Monster Paradise
721 Creating Trouble for the Goblin
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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721 Creating Trouble for the Goblin

"You said that the Virtual God wanted to steal my inheritance. Could you please provide more information?" Lin Huang asked.

"His name is Wu Zhi. He was one of my followers during the old era. Despite not being the strongest, he's the most intelligent. During our era, when the abyssal monsters arrived, he did not fight them. Instead, he avoided them. He took advantage of the war and collected the corpses of the Virtual Gods. He wanted to become the True God evilly. However, he was killed before the plot succeeded. The God's soul remained in his son's body.

"When humans entered the land, his son took over the human's body using some tricks. After the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine was activated, the God's soul sensed it and was awakened. Therefore, he has now occupied the person's body.

"Wu Zhi is ambitious as he's eager for the rise of the tribal members. The credentials and talents of the body that he has occupied are comparable to yours. If he can inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory, he'll definitely be able to become the True God given ample time. Regardless of whether the abyssal monsters arrive or not, he'll be a nightmare to all the cultivators in the new era."

Lin Huang frowned again as he heard that ominous news. "How long will he take to transform back to a Virtual God?"

"That's uncertain. Besides being a Virtual God, his body has terrifying abilities, so it's not difficult for him to restore his original combat strength. However, I'm doubtful of how complete the memory of the God's soul is. If the God's soul manages to store all the memory, in half a year or a year at the most, he'll be able to restore his combat strength as a Virtual God. He doesn't lack any resources to level up in the floating land. If the memory of the God's soul is incomplete, I can't predict how long it'll take him to restore his ability. It might take him several years, or he might not be able to even after hundreds of years."

"What about the human that he has parasitized? Is there any useful information?" Lin Huang questioned.

"He is called Zhu Xing. He's also a supreme genius, and his combat strength is on immortal-level rank-9. I don't know much about him though." Wu Mo paused, "You're not the only one who managed to get through the last round of the assessment. He has completed the drawing of three new rune lines and developed 3,000 complete runes. However, he prepared it beforehand."

"Does it count as cheating if he knows the content of the assessment beforehand?" Lin Huang recalled how they had cheated during the exams when he was in university.

"It is indeed considered cheating. However, the Sorcerer Goddess didn't mention that cheating is prohibited. That's why he's not deemed having violated the rules." Wu Mo explained helplessly.

"Does it mean that he's qualified to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory as well?" Lin Huang frowned.

"Theoretically, yes, he is. However, after the last round of the assessment has ended and there's more than one successful candidate, the one with the best performance will be chosen. The Sorcerer Goddess has thought about this earlier."

"Therefore, I'm still the one who gets the inheritance, am I not?" Lin Huang was relieved when he heard that.

"Of course, you'll be the one," Wu Mo assured him and continued, "You have less than ten minutes now. I'll insert the Sorcerer Goddess's memory into your body. It's best for you to leave early. As long as the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine is automatically closed, nobody will know that the memory has been obtained. Wu Zhi wanted to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory on his own. Therefore, it's impossible for him to reveal the information to the others. As long as you can avoid Wu Zhi, you'll be safe."

"There's no need to avoid him. If he were to get me into trouble, I'd have fun with him." Lin Huang had a mischievous look on his face.

"Are you sure that you're able to handle him? His ability is on par with an imperial-level." Although Lin Huang had performed many miracles throughout the challenge, Wu Mo did not think that he was capable of fighting Wu Zhi.

"I'll be able to defend myself against him." Lin Huang assured confidently.

"Don't get yourself into trouble. He's way more to difficult to deal with than you can imagine."

"Don't worry. I'm not going to fight him face to face. I'll just create trouble for him." Lin Huang grinned.

Wu Mo had no idea what Lin Huang was thinking. Encountering such a strong enemy, anyone would usually choose aversion in the first place. However, Lin Huang decided to stir chaos instead.

"If you're caught, you'll wish you chose death," Wu Mo warned. However, she did not want to talk about this anymore. "I'll now insert the Sorcerer Goddess's memory into your body."

After Wu Mo's voice was heard, a meteorite suddenly streaked across the vast expanse of sky at lightning fast speed. It was heading straight towards Lin Huang.

The meteorite was flying at a breakneck speed, and Lin Huang could not avoid it at all. He was stunned as he gaped at the meteorite that appeared less than ten meters away from him. When he was about to strike, the meteorite suddenly stopped moving. It was like a mountain that spanned across the sky.

"What's happening?" As Lin Huang wondered, a crack was heard coming from the meteorite in front of him. Soon, there was a second crack, a third… Within seconds, many cracks appeared on the meteorite like a spider web.

After several moments, the meteorite was crushed entirely into debris.

Lin Huang felt odd as he stared at the scene that had just happened without any clue.

As soon as the meteorite collapsed, the debris scattered and floated in mid-air like Lin Huang. Soon after that, Lin Huang found a shiny, golden item among the debris.

He appeared next to the golden item in a flash and grabbed it.

The crystal was the size of a fist, and it looked like a golden mineral in a bizarre shape. When he grabbed it, Lin Huang sensed a familiar energy wave.

"Is this the inheritance of the Sorcerer Goddess?" Lin Huang asked, feeling puzzled.

"Yes, you're right." Wu Mo's voice was heard again.

"How should I use this?"

"Hold it between your eyebrows. It'll enter your body on its own," Wu Mo said, then added, "However, due to your low combat strength, you're not allowed to read most of the contents. Perhaps you'll only be able to completely receive the inheritance when you achieve the Virtual God level. Since the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine is closing soon, you don't need to read the inherited memory yet. Let's talk about it later after you get out of this place. I'll now grant you some of the authority of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine.

Before Lin Huang could check out the Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance, many messages gushed into his mind. Going through them, he realized that they were some of the jurisdictions of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine.

"It's only activated once a year. Please come again next year if you want to enter."

Lin Huang soon noticed the time and grinned. "Fortunately, there are still a few minutes remaining."

He adjusted his voice slightly and soon he sounded like a lady. It was the effect of the Advanced Disguise. "Sorcerer Goddess, do I sound the same as you?"

"What are you trying to do?" Wu Mo found him ridiculous.

"I told you earlier that I'm going to create trouble for the goblin." Lin Huang smirked wryly.

After several moments, a voice that sounded exactly the same as Wu Mo's was heard throughout the 12 shrines in the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine.

"Congratulations, Zhu Xing! You've successfully obtained the Sorcerer Goddess's inheritance!"


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