Monster Paradise
728 There“s No Charge for Setting Him Up
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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728 There“s No Charge for Setting Him Up

Through Bloody's monitoring screen, the conversation between Zhu Xing and the snow giant could clearly be observed. Bloody read their lips to discover what they were talking about.

"They think that we have the god relic which distorted their detection result."

Lin Huang was looking at the monitoring screen, shaking his head and said, "It's great that they think so. At least, they think that their results have been distorted instead of someone monitoring them."

"It seems like they won't stop chasing us," Bloody reminded.

"If they wish to continue chasing after us, let's play with them." Lin Huang was optimistic as he was not afraid of being caught at all.

Seeing that Zhu Xing had reset the coordinates, Lin Huang summoned the Golden Wheel again and disappeared together with Bloody.

Again, Zhu Xing and the snow giant missed their target as they arrived.

Still, they were not giving up. Zhu Xing bit on his finger again as he tried to detect Lin Huang's position.

The entire process was repeated for seven to eight times. The time needed for Zhu Xing to activate the detection rune got longer and longer. The snow giant started swallowing energy crystals as well to restore its energy that had been drained.

"Zhu Xing has activated the weeping blood rune about eight times now without collapsing. He's amazing." Lin Huang laughed.

"Blood acts as an agent in the rune. What is mainly being drained is one's mental strength. With Zhu Xing's mind, he won't be able to support this type of rune for too many times. However, Wu Zhi is the one who's living in his body. He's somehow a Virtual God in the past." Bloody was still wary of Wu Zhi since he used to be a Virtual God. "The demigod snow giant who possesses teleportation isn't friendly as well. With its ability, it can easily freeze me, and I'll have nowhere to run away to."

"Of course, I know that I'm putting my life at risk. If I leave one to two seconds earlier, the coordinates located by Zhu Xing will be my new location. If I'm a second slower, we'll bump into each other. However, if I don't bother with anything and just leave the land, they'll get Bai Gu into trouble." Lin Huang did not want anyone to get into trouble because of him.

"Bai Gu is gathering the other members to fight Wu Zhi." After a moment of silence, Bloody told him the truth. "There are Leech Pods in Bai Gu's territory, and Bai Gu was the one who said this."

"Why do they want to fight? Is it because of me?" Lin Huang frowned.

"Perhaps you're the spark…" Bloody said, projecting the conversation between Bai Gu and the broad face.

After watching the projection, Lin Huang kept quiet for a long while.

Bai Gu had an incisive mind. He knew what he should have done and what he should not have. At the same time, he knew how to make a wise decision.

Since Lin Huang had obtained the inheritance, Bai Gu could actually kill him and grab the memory that he had inherited. However, instead of doing so, he chose to protect Lin Huang.

In the projection, there was a sentence that came up: "You've been living for more than 30,000 years. Isn't that enough?"

Lin Huang was respectful to the elder as he treated death as nothing.

"It's an inevitable battle," Bloody said, staring at Lin Huang. "Even if we were to leave, we won't make a difference to the situation."

Lin Huang lowered his head, remaining quiet for a long while. He then slowly raised his head and said, "Tomorrow is the deadline. We shall leave tomorrow. I wish that I can fight together with them until the last minute."

Bloody looked at Lin Huang who was so adamant about his decision. Knowing that it would be useless to say anything, Bloody then replied, "Alright, since you've made up your mind, I'll be there with you until the last minute."

As soon as he managed to escape from Zhu Xing, Lin Huang and Bloody appeared in an empty, snowy land.

"If we continue escaping, we won't make any difference aside from buying us some time," Bloody said.

"Do you have any other ideas?" Lin Huang asked.

"Since we've already put our lives at risk, we probably won't mind if the situation gets a little bit more dangerous." Bloody chuckled. "Let's draw them to a foothold where monsters gather or where powerful monsters live. Let's create some trouble for the both of them."

"That's a good idea." Lin Huang's eyes brightened.

"I've encountered the Frostyape Corpse before. Though it isn't even a demigod, its ability is on par with one. Each teleport uses up a large portion of the snow giant's energy. I guess that they'll be in trouble if they're drawn to the Frostyape Corpse's territory. Previously, to save myself from being attacked by those stronger than me, I've saved the coordinates of the imperial-level monster's territory whenever I pass by."

"Let's go there and get them into trouble!" Despite it being an evil plan, Bloody did not feel guilty at all. It even sounded remarkably calm.

"I didn't know you'd have such a wicked plan," Lin Huang teased.

"To deal with an enemy, any tactic can be used." Bloody remained calm.

From the monitoring screen, they saw that Zhu Xing had located their coordinates again. Lin Huang then summoned the Golden Wheel and fixed the location to somewhere near the Frostyape Corpse's territory.

As the snow giant's Dimensional Whirlpool was formed once again, he entered the Golden Wheel together with Bloody.

When they got out of the Golden Wheel, Lin Huang returned to the Frostyape Corpe's territory where he had been a month ago.

After recognizing the direction, Lin Huang found the place where the Frostyape Corpse hid. He restrained his aura, floating in the safe zone outside the Frostyape Corpse's territory. They then waited patiently for Zhu Xing and the snow giant to arrive.

Ten minutes later, just when Zhu Xing's rune was being created, Lin Huang grinned and summoned the Golden Wheel. At the same time, the Book of Sorcerer Dao was being summoned as well.

As Zhu Xing was flipping the Book of Sorcerer Dao quickly to the last page, Lin Huang pressed his hand against the rune. A golden rune was formed swiftly in the air.

"Snow transformation!" As Lin Huang pointed the finger at it, the rune transformed into a dazzling, golden glow which enveloped the entire region where the Frostyape Corpse was hiding. The whole area was like snow being quickly melted by high temperature. In less than three minutes, the Frostyape Corpse became a big, black pit.

A few moments later, a furious roar was heard coming out from the pit.

From Bloody's monitoring screen, the snow giant's Dimensional Whirlpool was generated.

"I hope that you'll appreciate my gift." Lin Huang grinned as he pushed the door of the Golden Wheel open and entered.

The next moment when Lin Huang disappeared, the furious Frostyape Corpse emerged from the underground. At the same time when it appeared, the snow giant and Zhu Xing strode out of the Dimensional Whirlpool.


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