Monster Paradise
737 Killing Zhu Xing
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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737 Killing Zhu Xing

After discussing his plan with Bloody, Lin Huang was now certain.

Zhu Xing slightly tilted his head and looked at Lin Huang after freeing himself from the monster horde. "Do you really think that monster horde can save you?"

After finishing that sentence, his entire body lunged toward Lin Huang like a shooting arrow. After encountering two monster hordes, he decided to end it quickly, not wanting to give Lin Huang any more chances.

"Xiao Hei, use a Transformation Card to increase my combat strength to immortal-level rank-3 and maintain my human form." Lin Huang secretly contacted Xiao Hei before Zhu Xing took action.

Lin Huang's combat strength improved significantly when the Transformation Card took effect. Although he did not expect to be able to detect Zhu Xing's movements with his eyesight, he realized he could still clearly identify the path Zhu Xing was taking.

Of course, Lin Huang would not be able to hide the sudden increase in his strength from Zhu Xing. When Zhu Xing noticed this, he trembled in fear but was soon relieved after realizing that Lin Huang's combat strength stopped after reaching immortal-level rank-3.

Almost instantly, he approached Lin Huang and was now less than ten meters away from him. It was then that the sword in his hand began giving off a scarlet glow.

Lin Huang fixed his gaze on Zhu Xing. Seeing that he was getting closer to him, he did not retreat at all. He was secretly counting down instead, "ten meters, nine meters, eight meters…"

Just as Lin Huang counted down to three, Zhu Xing grinned. He was exhilarated as he exclaimed, "Die!"

As he shouted, he thrusted his sword forward. The glow that enveloped the sword began gushing out of the body of the sword maniacally and headed for Lin Huang.

At that moment, Lin Huang did not retreat. Instead, he took a step forward to reduce the distance between them from three meters to one meter.

Zhu Xing's eyes flashed with a flicker of fury. He noticed the purple glow leaving Lin Huang's sleeves. However, as he attempted to dodge it with his sword, the purple glow began twisting around his wrist.

At the next moment, Zhu Xing's sword penetrated through Lin Huang's body and he began collapsing.

Just as Zhu Xing was about to slash through the purple glow that was around his wrist, it abruptly disappeared. It was as if the purple glow that he just saw was an illusion.

However, Zhu Xing was still on alert. He began checking himself to see if he was injured. After a short while, his face turned pale.

"You've noticed it right." At this moment, a voice was heard from behind Zhu Xing. Lin Huang's true body was less than 20 meters away from him, and the muzzle of the God Crasher was aimed at him. "I've decoded the molting rune."

"How did you do that? I've been investigating the molting rune for hundreds of years before I finally managed to produce a chain rune after thousands of attempts." Zhu Xing slowly turned around in doubt. "Despite being the person who knows every detail of the rune, I'd need at least a few months to decode and multiple attempts."

"If I'm not mistaken, decoding the molting rune must be related to the sudden appearance of the purple glow, right? You approached me earlier simply because you wanted to let the purple glow to break through my molting rune."

It finally dawned on Zhu Xing. He had guessed correctly. Lin Huang did not expect for him to make a guess that was so close to the truth.

"Am I right?" Zhu Xing noticed that Lin Huang looking a little uncomfortable. "However, I'm really curious what the purple glow is? Could you please indulge my curiosity?"

"No, I can't." Lin Huang did not want to beat around the bush with him any longer. "Go to hell with your doubts!"

After uttering those words, red flares were shot from the God Crasher.

At this moment, Zhu Xing grinned. As he retreated, more than ten of his clones appeared and escaped in different directions. They could not identify which copy was his true body.

"You're still young. As soon as I leave this land, I'll…" While he was escaping, Zhu Xing teased. However, the next moment, he was shocked. "How could this happen?!"

The red flares emitted by the God Crasher were dead-on. It did not attack his clones but took aim at his true body instead. It was as though it could distinguish between the clone and the real body.

Zhu Xing was being engulfed by the flames instantly, causing the remaining clones that fled in different directions to collapse.

After quite some time, the flames vanished, and a black shadow gradually landed on the ground from mid-air.

Lin Huang chased after it in immediately to witness Zhu Xing fall to the snowy ground after being burnt to a crisp. He was still alive, but it was his last breath. When the God Crasher's attack was about to strike him, he used his Life Power to activate a defensive rune and barely managed to withstand the God Crasher's attack. However, his Life Power was now depleted, and he had no more strength. He shot Lin Huang a deadly state and asked unwillingly, "How did you recognize my real body?"

"It's pretty simple. I left a mark on your body when I decoded the rune," Lin Huang explained with a smile.

Bloody thought he might run away while it was decoding Zhu Xing's rune so it left a mark on his body. The events turned out just as Bloody expected, making the mark extremely useful to them. This allowed Bloody to easily identify Zhu Xing's real body from his clones from Lin Huang's sleeves.

"Now, it's time to send you to hell." Lin Huang slowly shifted his last God Crasher and took aim at Zhu Xing. The red flares gushed out of the muzzle at a distance of fewer than two meters to completely envelop Zhu Xing in it.

Zhu Xing groaned in the pain, and only suffered for about two seconds before he died. Soon, the place was in absolute silence.

"Congratulations, you have obtained Legendary Skill Card – Royal Sword."

"Congratulations, you have obtained Mythical Skill Card – The Devil's Horn."

Two notifications from Xiao Hei arrived. It was then that Lin Huang confirmed Zhu Xing's death in relief.

After a moment, the flames from the God Crasher vanished, revealing Zhu Xing's burnt corpse.

"It has finally ended…" Just as Lin Huang was feeling relief, Bloody warned. "Be careful!"

A black beam emerged from the black ashes and was shot between Lin Huang's eyebrows. He was caught unprepared and did not manage to react to it in time.


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