Monster Paradise
732 The Fearsome Fading Petals
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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732 The Fearsome Fading Petals

As they strode out of the Golden Wheel, Lin Huang appeared at the foot of the iceberg. He then raised his head and looked toward the frost covered mountains.

"Where's the exact location?" he lowered his head and asked bloody.

"It's inside the third iceberg. As for the actual location, you might have to look around." Bloody projected a map where the coordinates were marked.

After remembering the coordinates, he nodded his head at Bloody and said, "I'll handle the rest. I'll return you to your card form so you won't be attacked."

"I'll switch the authority for controlling the leech pods monitoring Zhu Xing and the snow giant to you." Bloody nodded. "You'll be able to control the leech pods. Although it might be difficult for you to control a large number them at the same time, it's not difficult to control one leech pod."

As Bloody said this, it extended its antennae and twisted them around Lin Huang's left arm. After a short while, a purple dot was released on Lin Huang's palm.

"This is the specular pod. As long as you're able to stay focused, you'll be able to obtain the authority over the control of the leech pods. You can also monitor what's happening over there through the pods," Bloody explained, "I've actually been developing these specular pods for a long time. However, this is the first time I've used them. I've tested them quite extensively in the past so there shouldn't be any problems. Give it a try."

Lin Huang nodded. He focused on the specular pods and soon, he could see the monitoring screen.

From the monitoring screen, he could see that Zhu Xing had began pinpointing his whereabouts with a skill.

As he withdrew his attention from the specular pods, Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction and said, "It's convenient to use, and the monitoring screen is clear."

"Zhu Xing has started pinpointing your location. You should go now." Bloody saw what was happening over there so it reminded him.

"I'll recall you into your card form then." Lin Huang said. Soon, Bloody returned to its card form and he headed toward the third iceberg.

When he arrived at the third iceberg, it took him a few minutes to locate the exact position Bloody had saved earlier.

Seeing the unappealing icy blue flower that was blowing in the wind, Lin Huang knew that he had arrived at his destination.

The height of the plant was only half of a regular person's height. The entire plant only had a small, icy blue flower. It looked like a flower of a lotus that was even smaller and was only half the size of a human palm.

The flower was being shaken around by the cold air as it gave off a pitiful look.

Although Lin Huang saw the flower from afar, he dared not move forward. Others may not know what type of plant it was but Lin Huang clearly knew that it was more dangerous than the demigod Wu Zhi who reigned supreme tens of thousands of year ago.

While Lin Huang lingered in fear without getting any closer, the icy blue flower faded away. It puzzled Lin Huang but soon, the plant reappeared less than a meter away from him, lingering before him while it slowly swirled.

Lin Huang attempted to hold his breath since he was quite fearful of the flower.

At that moment, a blue mist was released from the flower, and Lin Huang's body was enveloped by the mist. He did not dare to dodge so he stood there, not even moving a muscle.

After a short while, a beam of purple light appeared between Lin Huang's eyebrows, and a semi-transparent purple crystal was gradually projected in front of his eyebrows.

Lin Huang knew that it was the projection of the Sorcerer Goddess blood.

The icy blue flower shivered as it saw the projection. Then, it quickly withdrew the blue mist that covered Lin Huang's body. A soft sound was heard coming from the flower but Lin Huang had no idea what it meant. Then, it began collapsing and soon, it reappeared where Lin Huang first saw it, hundreds of meters away. It seemed like it never even moved.

Lin Huang knew that danger had finally passed.

He was slightly relieved, and he began focusing on the specular pod in his palm.

In the monitoring screen, Zhu Xing had just completed drawing the detection rune that had pinpointed Lin Huang's current location.

Lin Huang grinned as he patiently waited for the projection of the map. The snow giant would soon summon its Dimensional Whirlpool.

Upon seeing both of them getting ready to enter the whirlpool, Lin Huang summoned the Golden Wheel and strode into it.

The ice-blue flower did not stop Lin Huang from doing anything, allowing Lin Huang to leave.

After the Golden Wheel closed, a whirlpool that was less than 20 meters away from it was formed, and two figures strode out of the whirlpool.

Just as Zhu Xing and the snow giant was sent to the new location, they saw the icy blue flower, putting grave expressions on their face.

"Are those the… Fading Petals?!" The snow giant asked, trembling.

"Run!" Zhu Xing did not bother to answer its question and shouted. He then turned around and fled.

As the God of the tribal members, he knew fairly well how fearsome the Fading Petals were.

It was an abyssal plant planted by the one True God, Wu Mo more than 10,000 years ago. Since it was cared for by Wu Mo, it possessed a terrifying ability that was comparable to the Virtual God that lived tens of thousands of years ago. Consuming demigod monsters as its food, it was a predator at the top of the food chain. Although more than 10,000 years had passed, aside from Wu Mo, even Virtual Gods would become its food.

The Fading Petals showed no mercy except for Wu Mo. This was the reason why Zhu Xing and the snow giant became limp as they attempted to run away in different directions after bumping into the Fading Petals.

After the both of them moved, the Fading Petals disappeared from its original position again and reappeared before the snow giant, blocking its way.

Seeing the icy blue flower appear in front of him, the snow giant shivered as its back became drenched in sweat. It attempted to escape but it was enveloped by the flower's blue mist.

After a short while, the snow giant's body distorted as if it was being crushed by an invisible hand.

The snow giant could not defend against the blue mist that was crushing its body. It let out a pitiful growl which lasted for less than 10 seconds before its huge body became limp and collapsed. It had died.

The huge dead body that was enveloped by blue mist disappeared after several moments before the blue mist cleared.

The snow giant was killed in less than half a minute. Zhu Xing did not even bother to turn his head around as he continued running.

However, the icy blue flower appeared again and blocked his way.

Zhu Xing's pupils dilated as he begged, "Please don't do this to me. I'm a tribal member. I'm Wu Mo's subordinate…"

However, the Fading Petals did not seem to understand what he was trying to say as the blue mist began enveloping his body.

Soon, Zhu Xing's body was getting crushed like the snow giant earlier. After a few moments, his body collapsed and transformed into jade-like phalanges.

The icy blue flower let out a furious growl and soon, the phalanges were engulfed by the blue mist as well.

Hundreds of meters away, Zhu Xing took a deep breath of relief. "I almost died. Thank god for this God item that saved my life."


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