Monster Paradise
720 Zhu Xing“s Ambition
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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720 Zhu Xing“s Ambition

Zhu Xing inserted both of his hands into his pocket and was waiting leisurely in the vast expanse of the sky. "Sorcerer Goddess, do I really have to wait here for the last 40 minutes?"

"Are you sure you want to end the assessment before it's over?" Wu Mo asked.

"I've already completed the assessment. It's meaningless for me to wait here since I must be the one who's going to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory." Zhu Xing sneered upon the rest of the challengers.

"Before the assessment ends, nobody knows who's going to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory." Of course, by looking at Lin Huang's performance, Wu Mo knew that Zhu Xing would be disqualified. However, she was not going to tell him.

However, Zhu Xing could vaguely sense that something was wrong based on Wu Mo's tone. "Sorcerer Goddess, you're worrying me. Could somebody else have completed the assessment too?"

"You'll know that as soon as the assessment ends." Wu Mo gave an ambiguous reply.

"You refused to answer my question. It means 80% of what I guessed might be correct," Zhu Xing analyzed, stroking his chin. "You didn't want me to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory, but you sound like you're not fearful of anything. It means that most likely that person is going to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess' memory and I won't be able to surpass that person in the remaining 40 minutes."

Wu Mo chose to keep quiet.

After several moments, seeing that Wu Mo did not respond to him, Zhu Xing said again, "Your silence means that I made the right guess. I can basically confirm that about a 90% chance that the person has surpassed me."

"Who's the one who did that?" Zhu Xing narrowed his eyes. "Less likely that the few of them who are lagging behind me can get through this. Most probably it's the fella who has the key to the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine… Of course, he must be capable if he can get the key. I've underestimated him."

Zhu Xing knew the truth through the tiny bit of clue he had, and he was sure that Lin Huang was the one who surpassed him.

"If he's the one who inherits the Sorcerer Goddess' memory, it's simple. As long as I can catch him alive, I'll force him to transfer whatever he has inherited to me," Zhu Xing said, nodding his head as if he had made up his mind. He was whispering to himself and did not notice that Wu Mo was watching him. It seemed like he purposely wanted to tell Wu Mo this.

"I think I know who you are," Wu Mo said, "I never expected that you'd still be alive."

"I think you've got the wrong person, Sorcerer Goddess." Zhu Xing refused to admit it.

"I can't be wrong. You're Wu Zhi," Wu Mo stated confidently. "If I'm not mistaken, you must've implanted the God's soul in your son's body. Your soul was awakened as soon as I activated the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine. After occupying your son's body, you seized the opportunity to transfer the soul to an outsider's body."

"I don't understand what you're trying to say," Zhu Xing insisted on denying.

"Don't you understand? I'll explain to you then." Wu Mo did not doubt that he was Wu Zhi. "Wu Zhi is a Virtual God during our epoch. He's the most intelligent among all my followers. However, he made a mistake due to a disaster that happened in the abyss. He did not try to defend us against the abyssal monsters. Instead, he took the opportunity to gather all the Virtual Gods' corpses. He intended to reach his goal of becoming the True God by evilly offering a sacrifice. He even encouraged the rest of the Virtual Gods to act with him. He took advantage of the war and did not contribute to the battle. As soon as I discovered it, he attempted to flee and ended up being killed by an abyssal monster."

"Evilly offering a sacrifice?" After listening to what Wu Mo said, Zhu Xing could no longer stand his curiosity. "Is it a cruel way to reuse the dead bodies? Isn't it evil to sell the monster carcasses for money and eat their meat? They are all dead bodies. Why should humans deserve better treatment than monsters?!"

"Wu Mo, I chose to avoid the battle previously because I didn't want to burn bridges. If I were a True God, the tribal members wouldn't need to stay here for ages. If the True God protected us, the tribal members would have ruled the new epoch, let alone the old epoch!"

"You're the one who talks about principles and stopped me from becoming the True God. Look at the tribal members. They're all living in puppets. They're struggling to survive! Why not just kill the entire ethnic?!"

Zhu Xing finally admitted his identity. Wu Mo kept quiet for a long time after listening to what he said.

"However, what you did was still wrong," Wu Mo sighed after a long while.

"Is it right to allow the people from the old epoch and the new epoch to rule the world? Why can't the tribal members rule the word?!" Zhu Xing was triggered.

"Our epoch has been destroyed. That's certain. Since it's already ended, why can't you just let it go?"

"It's not that I don't want to let it go. Instead, here's a chance for the rise of the tribal members. In less than five years, the abyssal monsters will wipe out the entire land again. After the monsters return to the abyss, we shall make a comeback. The entire land will belong to the tribal members! It's an opportunity given by the God for the rise of the tribal members!"

"Wu Mo, as long as I'm the one that inherits the Sorcerer Goddess's memory, I'll lead the tribal members to march towards prosperity and create a new epoch that solely belongs to the tribal members!"

Wu Mo remained silent again. After a long while, she said, "The era doesn't belong to us. This will cause war and create more suffering."

"As a Sorcerer Goddess, why do you always think about the others instead of the tribal members?" Zhu Xing questioned. "You want an outsider to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess' memory instead of me."

"That's fine. Even if the fella who owns the key to the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine successfully inherits the Sorcerer Goddess's memory, I'll have my way to grab it. I'll not only take away whatever that he has inherited, but he'll also be my slave so that he can be my toy and completely be under my control!"

On the other side, after Lin Huang had completed the assessment, but his body had given way to exhaustion. After about half an hour, he slowly recovered.

"It's less than ten minutes away from the closing of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine. I've completed the assessment, so if I'm not mistaken, I'll be able to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess' memory." Lin Huang was satisfied with his performance.

Suddenly, Wu Mo's voice was heard. "Lin Huang, before inheriting the Sorcerer Goddess's memory, I have some bad news for you."

"Bad news?" Lin Huang was stunned.

"After the closing of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine, you'll have to leave the floating land as soon as possible. Someone knows that you're going to obtain the inheritance, and he'll attack you and grab the inheritance from you. He might want to enslave you."

"Eh, is he strong?" Lin Huang asked.

"According to the usual way of classifying combat strength, he's an immortal-level rank-9. However, his ability has far surpassed that. A Virtual God is living in his body."

Lin Huang's face turned grave as he heard that. He never expected to encounter a Virtual God. "How does he look like?"

Wu Mo projected Zhu Xing's appearance. "He has now parasitized this person's body. However, it's easy for him to wear a disguise."

After remembering Zhu Xing's appearance, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind. "I know. I'll be careful of him."


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