Monster Paradise
742 The 16 Dead Men
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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742 The 16 Dead Men

Returning to the hotel from the black market, Lin Huang immediately summoned Bloody and discussed the incident that happened in Martel City.

After sharing the information provided by Hu Lu with Bloody, Lin Huang projected the images of the deceased victims that he retrieved from Hu Lu.

From the photos, all of them had died in different ways. However, it was apparent that they were all murdered.

There were blood and pulp all over the dead bodies. They were severely injured. One of them even had their head chopped off. Also, there was also a victim whose heart had been extracted from his chest. Some of their heads had exploded as if a heavy weapon had attacked them. Besides, some of them had no injuries all over their bodies, and the reason for their death was still unknown.

The combat strength of all 16 victims ranged from immortal-levels rank-1 to rank-3. None of them were killed in the same way.

"What did you discover?" Lin Huang asked after Bloody had looked through all the photos projected.

"The information provided by the lady is limited. Despite having the photos of the victims, I can't confirm that the culprit of the murder cases is a highly intelligent monster." Bloody was unsure.

"The causes of death of the 16 victims are different. From the wounds on the dead bodies, it's obvious that different weapons injured them since it's rare for highly intelligent monsters that can fool humans in such a way."

"Do you have any other useful information?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes, I do." Bloody nodded, shifting its gaze to Lin Huang. It did not continue. Instead, it raised another question. "If you've murdered someone in Martel City and the people from the Union Government are investigating this case, what would you do?"

"There's nothing else that I could do other than escape." Lin Huang raised his brows and paused for a moment. He stroked his chin and continued, "If I can't run away, I'll definitely look for a place to hide. I'll try to escape after the investigation has ended."

"Yes, that's what a normal person would do." Bloody nodded slightly. "However, according to the information provided by Hu Lu, the murderer killed one person each day. Even after the Union Government started investigating on this, the slaughter didn't stop. It's impossible that the murderer didn't know this as the news was spread everywhere in the city. Since the murderer continued killing, what does it mean?"

"The murderer is confident that he won't be caught!" Guided by Bloody, Lin Huang came up with a firm conclusion.

"That's one of the possibilities. Another possibility is that he doesn't care at all if he'll be captured," Bloody explained, "If the murderer is a madman whereby killing is his only intention, this would be the reason why he doesn't care about the Union Government's investigation at all.

"However, from the fact that he's not been captured after tens of days, we can ignore the second possibility. Therefore, there's one possibility left – he's pretty confident that he'll not be caught.

"Such a confident person must be intelligent and is conceited. Psychologically, the person must've treated the slaughter as a game, and the Union Government staff are the toys in the game. Therefore, he has no fear of the investigation at all. He enjoys the game more after the pursuers joined. That's why he didn't stop killing."

"Are all intelligent people self-conceited?" Lin Huang mumbled after listening to Bloody's analysis.

"That's possible. However, I won't be that silly to offend the Union Government." Bloody snorted, shaking its head. "If I were the murderer, I'd choose to maintain a low profile before I'm capable of wiping out the entire land. I won't appear in front of humans unless there's a need to do so. Even if I were to get humans into trouble, I'll do it secretly and immediately leave if anything happens. I definitely won't maintain a high profile and be so daring."

"I didn't know that you're so mean…" Lin Huang had an incredulous expression on his face.

"Alright, back to the topic." Bloody immediately interrupted, "We don't have many clues yet. The place where the murderer will commit a crime and the killing methods are random. We can't determine the murderer's motive. Aside from the combat level of all the victims ranging from immortal-levels rank-1 to rank-3, there's nothing else related that we could get from the information provided. However, I can roughly estimate that the murderer is of at least immortal-level rank-5. Otherwise, he won't be able to kill the few of the immortal-level rank-3s in one hit. He's currently targeting those on immortal-levels rank-1 to rank-3. This might be due to the limit on his ability. However, it can also be a trick for him to convey misleading information. Therefore, his combat level is yet to be confirmed."

"The information is minimal." Lin Huang frowned as what Bloody concluded was very much similar to his thoughts.

"However, from the information provided, it's highly possible that the murderer is a monster," Bloody added.

"Why do you say so?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"Humans' behavioral pattern is rather complicated especially when it comes to the decision to murder. Humans need to have a valid reason to make the ultimate decision. Unless the person is crazy, nobody will kill someone without a valid reason. From the information we currently have, the 16 victims have no relation to each other. Being killed for an unknown reason is most likely what a monster would do as if they want to hunt for food."

"If the monster is hunting for food, I supposed that the organs or flesh of the dead body must've gone missing." Lin Huang did not agree with Bloody. "However, based on the information provided, not all the organs of the victims have been extracted. Some of the dead bodies are complete."

"It's just an example. The slaughter is definitely not because the monster is hunting for food," Bloody explained further, "What I'm trying to say is that monster is different from humans as they don't need any motive to kill. It's instinct."

"I think that we can't exclude the possibility that a human might be the murderer." Lin Huang remained silent for a while and said, "Perhaps a certain person or a certain organization has a motive to kill. However, we can't figure it out due to the limited information available. This doesn't mean that the motive doesn't exist."

"Yes, I just wanted to emphasize this." Bloody nodded. "The information that we currently have is very limited. We can't make any conclusions on this since there are many things that we don't know yet."

"We shall go to Martel City for more accurate information."

"Are you sure you want to go? If the murderer is a human, our efforts will go in vain," Bloody asked.

"Since we have nothing to do, let's go and have a look. What if we happen to encounter a suitable Life Fire monster by chance?"


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