Monster Paradise
757 I Definitely Want It!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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757 I Definitely Want It!

The saber-wielding woman which the evil spirit transformed into was pretty. As it looked at Lin Huang, charm oozed out of it. Seemingly, its personality would change together with its body after each transformation.

The first time when it had transformed into a muscular man, its beast mode was activated. Not a single weapon was used, and its attack mode was precisely what the body was good at, which was the close-range combat.

As for the second transformation, it had apparently activated the demonic saber mode. Looking at the saber itself, one would know that there would be significant changes in its attack mode after its transformation.

However, despite the woman being a saber major, there were different types of saber specializations. Before striking, Lin Huang could not identify which stream it specialized in.

In this era, the three major streams of the saber major were speed stream, assassination stream, and attack stream. They were then categorized into ten sub-streams and based on physique alone, one would not be able to judge which stream they specialized in. In addition to that, his opponent was a transcendent instead of an ordinary person whose strength could be judged based on their muscularity and their body size.

Seeing the woman's body gradually form and the evil spirit taking out a green saber, Lin Huang's intention to fight grew.

"I'm afraid that I might damage the previous body. That's why I didn't give it my all during the strength upgrade when I was using his body." The evil spirit's voice was suddenly heard. "I'll not repeat the same mistake again in the next round."

As soon as it finished its words, the evil spirit's aura started to grow again. The situation was exactly the same as what had happened during the muscular man's combat strength upgrade.

In just a blink of an eye, the woman's combat strength had reached immortal-level rank-3. Soon after, it managed to go through the levels as if there were no obstacles at all.

Immortal-level rank-4!

Immortal-level rank-5!

Immortal-level rank-6!

Right after it got to immortal-level rank-6 which was at the same level as the muscular man's, the saber-wielding woman's combat strength still did not stop growing. Instead, it managed to make a breakthrough, leveling up to immortal-level rank-7!

As the beautiful woman got to that level, it seemed like its body had reached its limit as well. It revealed a pained face and veins started bulging in its neck and forehead, looking extremely ferocious. The beautiful woman, who seemed about 20 years of age, was now at least twice as old as before.

Obviously, immortal-level rank-6 was the maximum limit which the saber-wielding woman could achieve. Exceeding this limit, its body would go into overdrive.

When its body was overloaded with stress, its body could not sustain for the long-term. However, the evil spirit decided to do so as it wanted to defeat Lin Huang. Despite it being highly possible that the evil spirit would lose the body forever if the body were overworked, the body could somehow strengthen its abilities, increasing its probability of winning the fight. It would definitely be better than losing the battle and being killed by Lin Huang.

However, what caught Lin Huang's attention during the evil spirit's transformation was not the upgrade in its combat strength. It was the supreme relic which the saber-wielding woman was holding instead. Unexpectedly, the quality of its supreme relic had also been upgraded, and it was now an ancient relic. The aura exuded by the ancient relic could not be disguised.

"The supreme relic has evolved to an ancient relic?! How could it have done that?" Lin Huang found it unbelievable. It was his first time encountering someone who was capable of upgrading a supreme relic to an ancient relic. He even doubted if the Virtual God, Mr. Fu, could do so.

Before Lin Huang could figure it out, the evil spirit's aura which had reached immortal-level rank-3 had stabilized.

Be it its combat strength or the new ancient relic which it was holding, it was evident that its abilities were incomparable to the muscular man's.

"Are you ready?" The evil spirit's purple skirt blew up in the wind as it smiled crookedly.

Before it could even finish its words, the green saber had turned into a beam of light and ripped out at a breakneck speed. Its speed was at least ten times faster than the muscular man's.

"Holy cow, that's quick!" Lin Huang exclaimed. He had encountered many enemies in the past few years. However, this attack was undoubtedly the fastest he had ever seen.

At almost the same time when the green glow flashed, the tip of the saber was already less than a meter away from Lin Huang.

Despite his Territory skill being activated and completely capturing the evil spirit's movement, the attack was so agile to the point that Lin Huang could not pick up his sword in time.

Seeing the green glow tearing apart the layer of air and arriving right between his eyebrows, Lin Huang frowned and his fingers on his left hand twitched slightly.

When the green blade was less than 20 centimeters away from Lin Huang's brows, it suddenly stopped. A black wave appeared out of nowhere as if a drop of water had fallen into the contaminated black water and the ripples spread. A black mirror that resembled the surface of the water appeared in front of Lin Huang, and the attack was dodged.

The evil spirit did not expect Lin Huang to possess a defensive skill like that. Since its attack was blocked, it was stunned. However, right at the moment when it was shocked, a beam of green light shot out of the mirror. It was the glow of the saber, striking towards the evil spirit's brows at a similar speed.

"A reflection?!"

The evil spirit was startled. The speed of the beam of green light was about as fast as its own. At such a short distance, it had no time to either retract the saber or to move aside in order to dodge the attack.

The evil spirit clenched its teeth as it slightly tilted its head, barely avoiding the attack. It knew that it could not completely prevent it. However, it had no other choice.

At that moment, the green beam of light pierced through the evil spirit's right eye and went straight out from the back of its head. The attack struck the hill which was hundreds of meters away. Eventually, the entire hill collapsed.

Lin Huang had never expected that the effect of the Dark Mirror could be so terrifying. His opponent was struck without even having the time to react. Especially encountering that fast an attack, the reflection effect caused the attack to be inevitable at such a short distance.

"Don't tell me that it's been killed in one hit?" Lin Huang immediately looked towards the evil spirit.

The evil spirit's right eye turned into a black hole. Lin Huang could even see the scene behind the evil spirit through the hole. Obviously, the attack did not only strike through its eyeball; it had penetrated through its head as well.

The evil spirit did not die after the attack. Black flesh started to grow over its right eye. It was continually growing at a speed visible to the naked eye, recovering its head, eyeball, and the broken skull.

After several moments, the evil spirit's skull which was severely injured had healed. If not for the remaining black blood stain on its face, Lin Huang would have thought that the Dark Mirror's reflection attack was just an illusion.

"Human brat, you're giving me more and more surprises!"

Although the evil spirit was struck in one hit, it did not look nervous. It extended its tongue, licking the black blood on its face instead and presenting a crooked smile. "I'm a person who really hates trouble. I used to think that your combat strength is too weak and that the upgrade will be too troublesome. Initially, I wasn't interested in your body as I've collected a few human bodies with similar talents. However, your combat strength is much stronger…

"I've changed my mind now. I certainly want your body!"


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