Monster Paradise
725 Available Mythical-Level Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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725 Available Mythical-Level Card

Dead bodies lay scattered on the snow. Most of the 23 slain were killed instantly, and only some of them suffered multiple injuries on their bodies. Most of them were had their heads chopped off. A plump man stood in the middle of the bodies, the tip of his supreme sword relic still dripping with blood.

"I'm in luck this time. I didn't expect that this host would be so talented in Sword Dao. He remedied those in our tribe who are weak at close-range fighting." Zhu Xing started to browse through all the bodies after putting his sword away. 

Wu Zhi would not be interested in searching for treasure on the corpses. However, since he had made Zhu Xing his host, there was nothing on him that was valuable besides the finger bone that he got from the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine earlier. Moreover, he needed a massive amount of resources to improve his combat level so he would have to put down his pride and search for stuff from these people who were not even on imperial-level.

Zhu Xing shook his head in disappointment after going through all the 23 bodies.

"Not even a demigod relic. I've got no idea what's in their Emperor's Heart Rings, and I'll have to get someone to unseal them later. Ugh, so much trouble!"

"Since I can't find the guy who's got the key to the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine, he must be hiding in the Sorcerer Goddess Tower now. Tomorrow will be the last day of the one-month period. There's only 12 Sorcerer Goddess Towers. Besides the one that my tribe is in, there're 11 others. Among the 11 Sorcerer Goddess Towers, there're only 7 of them who aren't against humans. Only these seven tribes would allow humans to enter their tower. I should have enough time to visit the seven footholds within the remaining two days.

"It'll be much easier if I manage to kill the guy on this floating land. He's a genius after all, and there must be people protecting him out there. In my current condition, I won't be able to handle imperial-levels who are just slightly powerful, let alone demigods. Moreover, many people will be eyeing the inheritance. The competition will be even more intense, so I'll have to take the inheritance from him before tomorrow. I'll disguise as a different face and leave this land together with the rest."

After coming up with a plan, Zhu Xing flew into the air and looked far away.

"But before that, I'll need some assistance…"

He then raced like an arrow towards the direction that he was looking at

As time passed by, Lin Huang spent four days on the ninth level of the Sorcerer Goddess Tower. During the four days, he did not eat or rest as he focused on the cultivation of his Army Attack Tactics. He accumulated more two million skill card pieces every day. Compared to the two million-odd card pieces that he collected in the beginning, he was closer to his goal of ten million card pieces to break through to the level-10 of Army Attack Tactics.

By the middle of the night on the fourth day, he had accumulated eight million card pieces and was still going strong.

8.5 million…

Nine million…

9.5 million…

On the fourth night, he finally accumulated ten million Army Attack Tactics card pieces, triggering Xiao Hei's notification.

"Congratulations, you've accumulated ten million Army Attack Tactics card pieces. Would you like to consume the ten million card pieces to complete the level-10 Army Attack Tactics?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang decided without thinking twice.

"Consuming ten million Army Attack Tactics card pieces. Breaking through level-10 Army Attack Tactics… Completed!"

"Congratulations, you've obtained a mythical-level cultivation method card - Twisted Fate Scripture!"

"Mythical-level card? I can't activate it, can I?" Lin Huang asked.

"The Twisted Fate Scripture card is unique as it evolved from the Army Attack Tactics. Although it's a mythical-level, there's no restriction in activating it."

"So, I can cultivate it directly?" After confirming that he could activate the mythical-level card, Lin Huang was pumped up and forgot all about his exhaustion from not resting for the past four days.

"Sure, you can take a look at the card description yourself."

Lin Huang summoned the Twisted Fate Scripture card immediately.

"Special Life Skill Card

"Life Skill Name: Twisted Fate Scripture

"Rarity: Mythical

"Mastery Level: Twisted Rotation No. 1 (0/1 million)

"Twisted Nine Rotations: Your physical and spiritual strength, power, speed, and reflexes will be doubled in each rotation. After the nine rotations are completed, your body will transform directly into a Virtual God!

"Fate Nine Rotations: Your authorization is restricted, so the effect is unknown.

"Card Remarks: F*cking awesome!"

It was his first time seeing such an excellent comment from Xiao Hei on a card. However, he recalled Mr. Fu saying that the cultivation method and Monster Skills that were acquired once he got to transcendent-level would be unlikely to boost his physical strength and other body attributes. Perhaps the cultivation method that he had just obtained was so rare that even Xiao Hei complimented it.

"Does the 0/1 Million in the brackets mean that I'll need one million card pieces to complete the first rotation of cultivation?" Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei.


"Then, how about the second and third rotation?" Lin Huang knew that it was impossible for every rotation to require the same amount of cards pieces. If that were the case, it was too easy to master the Twisted Nine Rotations.

"The requirement of the card pieces will double up in each rotation."

"It can't be. The first rotation requires one million card pieces. Doesn't that mean I'll need more than two billion card pieces for the ninth rotation?" Lin Huang asked in horror.

"That's theoretically right. It's tough to master this cultivation method."

Although the requirement of the card pieces was terrifying, Lin Huang managed to calm himself down quickly. After all, the cultivation method was on mythical-level. Besides, as long as he completed the Twisted Nine Rotations, he would be a Virtual God instantly. Therefore, it made sense for it to be difficult, or else, everyone who practiced the same cultivation method during those days would have become Virtual Gods at the snap of a finger.

"The ninth level of Sorcerer Goddess Tower is a perfect place for cultivation. It would be great if I can stay there to practice the Twisted Fate Scripture." On the ninth level of the tower, the speed of obtaining card pieces was more than 20 times faster than being out there. Figuring that he would need a huge number of card pieces for the Twisted Fate Scripture, Lin Huang planned to stay on the tower to practice.

"Tomorrow will be the last day. The people from the Union Government will kill you if you don't leave," Xiao Hei reminded.

"I know that. It's such a bummer." Lin Huang shook his head helplessly. "Since I still have a half day left tomorrow, I shall see how many Twisted Fate Scripture card pieces I can get."

"Oh, you've finally woken up! Bai Gu's looking for you." The gigantic face appeared on the ceiling before Lin Huang managed to start his practice.


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