Monster Paradise
734 Lin Huang Versus Zhu Xing
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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734 Lin Huang Versus Zhu Xing

"Did the attack just strike him?"

Lin Huang witnessed Zhu Xing's body being enveloped by the God Crasher's attack. However, he was unsure if the attack struck him since he was a Virtual God in the past. There were many ways he could save himself.

A black figure suddenly descended from within the golden beam.

After the black figure landed, Lin Huang immediately appeared next to it to confirm if Zhu Xing was dead.

Lin Huang frowned the moment he laid eyes on the barely-recognizable black figure.

Although it really looked like a burnt corpse, he instinctively felt like this was not Zhu Xing's corpse.

There was no notification from Xiao Hei as well.

Although he would not be able to obtain cards or human pieces from killing humans, there was still a chance for him to obtain skill card, skill pieces, or even relics.

The moment Lin Huang confirmed that Zhu Xing was still alive, he sensed danger coming from behind and immediately retreated hundreds of meters away.

Zhu Xing was holding a sword as he appeared at the position where Lin Huang was standing at earlier. The sword in his hand sliced through Lin Huang's shadow without even a hint of hesitation.

Zhu Xing did not chase after Lin Huang despite missing him. Instead, he smiled at Lin Huang and said, "I didn't expect for you to come to me after I've given up chasing after you."

"Of course! I had to run since you brought a demigod along with you. Think about it. If I attempted to kill you with a demigod, would you run?" Lin Huang laughed.

"You've indeed been monitoring me all this time! What amazing skill you have." As he listened to what Lin Huang said, Zhu Xing confirmed that Lin Huang had been keeping track of his movements all this while. This was why he was always late.

"I do agree that you've done a great job in setting me up with the Fading Petals. My heart is still fluttering with fear. You're kind of brave. However, if you think that you'll have a chance to kill me after the demigod died, you aren't that brave after. You're being too naïve." Zhu Xing laughed at Lin Huang as he said this.

"Thank you for the compliment. It's the first time I've been praised for being too naïve. Do you know that naiveté actually means that a person is kind, straightforward, real, and loves to stride toward freedom." Lin Huang smiled while he lectured Zhu Xing. Then, he continued, "Of course, I'm hoping others would think that I'm more innocent than naive.

"You're a sharp-tongued boy!" Zhu Xing did not want to argue with him any longer. "Since you're here, you'll just die here. Don't worry. After killing you, Wu Mo's inheritance will be extracted from your dead body. It won't just die here."

After finished uttering those words, Zhu Xing took a step forward and transformed into a ghostly figure. His movements were eerie.

Now, Lin Huang could no longer distinguish his true body from the ghostly figure and was unable to take aim with the God Crasher.

The limited attacks the God Crasher could perform required him to take some time to restore its energy.

Just as Zhu Xing was approaching, the flock of birds flying in the sky pounced on him once more, enveloping the ghostly figure that was Zhu Xing.

His shadow was ripped apart by the flock of birds, and he had to use his true body to clumsily fight against the birds.

At this moment, Lin Huang's God Crasher took aim at Zhu Xing once more as red flares gushed out of the muzzle to drown Zhu Xing in wave-like flames.

Before Lin Huang could confirm his death, Zhu Xing's body was gradually formed behind Lin Huang.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but... this flock of birds and the attack I encountered earlier are from your monitoring skill?" Zhu Xing squinted his eyes and looked toward Lin Huang. "Is it a spiritual control? Puppet control? Illusion control? What skill is it? I think birds aren't the only monster that you can control. You've control over other monsters too, right?"

Zhu Xing was close to the truth. However, he did not expect that Lin Huang would own a monster like Bloody who could control the leech pods.

Lin Huang smiled in silence. He heard it from Wu Mo that Wu Zhi, who was also known as Zhu Xing, was good at gleaning the truth from one's conversation. He would definitely not reveal anything if he kept quiet.

Since Lin Huang did not respond, Zhu Xing could guess what he was thinking. "It's fine if you don't want to tell me. There's no difference regardless of the skill being used. You have four more chances to attack me with the God Crasher. However, I can activate my molting ability endlessly so you're going to die as soon as you're done using the attacks of the God Crashers."

Zhu Xing laughed arrogantly as he finished his last sentence.

"Is it possible to unravel his molting rune?" Lin Huang communicated with Bloody telepathically. He did not even attempt to whisper since he was afraid that Zhu Xing had the ability to detect what he just said.

"It's probably the effect of the compound rune which allows him to unleash his molting skill multiple times within time limit. That's why he doesn't need to activate the rune repeatedly in order to obtain its effects." Then, Bloody continued its analysis. "It'll take me some time to observe the type of compound rune that can produce such an effect."

"Alright, I'll try my best to buy you some time. Please be fast." After communicating with Bloody, Lin Huang lifted his head to look at Zhu Xing.

"Didn't you know? As the saying goes, whoever laughs the last, will laugh the longest. It's too early for you to feel happy."

"Is that so? I guess I'll be the one who laughs last since you'll already be a corpse by then," Zhu Xing said before taking another step forward. Then, he transformed into his ghostly figure and lunged toward Lin Huang.

Again, the swarm of birds went into a frenzy mid-air and enveloped Zhu Xing's ghostly figure.

Soon, the shadows were torn apart into pieces by the swarm of birds identified Zhu Xing's true body.

Lin Huang did not launch an attack. Instead, he took aim at Zhu Xing from afar and targeted his true body.

"Why didn't you launch an attack? Is it because you know that you only have four chances left, and you're afraid that the game will end after those four attacks?" Zhu Xing teased while he killed off the birds.

Lin Huang kept quiet as it was useless for him to attack before he managed to decipher his molting rune. He knew fairly well that the number of attacks he could make with his God Crashers were limited. Once he had used up all the attacks, he would be pinned down by Zhu Xing.

In just a short while, Zhu Xing managed to wipe out all the birds. Then, he picked up his sword and dashed toward Lin Huang, appearing instantly before him.

Lin Huang did not dodge as he glared at Zhu Xing who was less than 10 meters away from him coldly. It was then that a flare suddenly shot out from the God Crashed to envelop Zhu Xing in it.

After a few moments, the flare vanished and Zhu Xing's body regained its form hundreds of meters away. He squinted his eyes and looked toward Lin Huang before showing him three fingers. "You only have three attacks remaining."


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