Monster Paradise
735 Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to This World?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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735 Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to This World?

"Bloody, how long do you still need?" Lin Huang secretly contacted Bloody.

"Give me another three minutes at least. Naturally, the longer you can delay for me, the better it'll be. Buying me more time will allow me to decode the rune more thoroughly, resulting in a higher success rate at breaking the rune," Bloody responded.

"Three minutes?! The guy has noticed my attempt to buy some time…" Lin Huang knew that Zhu Xing had found out. "I won't be able to hold him off for another three minutes by myself. Manipulate some of the parasites to assist me!"

"Sure!"Bloody said.

Zhu Xing had already discovered Lin Huang's attempt at buying some time when he insulted him with a smile before he said, "Do you think that delaying me like this is going to be of any use? You're simply trying to buy yourself some time so you can recharge one or two of your God Crashers. Even if you managed to delay me, do you think it's going to work? It's just a few minutes worth of time before you die. Why do you bother struggling to survive?"

"Do you really think I'm buying myself some time just because I want to recharge the God Crashers? Can't it be because I want to wait for backup to come or some other reason?" Lin Huang asked with a smile.

Zhu Xing was stunned when he heard this. He squinted his eyes and sized him up but he found nothing. "You're just trying to scare me off! If you really had anything up your sleeves, you're definitely not going to tell me. You'd much rather give me a fatal 'surprise' instead. However, since you're telling me this, you have to be lying since you know that you've no chance of winning! You're doing this with hopes that I'd retreat."

After saying his piece, Zhu Xing paused for a moment and fixed his gaze at Lin Huang. "Am I right?"

Lin Huang did not bother with what Zhu Xing was asking and looked toward the sky. A swarm of birds was flying toward as they chirped. It was as if half of the sky was covered by dark clouds. They even blocked the sunlight until the light on the ground dimmed abruptly.

Zhu Xing did notice the disturbance to the light as he raised his head to gaze toward where Lin Huang was looking at. At that moment, his face turned pale. There were more than one species of bird that gathered in the sky, and they were all pretty much on the immortal-level. There were tens of thousands of them. Naturally, he knew that Lin Huang was the one behind it.

"I've really underestimated you. How could you possibly manipulate so many monsters? However, regardless of the number of birds, they're no different than the poultry I eat at home since they only have a maximum combined strength of immortal-level rank-3. Why are you trying to annoy me with such a huge swarm of birds? Are you going to try and run away?"

"Normally, the flock of birds might mean nothing to you since you're at the imperial-level. However, you shouldn't be so certain of yourself right now. I guess you don't have that much Life Power remaining in you, right?" Lin Huang tilted his head slightly to look at Zhu Xing. "I wonder... Would the molting rune still function once the Life Power in your body runs out?"

Zhu Xing's face was aghast. Under normal circumstances, the molting rune would definitely not function without an energy source to activate it once the energy in his body had been drained. However, since his opponent had God Crashers, he could launch an attack to kill him once his energy ran out so he could no longer activate the molting rune.

After Lin Huang finished questioning him, the birds flying in mid-air approached him. Tens of thousands of birds completely ignored his presence as they fluttered their wings hard and pounced on Zhu Xing. In just a blink of an eye, Zhu Xing was completely surrounded by the birds.

"With the number of birds we have here, I think you'll have sufficient time to decode the rune, right?" Lin Huang was relieved after seeing Zhu Xing disappear so he contacted Bloody.

"If nothing out of our expectation happens, we should have enough time." Bloody gave a prompt reply.

Lin Huang quietly moved aside to recharge the God Crasher with some Life Power.

However, in less than thirty seconds, he heard Bloody panicking through its voice, "Be careful, he's coming for you!"

Before Bloody could complete its sentence, a peculiar sound was heard from the swarm of birds. It sounded much like the roars of ancient monsters. As the sound spread, all the birds were suddenly killed.

Zhu Xing stood at his original position with his right hand holding a black horn. Seeing Lin Huang's shock, he grinned and said, "I've been hiding for so many years. Do you think I'm so unprepared for a comeback?"

"Be careful. The item that he's holding is at least on the demigod level. It might even be God's item." Bloody reminded.

Lin Huang knew that it would be impossible for Zhu Xing to kill tens of thousands of immortal-level creatures in a split second even if he was at his peak. The only way this could happen was through the use of a demigod relic or a God-tier item. At Zhu Xing's current condition, he would not be able to activate the relic that many times.

"What else do you have other than those birds?" Zhu Xing said in ridicule. He was not looking at Lin Huang as he said this. Instead, his hand was gently caressing the horn he was holding. He was looking at the horn the way he would look at his lover.

"Bloody, what should we do now?" Lin Huang was out of ideas.

"Bear with it for a while. Other monsters are coming. The number of times he can use his horn must be limited." Bloody did not have any better ideas.

"Alright. That's all we can do for now." Lin Huang knew that Bloody did not expect Zhu Xing to own such a relic. He managed to slaughter tens of thousands of immortal-level monsters within seconds.

Since Bloody could not do anything to help, it began spewing nonsense to buy them some time. "I still have plenty of things up my sleeves. You, on the other hand... probably only have limited uses of that horn of yours. Or rather, is it that you can't get it up a second time?"

"Go ahead, try me and find out." Zhu Xing did not launch an attack immediately. Nobody knew if it was the side effect of using the horn or if he was afraid that Lin Huang had some other hidden abilities.

After remaining still for about 10 minutes, both parties realized that their opponents were in a weak state.

"It seems like using the horn is a big sacrifice for you."

"I think the same probably happened to you? Why don't you continue summoning the birds?"

Lin Huang was eager to kill Zhu Xing while he was weak. However, he was worried that Zhu Xing might be setting him up to fail. He was unsure if Zhu Xing had run out of energy for another attack or if it was simply because he wanted Lin Huang to waste his God Crasher by pretending to be weak.

As they exchanged glances, Zhu Xing saw Lin Huang recharging his God Crasher. Lin Huang had finally launched an attack.

Putting away his horn, Zhu Xing appeared in front of Lin Huang in a flash, slashing forwrd with his sword.

Lin Huang activated his God Crasher again without a moment of hesitation, completely covering Zhu Xing's body in flames.

A moment later, Zhu Xing's body reformed and he attacked Lin Huang. Lin Huang had no choice but to activate his God Crasher to make another attack.

Within mere moments, Zhu Xing's body reappeared. He grinned. "It's the last attack you can make. Are you ready to say goodbye to this world?"


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