Monster Paradise
753 Changing the Battleground
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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753 Changing the Battleground

According to the tinder extraction rules imposed in this world, if humans with higher combat strength than the Life Fire monster were present during its death, its Life Fire would collapse on its own, and nobody would be able to perform the extraction.

This was also the reason why Lin Huang had activated his Sword Dao at full force at the beginning of the battle. Apart from a few of his trump cards, he had used up almost all the skills he possessed to kill the evil spirit before the rest of them arrived.

However, it seemed like it was too late now.

The immortal-levels from the Union Government were approaching. From the aura they released, their combat levels were at least on immortal-level rank-7. At almost the same time when Lin Huang discovered the people within his territory radius, they entered the evil spirit's as well. At this moment, even if the evil spirit were killed, the Life Fire in its body would disintegrate as well.

Sensing that the human reinforcements were approaching, the evil spirit felt nervous and insecure.

It knew very well that if it were to be surrounded by them, it would not be able to survive. It made a few turns as it wanted to avoid Kylie. However, Kylie and her spear blocked it.

As the Union Government's reinforcements were approaching, Lin Huang frowned, troubled. The evil spirit was at least a triple mutated monster with Enhanced Intelligence. It was the best choice as a tinder monster.

Just as Lin Huang was fretting about this, Bloody's voice was heard coming from his sleeve.

"You won't be able to extract the tinder once the Union Government officers arrive. We don't have time to change the battleground now. The only thing we can do is to stop the tinder from sensing it."

Bloody's piece of advice enlightened Lin Huang.

"I know what to do!"

As soon as he finished his sentence, a golden, palm-sized book quickly formed in front of Lin Huang.

The golden Book of Sorcerer Dao floated at less than a meter away from Lin Huang on its own. Lin Huang extended his hand and placed it on top of the book. Resembling the activation of a door, the Book of the Sorcerer Dao gradually opened.

A black rune lit up in the middle of the page, and soon, a rune was created in the air.

Right after the rune was formed, black mist started spreading out, causing one to feel insecure.

Lin Huang did not do anything. All of a sudden, the air surrounding the evil spirit vibrated. Black chains that resembled shooting arrows blasted off into the sky. There were more than 100 chains, and the number of chains was continually increasing. Despite nobody being able to figure out where the chains were coming from, the evil spirit was obviously their target.

The evil spirit glanced at Kylie and Lin Huang who was far away from it. It could immediately identify the skill that Lin Huang was using as it had spotted the rune being created in front of Lin Huang. It knew Lin Huang's abilities very well. It would be irrational for it to touch the chains since it knew nothing about the effects of the skill.

As the thought came to its mind, the evil spirit moved aside, attempting to dodge the attack. However, right after it did, Kylie then appeared in front of it. She thrust her spear towards it, forcing it to get locked in the chains.

The evil spirit could not do anything and ended up striking several blows at the chains.

Despite the chains breaking rapidly after being struck by it, they formed again at a speed faster than before. In addition to that, the number of chains was constantly increasing, pouncing on the evil spirit again and again.

Just as the evil spirit got locked in the chains, the Book of Sorcerer Dao appeared in front of Lin Huang. He started flipping quickly and the second black rune was produced rapidly in the air.

Lin Huang grinned, looking in the direction where the evil spirit was. Then, he uttered these words calmly, "Hellish Cage!"

Before he could even finish his words, a huge cage materialized out of nowhere, covering the evil spirit's surroundings which were tens of meters in diameter. It then quickly shrank into a cube which measured a length of about three meters long. The cube was made entirely of the black chains which were roughly the circumference of an adult's arm, and they looked like living black pythons that were entangled together.

"Kylie, activate your mini world."

As soon as the evil spirit got locked in the Hellish Cage, Lin Huang immediately contacted Kylie. He knew very well that the cage would not be able to contain the evil spirit for a long time. However, it would be able to buy him some time.

Kylie slightly nodded her head and a whirlpool, which was the entrance to the mini world, was formed in a blink of an eye.

"That's really fast!"

Lin Huang took a glance in the direction where the reinforcements were. The few immortal-levels were getting closer and closer. Perhaps they would arrive in less than 20 seconds. He did not dare to delay a minute longer. With his telekinetic power, he managed to control one of the edges of the Hellish Cage, hurling it towards the entrance of the mini world.

The relatively big black cage hit the whirlpool, sinking into it as if it was drowned in a swamp.

"Let's catch up with it!"

The next second after the Hellish Cage disappeared, Lin Huang transformed into a white beam of light and entered the whirlpool. Kylie, who had received Lin Huang's instructions, immediately turned into a black glow and entered the whirlpool as well.

Right after Kylie disappeared, the whirlpool faded.

In just a short while after that, several figures appeared at the battleground at almost the same time.

The first person was a middle-aged man in a blue checkered shirt, and two people followed him. One of them was in a grey coat, wearing a hat. Another man was in a suit and had short hair. Unexpectedly, they were Feng Yuan and Lan Luo, the people in charge of the murder cases assigned by the Union Government.

The three of them sized up their surroundings. Aside from the collapsed buildings, the vast pits, the fallen trees, and many other traces that were the result of the battle, nobody was there.

"That's kind of weird. Where are they? We could still hear the sound of the battle a few seconds ago. Why isn't there anybody here right now?" Lan Luo, who was in his suit, said curiously.

Feng Yuen lit a cigar and put it into his mouth. He then said casually, "The aftershock of the force is proof that a battle has indeed happened here a few seconds ago."

"Since both parties have disappeared, could either one of them had won the battle a few seconds before we arrived? The one who won must have left together with the dead body." Lan Luo frowned as his assumption had not been verified yet.

"There's no release of Life Power from the transcendent's dead body. What you said might be true." Feng Yuan then exhaled the cigar smoke and smiled, shaking his head. "But I'm more inclined to another possibility."

"What's that?"

"They didn't want us to interfere in their battle. That's why they changed the battleground." As Feng Yuan said that, his facial expression looked different.

"They must've sensed that we were approaching them. Under normal circumstances, the murderer would've wanted to leave as soon as possible, so that we wouldn't attack it in a group. The investigator who fought it would've tried to buy us time. The activation of a dimensional relic takes time. Normally, the investigator wouldn't give the murderer the time to activate its dimensional relic. Since the both of them disappeared at the same time, it means that the both of them agreed to fight someplace else."

"Why would the investigator want to do so?" Lan Luo still felt that the logic behind it was strange.

"Who knows? Perhaps he's an arrogant man who feels that he can deal with the murderer alone and doesn't want any of us to interfere in the battle." Feng Yue shook his head helplessly. He knew nothing about the "investigator" who fought the murderer and that was the only guess he could come up with.


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