Monster Paradise
749 The Murderer Showed Up
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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749 The Murderer Showed Up

Before midnight, there was complete silence in Martel City as if the big foothold had fallen asleep.

It was almost 12 a.m. now. It was drizzling with rain and there were only a few people on the street. The street lights had equal distances between each other and they were placed along both sides of the street. The lights gave a faint yellow glow and apparently, the sunstones had not been replaced for a long time.

Martel City itself was not a prosperous city, which was why it had a rather boring nightlife. On a normal day, one could hardly see any people on the street after 10.30 p.m, let alone on a rainy day.

"How long has it been raining for?"

In the hotel room which was brightly lit, Lin Huang, who was sitting with his legs crossed on the sofa, slowly opened his eyes. He had been connected to his soul for the whole day to learn about the Sorcerer Dao and now, he was recovering from his thoughts. He heard the rain pelting the window right after he regained his senses.

"It started raining since 8.30 a.m. and the rain has never stopped since then." Bloody was floating on top of the tea table in front of Lin Huang. It was lingering in the air and it looked like purple cotton candy that had been magnified ten times.

"Is the weather going to affect the investigation of your Leech Pods?" Lin Huang slightly frowned, looking out of the window.

"To be honest, it does affect the Leech Pods. On a rainy day, there's less sunlight and the rainfall will affect their ability to see. With the weather like this, the detection ability of the pods will be reduced by approximately 15%," Bloody explained in detailed, "Another problem is that the monster is capable of transforming itself into its semi-transparent state, so it can definitely take advantage of the weather."

"Is it going to have a significant impact on it?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"Not that significant though. Despite its capability of transforming into a semi-transparent state, it doesn't mean that it'll completely disappear from sight. The rain isn't going to pass through its body. Instead, raindrops that fall onto its body help in outlining the shape of its body. With careful observation, it shouldn't be difficult to figure it out," Bloody explained further.

Lin Huang was then relieved and nodded. He got up from the sofa and walked towards the window, standing in front of it and looking through it.

There were only three walls in the hotel room. One of the walls was made completely of bio-resin glass. The two large windows in the living room were attached to the glass wall, through which he could look from the room.

As the rain hit the resin glass, the water accumulated and trickled down the glass.

Lin Huang did not fix his gaze on the raindrops. Instead, he looked through the transparent glass as if his vision could pass through the dark night.

There was a potential immortal-level rank-3 victim living in the luxurious area which was about two hundred meters away. Lin Huang only realized that the potential victim was so near to the hotel that he had chosen two days ago after Bloody had completely identified all the potential victims.

There were the villas in the luxurious area. Lin Huang's hotel room was on the 128th floor. As he looked down from the top, he had a clear view of the entire vicinity.

The area was empty. Aside from the guard house that was located at the entrance, there were only three houses that still had their lights turned on, including the potential victim's house.

The small region was within the range covered by Lin Huang's territory which had a radius of 3,000 meters. He could monitor everyone's activities in the region without his eyesight.

In the guard house, the security guard on-duty was having his supper. In one of the villas that were brightly lit, there was a couple exercising on the bed. In another villa, a muscular man was taking his bath. As for the last villa, the potential victim was sitting up straight in his study room. It seemed like he was checking the mails on his Emperor's Heart Ring.

Lin Huang managed to look through the entire region in just one glance. Realizing that there was nothing odd happening, he shifted his gaze and lowered his head to look at the Emperor's Heart Ring. As projected by the Emperor's Heart Ring, it was already 11.46 p.m.

"Nothing happened, has it?" Lin Huang looked in the direction where Bloody was. He believed that with Bloody's monitoring ability, it was impossible for it to miss anything. Since there was no news coming from Bloody, it indicated that the murderer had not acted yet. However, the clock was about to strike 12, causing Lin Huang to frown.

As doubt arose in his mind, he looked out the window again. As his sight penetrated through the dark night, he fixed his gaze on a street which was devoid of presence.

The street looked the same as what he had seen earlier. It was still empty. As the street lamps shone down the street, an extremely thin, green shadow appeared in a flash.

Due to the interference caused by the raindrops and the mist, the green shadow could be barely detected. Lin Huang sensed that something had broken into his territory. Otherwise, he might not have been able to discover the presence of the shadow.

"The murderer is here! It's right below us!"

"What a coincidence!"

Lin Huang smiled, shaking his head. He indeed had never expected that among 118 of the potential victims, the murderer would choose the one right below him. There was no need to use the coordinates that he had saved into his dimensional relic previously.

Bloody immediately transformed into a purple glow and hid in Lin Huang's sleeve. Without a moment of hesitation, Lin Huang then left the hotel room through the window. Like a night bird, he flew down from a building that was hundreds of meters tall. His target was the shadow that was barely visible to the naked eye.

Despite the fact that its body was close to being transparent, the murderer which was within the coverage of Lin Huang's territory resembled a lamp in the dark. Regardless of how it was going to hide, Lin Huang would be able to sense it.

The method used by Bloody was rather stupid. Its Leech Pods noticed that the raindrops in that area splashed in mid-air before they hit the ground.

Seemingly, the murderer did not know that it had already been discovered. It moved swiftly and killed all the monitoring monsters in that area.

After killing the last surveillance mosquito, it then realized that something was amiss and gradually turned its body around.

Right at this moment, Lin Huang landed on the ground. He was like falling leaves in autumn as he landed on the ground quietly.

Although he could hardly see his opponent's body, Lin Huang knew very well that the murderer was less than ten meters away from him. Also, he knew that the unknown monster was sizing him up curiously.

"You have quite a strong detection ability. I tried to restrain my aura to the most I could, but I've still been discovered," Lin Huang said as if he was talking to himself.

The monster that was almost transparent knew that it had been discovered. It did not bother to hide anymore and its body gradually solidified.

Seeing the body apparition, Lin Huang frowned. His opponent appeared in a human form without fear. Its body and face looked exactly the same as the muscular corpse that he had seen in the morgue two days ago.

After its body was formed, a heavy coat appeared on the surface of the monster's body, covering it. Obviously, it had a certain degree of understanding about the human lifestyle.

"I know that you can understand what I'm talking about. If you don't mind, could you please tell me what type of monster are you? I couldn't find you in the monster guide," Lin Huang asked as if he was teasing the monster. In fact, his body was actually ready to be engaged in a fight.

"You've not even achieved immortal-level. How dare you provoke me?" The monster narrowed its eyes. He did not act immediately as he could not understand why Lin Huang had the courage to do so. He even doubted if Lin Huang had set a trap for it or if he might have some other people to back him up.

"You don't need to look around. I didn't bring anyone here," Lin Huang said with his palms up in mock surrender. However, he thought to himself, "Summoning monsters aren't humans anyway."

The monster guessed that what Lin Huang said might be true since it detected nothing. Its eyes then flashed with a trace of fury. "Since you want to die, I'm not going to be kind to you!"


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