Monster Paradise
738 A Death-Seeking Spirit Transfer
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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738 A Death-Seeking Spirit Transfer

Just as Zhu Xing's body turned into ashes, a black glow appeared abruptly. Lin Huang was caught unprepared and the black glow flicked between Lin Huang's eyebrows.

"F*ck! It's a spirit transfer!"

Lin Huang's heart skipped a beat but when he was finally able to react, it was too late. He could vaguely guess what the black glow was. Soon, he was immersed in his thoughts as he entered the world in his body.

In the world within Lin Huang's body, Zhu Xing… No, he was now Wu Zhi. Wu Zhi's consciousness rapidly transformed into his true body.

He looked totally different from Zhu Xing and was different from what Lin Huang imagined previously.

Lin Huang initially thought that an intelligent man would be physically inferior to other men. However, Wu Zhi was muscular and had a height of about three meters. His body was comparable to polar bears and could possibly even be stronger than them.

His consciousness was transformed back into his true body in the world within Lin Huang's body. He did not deliberately increase his size. In fact, his body had always been that size.

He was muscular and tall, with a fierce expression that made him seem like a butcher. He did not look intelligent at all. It was the first impression Lin Huang had when he first saw his true body.

Upon entering the world within Lin Huang's body, Wu Zhi saw the ten Life Wheels that he had. He was shocked and soon, he realized that the burning Life Fire in his Life Wheels was hundreds of meters tall. It had far surpassed Zhu Xing's Life Fire.

"This person is more talented than the previous. This is such a steal!" After uttering those words, he saw an all black "painting" hanging in mid-air as he lifted his head.

"What's that?" Wu Zhi was curious. Just as he was about to look at it carefully, a black glow was released from the "painting" all of a sudden.

Wu Zhi could not react to it in time, and the black glow penetrated through his body. The body that was just formed began collapsing at a slow speed.

He was in fear as he watched his body collapse. Aside from that, he could clearly sense that his consciousness was being erased. He could neither utter a word nor make a sound. He could do nothing as he saw his body being transformed into countless energy particles while his consciousness gradually emptied itself.

As soon as Lin Huang regained his consciousness, he saw Wu Zhi's body collapse.

"He died too quickly… Xiao Hei, it seems like you've restrained your power previously." Lin Huang raised his head to stare at the "painting" in mid-air. He was the only one who knew that it was not a "painting". Instead, it was a huge card.

"I may not be able to do anything to him elsewhere, but this is my territory." Xiao Hei's voice resounded and did not bother to explain any further.

"Alright, I'm leaving." Realizing that the so-called spirit transfer was just a false alarm, Lin Huang did not want to wander around in his body any longer.

"As for the consciousness of the Virtual God, do you want me to turn it into an Inheritance Card or a Combat Soul Card?" Xiao Hei's voice was heard once again.

"Huh?" Lin Huang was stunned.

"The Virtual God's consciousness can be turned into a card. Choose either one of them. Do you want an Inheritance Card or a Combat Soul Card?"

"I didn't know that there's such a great deal!?" It was not because Lin Huang did not hear it clearly. Instead, it was because he thought he did not hear it correctly. "I've gotten Wu Mo's inheritance so let's just forget about Wu Zhi's inheritance. Let's turn it into a Combat Soul Card."

Lin Huang decided without hesitation. Since he had gotten the True God's inheritance, he felt that there was no need to obtain the Virtual God's inheritance anymore. Moreover, the Combat Soul Card was apparently much stronger. With a Virtual God as the combat soul, it could be summoned when he eventually became an immortal-level. He would have no fear of demigods by then.

"Nothing will be consumed if you were to make it into an Inheritance Card. However, as for the Combat Soul Card, 300 card draws are required."

"Eh, you did that on purpose! You know that I'm left with 310 card draws! Why are you still forcing me to use 300 card draws all at once?" Lin Huang stared at Xiao Hei.

"You're overthinking it. If he was in good condition, I wouldn't be able to turn him into a card even if you have 3,000 card draws, let alone 300. It consumes a large amount of energy in order to transform it into a Combat Soul Card. If I were to convert it into a card by using my own energy, it'll cause me to fall asleep. Most of the system functions will be disabled and I figure you wouldn't want that to happen. Fortunately, only a small portion of his consciousness remains. I can barely transform it into a Combat Soul Card with the energy gathered from the 300 card draws."

"I actually concealed the fact that it can be transformed into three types of cards from you. However, this would consume even more energy."

"What is the third type of card?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"It can be transformed into a spirit type monster card or an undead-type monster card so that it can become a summoning monster."

"How many card draws are required?" Lin Huang was startled and immediately asked.

"More than 30,000 card draws."

"Just ignore my question…" Lin Huang was shocked. At first, he imagined himself owning a Virtual God summoning monster. However, he immediately gave up on his thought when Xiao Hei told him the number of card draws required.

"Are you sure you'd like to consume 300 card draws to turn it into a Combat Soul Card?"

"Please wait a minute. I have two questions that need some clarification." Lin Huang did not answer recklessly. "The first question is, will it be able to retain its ability as a Virtual God after being transformed into a combat soul?

"The combat strength of his true body is originally on Virtual God rank-8. Creating a combat soul with the remaining consciousness will result in his combat strength being on Virtual God rank-1 where it will be maintained."

"As for the second question, after transforming it into a Combat Soul Card, I suppose that I won't be granted the authority to summon it even after I've gotten to immortal-level. Will the card be sealed?" Lin Huang then raised an issue related to his summoning authority.

"It won't be sealed but yes, your authority will be restricted. However, it doesn't mean that you can't use it. Instead, a restriction is imposed on its usage. An immortal-level only can only summon it once and the summoning period is limited to three minutes. At the imperial-level, you'll have three chances to summon it with a summoning period is five minutes. After becoming a Demigod or a Virtual God, these restrictions will be removed."

"Is it possible to increase the number of uses allowed?" Lin Huang asked.

"It's impossible to do so. These are the rules, and I've no control over it."

"Alright. It's great that an immortal-level can summon it once." Lin Huang knew that Xiao Hei did not lie to him regarding not being to change the number of uses allowed.

"Do you have any other questions?"

"No, I don't. Let's turn it into a Combat Soul Card." Lin Huang shook his head since he had already got the answers that he was looking for.

"Consuming card draws x300. Commence forming a Combat Soul Card… The Combat Soul Card is completed."

"Congratulations, you've obtained a Mythical level Combat Soul Card – Sorcerer God!"

Lin Huang had already regained his consciousness earlier. After staying at his original position for about 10 minutes, a notification from Xiao Hei finally arrived.


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