Monster Paradise
744 Examining the Corpses
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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744 Examining the Corpses

After chatting with Xia Hou, Lin Huang had a brief understanding of him. He could conclude that he was a kind but naïve person.

Upon registering as an assistant at the Union Government with Xia Hou, Lin Huang was finally allowed to join the investigation into the serial murder cases.

"Bro Lin, we're now done with the registration. Let's go." Xia Hou turned back, walking out of the Union Government office.

"Where are you going?" Lin Huang asked.

"We're going to the crime scene." Xia Hou turned his head back, looking at Lin Huang curiously.

"Hey… The detailed information about the case and the dead body of the victim are stored at the Union Government office. Maybe we could go there first?" Lin Huang reminded.

"You're right. If we were to go to the crime scene first, we might have to come back again." Xia Hou mumbled in a low voice and immediately nodded his head. "Let's have a look at the corpse first."

"Bro Xia, you go to the morgue first. I'll catch up with you as soon as I get the information from the data office." Lin Huang was lazy to go to the data office with Xia Hou.

"Why are you going to the data office? Didn't I share the information to you upon your registration?" Xia Hou was staring at Lin Huang puzzledly.

"Those are the basic information. I still need some other relevant information for the investigation." The Union Government sent the information which Xia Hou had shared with him. They were the court records and the case report. Lin Huang and Bloody felt that the information provided was far from enough.

"Alright then. Let's distribute our tasks." Xia Hou nodded and headed towards the morgue.

Lin Huang then brought Bloody along and arrived at the data office.

A Violetcrystal Brain managed the Union Government data office. It was not Lin Huang's first time seeing such a monster as he had previously seen it at the Martial Hunter College library in Division 7. It was a librarian.

Its body looked like a huge blue brain which was wrapped in a semi-transparent purple jelly. It was hanging on the dome of the data office. Light purple tentacles grew on the border of its body that looked like a layer of jelly. It resembled a gigantic jellyfish.

Lin Huang took a seat under one of the tentacles and quickly retrieved the information that he needed.

The moment when the Emperor's Heart Ring was connected to the tentacle, the Violetcrystal Brain could identify that Lin Huang was an assistant and allowed him to access the relevant information.

After sitting down, Bloody's voice was heard. "A lot of information is missing from what the black market has provided that. We need detailed information if we want to make things clear. Other than the court records and the autopsy report, all the information regarding the victims' backgrounds, including the information of the victims' relatives are required. Also, the victims' daily activities before their deaths and their call logs are needed."

"Yes. I'll download all the information and look through it carefully when we go back to the hotel. From the way Xia Hou behaved, I guess he can't wait any longer at the morgue." Lin Huang stayed concentrated on his work.

After about ten minutes, all the information that he needed had been downloaded. He then left the data office.

Just as Lin Huang arrived at the morgue which was situated in the most western part of the building, Xia Hou had started examining the fifth corpse.

"You're finally here." As he heard the door opening, he turned around and caught a glimpse of Lin Huang. Xia Hou waved at him and exclaimed, "Quickly have a look at this dead body!"

"What happened?" Lin Huang strode quickly towards him.

It was the dead body of a muscular man whose chest was ripped apart. Both his lungs had gone missing. It was the heart that had been sliced into half in his chest which caused his death.

Lin Huang frowned as he looked at the dead body at a close distance. It was much clearer than the photos provided by the black market.

"Looking at the wound on his chest, it was a smooth cut," Xia Hou said, pointing at the chest of the dead body. "I don't think a monster is capable of doing this. It looks more like a human who's skilled at dissecting."

Lin Huang took a glance at Xia Hou who was not as weak as he expected. At the very least, he had careful observation and analyzing skills.

Lin Huang compared the autopsy report and the personal information with the dead body. Unexpectedly, he made no comment on the dead body. Instead, after a long while, he said, "Let's look at the next dead body."

They took out the sixth dead body from the next cold chamber. It was a corpse without a head, and there were irregular shapes that appeared on his neck. Before the forensic pathologist cleaned him, there must have been flesh and blood everywhere.

Lin Huang knew the cause of death of the victim at first glance.

"It's a tragedy. His head exploded, and there are flesh and blood all over his neck." Xia Hou laughed but soon, he stopped, "He died in a different way. It looks like it was the gunmaster who did it."

Lin Huang compared the corpse to the autopsy report, and again, he frowned.

The seventh corpse was a man that looked rather plump. It was a miserable death as there were injuries all over his body. There was a hole of the size of a basketball in his stomach, and all the internal organs went missing.

"Tsk, tsk… He's more pitiful than the previous one. He looked as if the small predatory monsters ate him. Not only were his internal organs extracted, but his bones were also exposed." Xia Hou paused for a moment. "It's obvious that humans didn't kill him."

They examined the dead body one by one right until the 16th dead body. Lin Huang then looked at the first four corpses that he had never seen before.

Xia Hou examined the corpses again with Lin Huang before leaving the morgue.

"Why are they called serial murder cases? It's obvious that the same person didn't kill them. Some of them are killed by humans, and the monster killed some of them," Xia Hou said as the walked out of the morgue.

"If they were not serial murder cases, how could you explain each of the cases happening one after another? Also, the forensic pathologist determined that their time of death is at about midnight." Lin Huang refuted, "Do you think everything that's happened in the past 16 days is merely a coincidence?"

"It's less likely to be a coincidence. However, how can you explain why they're killed in a different way?" Xia Hou thought for a while and asked.

"There are only three possibilities. The first possibility is that the killer is not a person but a criminal gang. Next, it could be mimic crimes. After knowing what the first murderer has done, the second criminal killed the rest of them, following the time and details of when the first victim was killed. The third possibility is that the murderer can be a person or a highly intelligent monster whereby they intentionally create different ways of killing," Lin Huang told him what he and Bloody had concluded.

"I don't think that a monster is possible of dissecting a human in such a way!" Although he agreed with the three possibilities suggested by Lin Huang, Xia Hou still asked.

Again, Lin Huang explained, "As long as the highly intelligent monster has been living with humans who are good in dissecting for a long period of time or it's been taught dissection skills by humans, the monster is capable of doing so."

"The probability must be low," Xia Hou lamented as he felt that Lin Huang was overthinking it.

"The probability is indeed low, but it's not zero. We can't ignore it." Lin Huang was being frank with him.

"Since we've examined the dead bodies, what shall we do next?" Sensing that Lin Huang could analyze much better than him, Xia Hou gave up on being a leader. He felt that following Lin Huang's plan could save him some effort.

"It's about noon now. Let's take our lunch first so that I can have a look at the information that I just got."


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