Monster Paradise
726 The Weather’s Great to Walk Your Dog
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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726 The Weather’s Great to Walk Your Dog

As Lin Huang was sent from to the ninth level to the first level of the Sorcerer Goddess Tower, he walked straight towards the living room that Bai Gu was usually in. Just as he was going to knock on the door, he heard Bai Gu's voice.

"You don't have to do that. Come and have a seat."

Lin Huang walked in to see Bai Gu seated with his legs crossed in front of the coffee table as he gestured for him to take a seat. Lin Huang took his seat and asked immediately, "Are you looking for me, Sir?"

"I heard that somebody is looking for you. It should be about the Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance," Bai Gu said directly.

"I think it's Wu Zhi!" Lin Huang frowned. Theoretically, Wu Zhi was the only one who knew that he had gotten the Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance. It was quite impossible that Wu Zhi would tell anybody else about it.

"It should be him. I don't think anybody else can persuade those powerful people to share where his descendants' tribe is." Bai Gu nodded.

"You mean there are others besides him?" Lin Huang frowned even deeper.

"Yes, almost every powerful person in each tribe is coming. There're even demigods. It only makes sense that they're only coming for the Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance." Bai Gu looked at Lin Huang with his empty eye sockets.

"How would they know where I am?" Lin Huang could not understand it.

"They've no idea where exactly you are, but Wu Zhi has his way to find your coordinates as long as you're outside of the Sorcerer Goddess Tower. Unless you're in the Sorcerer Goddess Tower, then he won't find out where you are. But there are only 12 Sorcerer Goddess Towers in this land and only seven of them welcome humans. All he's got to do is to visit these seven tribes, and he'll find out where you are.

"He's visited four footholds this afternoon, and I'm guessing he'll be here next. Leave as soon as you can. You'll be safe once you get back to your world," Bai Gu suggested.

"He'll find out that I was hiding at your foothold if I run away, and he'll definitely come after you guys." Lin Huang was confident of the outcome as Wu Zhi was clearly evil. To prevent the news from spreading, he might kill the entire tribe.

"Our tribe will be in bigger trouble if you stay," Bai Gu spoke the truth. "I'll settle whatever's coming for us after you leave."

Lin Huang went into silence. He was thinking how he could settle this. He could not just leave like that and let Bai Gu settle Wu Zhi, but he could not stay either.

"Alright then, I'll leave." Lin Huang made his decision a while later.

"Lin Huang, this Wu Zhi has great greed. The Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance must not fall into his hands, or else, there'll be disaster for your new era," Bai Gu reminded.

"I know, the Sorcerer Goddess has told me about him."

"Pack your stuff. I'll send you out later. My Witchcraft should be able to isolate you from Wu Zhi's detection for a short period of time."

"You don't have to do that. I've already pinned the coordinates of the floating land border earlier. There's nothing much for me to pack." Lin Huang shook his head as he rejected Bai Gu's kindness.

"If there's nothing else, I'll leave now."

Bai Gu nodded.

"Leave as soon as you arrive at the border. Don't reveal yourself too much when you're back to where you're from. He's a Virtual God after all, so I'm not sure what he's capable of. It's better to be safe than sorry."

"I know. Thank you, Sir and the rest, for your time spent taking care of me." Lin Huang smiled and nodded. "Don't worry about me. I've quite some enemies, but I managed to survive until now. Although my combat level is just mediocre, I have some pretty neat survival skills."

"Even so, don't underestimate any of your enemies," Bai Gu reminded again.

"Yes, I understand." Lin Huang gave a short response and stood up slowly from the futon. "Alright, I shall make a move now."

Bai Gu stood up as well. "Let me send you off."

The both of them walked out of the Sorcerer Goddess Tower. It was near midnight, and there were red and purple crescent moons hanging high up in the sky. There were so bright that they masked the stars around them.

Most of the people had fallen asleep. Although they were now dolls, they went on with their daily lives as usual. As they walked out of the tower, the gigantic face appeared and watched Lin Huang quietly. Lin Huang nodded at the face with a smile while the latter nodded back without saying a word.

As he arrived ten meters away from the Sorcerer Goddess Tower entrance, Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic. Bai Gu watched him quietly by the entrance. After adjusting the coordinates, he then stepped into the dimensional relic without thinking twice. Before the dimensional relic shut, he turned around to wave at Bai Gu and the huge face. Bai Gu waved back too. They watched the dimensional relic close slowly, fade away and disappear.

"Goodbye, human kid from the new era," Bai Gu mumbled.

"Leader, do you really like him?" The gigantic face looked at Bai Gu questioningly.

"Since the Sorcerer Goddess picked him, I shall trust her choice." Bai Gu nodded without hesitation.

"There will be a war among the tribes because of him. Is it worth it?" The face asked again.

"There's no saying whether it's worth it or not. Our conflict has been piling up for tens of thousands of years. The war is unavoidable anyway. It's just a matter of time. Lin Huang's appearance is just a trigger. After all, he's taken the Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance with him, so we've completed our mission. There's no need for us to worry anymore. We don't belong to this new era anyway. We've been living for more than 30,000 years. Isn't that enough?"

"That's enough…" The face nodded while forcing a smile.

"Get everyone ready to fight. Also, inform the tribes to get ready." Bai Gu pointed with his walking stick.

"Wu Zhi, how dare you show yourself since you were a traitor before? How dare you come for the Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance? Don't blame us if we have to attack you!"

A black dimensional relic opened slowly thousands of kilometers away, and a person walked out of it at the border of the floating land. It was Lin Huang who had just left the foothold. After recalling the dimensional relic, he summoned Bloody instead of leaving the floating land immediately.

"Find out where Zhu Xing is."

Bloody's Leech Pods spread across the entire land and soon it got the results after searching with its eyes closed.

"Got him. But this guy is dangerous. My Leech Pods can't get too close to him, or else, he'll definitely find out."

"It's okay as long as you know his rough location."

Bloody projected the image that it found. In the projection, Zhu Xing was resting with his eyes closed in front of a bonfire. Suddenly, his eyes flew wide open with excitement.

"Human named Lin, you've finally shown yourself!"

"I think we've exposed ourselves." Although Bloody could not hear Zhu Xing's voice, it could read his lips and knew what he had just mumbled to himself.

"Really?" Lin Huang smirked as he looked at the red and purple crescent moons in the sky.

"The weather's great today. It's best to bring your dog for a walk."


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