Monster Paradise
759 Exhausting All Trump Cards!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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759 Exhausting All Trump Cards!

Seeing the evil spirit's body which had been shattered into pieces turn into the black mist again, Lin Huang scowled.

He actually wondered if it was because his first kill was not powerful enough, and his opponent had been revived. That was the reason why during the second attack, he had deliberately activated the strengthened version of his Wordly Purification. It was the sword skill he possessed with the highest damage, smashing his opponent's body into pieces. Still, it could not stop the evil spirit's body from turning into the black mist.

Although it was within his expectations, it was not the ideal outcome. Lin Huang started to feel that this was troublesome.

Glancing in the direction where the evil spirit's ancient relic had fallen, the green saber collapsed on its own in the air, transforming into a black mist.

Looking at what had just happened, Lin Huang was stunned. He used to think that the ancient relic could be one of the rewards he could obtain, but seemingly, it was not a real relic. Instead, it was the same as its physique which was created by the black mist.

"What monster is this? It can't die and can even randomly produce an ancient relic!"

As his thought to snatch the ancient relic dwindled, Lin Huang glanced towards the black mist which was in a blurry human form from afar. He vaguely felt that he seemed to have chosen the wrong Life Fire monster.

The blurry human figure was becoming more prominent. It was a middle-aged man who was slightly taller than Lin Huang, at a height of about 1.85 meters. However, he was much more muscular than Lin Huang. The weapon which the man was holding was a silver spear which was about two meters long.

Lin Huang was not surprised when he saw the man's face as if he expected it.

The man was also one of the victims who had been killed by the evil spirit earlier. It was the first dead body Lin Huang had seen in the mortuary. He could still clearly remember the corpse's heart sliced apart. Both of his lungs had been removed, and his chest was cut open.

Right now, the dead man was alive, standing right in front of Lin Huang and there was nothing strange about him.

"If I'm not mistaken, I guess you can only transform into someone you've killed," Lin Huang suddenly said, "It means that you can't come back to life as many times as you want. I'll only need to kill you 17 times, and you'll finally die."

"Are you going to make such a guess without any evidence and just by judging that my transformation into the person whom I've killed?" The evil spirit remained calm, and the body formed by its black mist had stabilized.

Although he could not tell whether the evil spirit was trying to mislead him or not, Lin Huang was pretty sure that his assumption was right. "I've seen the corpses of all 17 victims. Please prove me wrong by transforming into a body that I've never seen before the next round."

"Since you're kind of interested in my secrets, why not agree to give me your body and I'll tell you my secrets?"

"I'm afraid that you can't afford to have my body!"

After uttering his words, the bloody wings on Lin Huang's back fluttered. Before the evil spirit could upgrade its combat strength, he tore his sword towards it, attempting to kill it.

Lin Huang appeared right in front of the evil spirit in an instant and thrust his sword forward.

The evil spirit gave an insulting smile and did not care about Lin Huang's attack at all. It stood still without avoiding the attack. It activated its skill to upgrade its combat strength in front of Lin Huang.

Mid-air, the entire sky was covered in the bloody glow, slicing through the evil spirit's neck.

However, the bloody glow was stopped from piercing the evil spirit's neck just as it was about a centimeter away from it. It could not move any further as if there was a defense shield which had stopped Lin Huang's fatal attack.

Noticing the evil spirit's combat strength starting to upgrade from immortal-level rank-3, Lin Huang still did not give up. He continuously launched several attacks, each attack more fatal than the last.

Neither did the evil spirit dodge nor avoid, allowing Lin Huang to attack as he liked with an insulting smile. Its body did not move at all as if it had shielded itself from all the forces coming from the attacks.

"It's useless. Once my secret skill is activated, it won't stop. Even the Virtual God's attack isn't going to work, let alone yours," the evil spirit said as its aura reached immortal-level rank-7. "People from the gravel world with incomprehensive rules won't understand such power."

Although Lin Huang did not want to believe him, he could still vaguely feel that the evil spirit was telling the truth.

After several attempts whereby his attacks could do no harm to the evil spirit, its aura had finally stabilized as it reached immortal-level rank-7. The silver spear had been upgraded to an ancient relic as well.

However, just as the evil spirit's aura stabilized, the defense shield disappeared on its own.

Observing Lin Huang striking another attack, the evil spirit finally dodged.

In the air, the bloody glow and the black glow collided with each other again.

Another round of a fierce fight had been triggered!

The two silhouettes crashed into each other again in the sky.

Since his Vampire Particles had been activated, Lin Huang's speed was a few times faster than before with his bloody wings. The evil spirit's body did not have a speedy attack this time. It lost to Lin Huang in terms of speed instead. Despite its speed being incomparable to Lin Huang's, it had excellent eyesight. In addition to its achievements in Spear Dao, each of its attacks was on par with Lin Huang's attack. Though slow, it was not lagging behind.

After fighting for almost half an hour, the outcome of the battle was still unknown.

Lin Huang had no idea how many times his opponent's attacks had hit him and how many injuries he suffered from. However, his wounds were quickly healed by his Divine Regeneration without leaving any scars.

Lin Huang had inflicted hundreds of wounds on his opponent's body as well. However, the evil spirit managed to avoid the fatal parts, and the injuries were all minor ones. Although his Air Slicer exhibited unique characteristics which slowed down his opponent's recovery rate, he could not tell how long it would take to kill it since it had the advantage of its weapon on its side.

"It's going to exhaust a lot of my Life Power…"

Almost all the attacks he made within the half an hour were his best shots. The Life Power in a third of his ten Life Wheels had been depleted, but his opponent seemed to have infinite strength. If this continued, even after using up all three of his Life Power Refill Cards, he could only kill his opponent 11 times. Lin Huang guessed that it would have at least 17 bodies. Despite the evil spirit having being killed twice previously, he would still be unable to kill it even after exhausting all his three Life Power Refill Cards.

"What happened? Don't you have sufficient Life Power for that?" The evil spirit grinned as if it had already expected this to happen. "Oh, I've forgotten to tell you something. The power of the body comes from my real body. Having a body with strength like this, even if the battle continues for 10,000 years, my real body will be able to refill the power depleted in merely one breath."

"Indeed…" Lin Huang had thought of this earlier, and the evil spirit had finally proven him right. He knew that it was not likely that the evil spirit would lie to him. However, he did not panic at all. "It seems like I have to use some of my trump cards."

As the thought struck him, Lin Huang knew that he had to fight with every fiber in him this time. Three cards suddenly appeared in his right hand, and these were his last three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards. When he made Wu Zhi into a Combat Soul Card, he had used up almost all the reward card draws. Only a few of the cards remained.

The Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card would put too much load on one's body, and only three cards could be used at once. However, it was enough for him.

"The game shall end here."

Having uttered these words, Lin Huang's left hand exerted a slight force on the three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card, and they were instantly crushed, transforming into a luminous glow and going into his body. The evil spirit did not notice that though.

However, it could clearly sense that there was an upgrade in Lin Huang's combat strength again.

Immortal-level rank-4!

Immortal-level rank-5!

Immortal-level rank-6!


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