, his long bloody sword raced towards it again.

A loud thud was heard again, spreading throughout the mountain range.

A black silhouette fled out of the mountain range. Before the mountains collapsed, the bloody silhouette streaked across the sky at a terribly fast speed, chasing after it.

Mid-air, the evil spirit spat a mouthful of black blood out. It knew that its body condition had worsened. Despite having managed to dodge Lin Huang's second attack with its long spear, the effect of the aftershock was more severe than before. Its chest had collapsed and its internal organs had shattered. Both of its hands had been crushed by Lin Huang's attack and it no longer had the grip to hold its spear tightly.

Lin Huang could sense that his opponent was severely injured by his second attack. He also knew that it possessed the Enhanced Regeneration skill. He was not going to give the evil spirit any chance to recuperate.

"I'd like to see how many attacks you can dodge!" Along with his scream, Lin Huang leaped towards it.

Seeing Lin Huang was chasing after it, the evil spirit struggled. It felt like there was a way to overcome this, but it was unsure of whether it should use the skill.

While it was hesitating, Lin Huang advanced nearer. This time, he was holding a sword in both of his hands, slicing through the air vertically. As his sword ripped the sky apart, it resembled a bloody lightning bolt striking down from the sky and aiming right at the evil spirit's forehead.

The evil spirit's face turned ghastly. If it happened to strike it, perhaps it would be chopped into half from its forehead to its thigh. It immediately lifted its spear and fuelled its arms which had not fully recovered yet with all its strength. A huge black shield was created out of nowhere, attempting to block the attack. It knew very well that if it failed to dodge the attack, it had to abandon this body.

The beam of bloody electric current collided with the huge black, misty shield.

A loud explosion was heard as if hundreds of lightning bolts had struck at the same time.

The bloody glow struck like the torrential downpour of a waterfall. Despite the mystery of the misty shield, it still could not defend itself against the bloody glow's attack. It only managed to block it for a while until spider web-like cracks started spreading across the huge shield.

Beams of bloody electric current penetrated through the cracks. The shield sustained for less than three breaths and eventually, it collapsed. The broken pieces of the shield then transformed back into its black mist form.

As the bloody glow had penetrated through the black mist and was about to strike it, a flicker of fury flashed through the evil spirit's eyes while they suddenly turned midnight black.

In the next second, the gushing bloody glow penetrated through the black mist and the black glow within the evil spirit's eyes exploded abruptly.

Lin Huang instantly discovered that something was wrong and a spike of anger flashed through his eyes. He immediately retracted his sword, retreating thousands of meters away next to Kylie. At the same time, he activated his Dark Mirror, covering Kylie and himself.

After all that, the black glow suddenly exploded at the position where the evil spirit had been initially at. A frightening white glow then started spreading everywhere. The beam of white light was incredibly intense as it even covered the sunlight. The white glow resembled a constantly expanding balloon, spreading out in all directions. It barely stopped as it extended to more than 100 kilometers away. Everything turned into nothingness as the white glow passed by.

A squeak could be heard coming from the defensive sphere structured by the Dark Mirror as if it was a vulnerable house in a raging storm. Lin Huang had no choice but to constantly reduce the size of the defensive sphere. Just as the 100-meter sphere was being reduced to five meters in diameter, it stabilized.

Fortunately, the expansion of the white glow lasted for less than a minute. Otherwise, Lin Huang might need to continue minimizing the size of his Dark Mirror.

"I didn't know that it'd self-combust simply because it could no longer fight me."

As the white glow faded, Lin Huang did not remove his Dark Mirror immediately. Instead, he activated his ocular skill and looked in the direction where the explosion of the evil spirit had taken place from afar. The evil spirit's body was not there, but there was no smugness in him at all.

"Nothing was left. I guess it has died. It wasted so many of my cards and still, I didn't manage to extract its tinder…"

Just as he was mumbling, he saw that the black mist was quickly forming at the position where the explosion had occurred.


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