Monster Paradise
719 Getting C*ckblocked at the Last Minute
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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719 Getting C*ckblocked at the Last Minute

Wu Mo frowned as she looked at Zhu Xing, the plump man. She felt that he was somewhat sinister, but she could not figure out what was wrong. Since she was not in the actual body of the Sorcerer Goddess, her sight was limited.

Zhu Xing walked calmly towards the cliff where millions of runes were carved. He stood still and looked through the runes.

Managing to look through all the runes at one glance, his speed far surpassed Lin Huang who received an epiphany.

Wu Mo was shocked. Soon after, she frowned as if something had dawned on her.

Zhu Xing spent less than eight hours to look through all the runes on the cliff. He then closed his eyes and fell into deep thought. After a short while, he turned back and said, "I've memorized all of them. Can I proceed to the next round?"

"You've seen the cliff before! Who are you?" Wu Mo asked in a deep voice.

"Sorcerer Goddess, does it matter?" Zhu Xing asked as he tilted his head slightly. "I guess that you don't have the right to bother who I am as long as I'm qualified to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory. Am I right?"

Wu Mo remained silent. He knew very well that Wu Mo was just a shell with her remaining consciousness. She did not have the authority to make any decision regarding who would inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory.

"Don't waste my time anymore. Let's proceed to the last round." Zhu Xing waved his hand at her. "I know you wish for the fella to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory rather than me. However, there are only four hours left. I think you know very well that the fella will stand no chance to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory anymore."

Wu Mo did not refute. Lin Huang had gone in for four days. In the last four hours, not a single rune line had been created. The probability that he could complete the assessment was close to zero.

Wu Mo did not say anything else. A silver door soon appeared as she waved her hand. "Get in."

Zhu Xing did not continue provoking her. Instead, he caught a glimpse of Wu Mo before entering.

As the silver door closed, Wu Mo pondered herself. A scene of Zhu Xing in the final assessment was being projected. She was still monitoring him.

In the projection, Zhu Xing was not nervous at all as he was sent to a dimension that looked like the vast universe. Even then, he was not shocked at all.

After closing his eyes for a moment, he opened his eyes again in less than half a minute. He extended his hand and started drawing rune lines in mid-air with his Life Power.

Yes, it was an entirely new rune line. It did not belong to any of the rune lines that were already available in public. It did not belong to the rune line that was decomposed from the 1,080,000 completed runes carved on the cliff as well.

Wu Mo frowned when she saw what just happened. She could confirm that Zhu Xing did not master the essence of the runes on the spot. He had been prepared for this.

Wu Mo could confirm her thoughts as she watched what Zhu Xing did next. After drawing the first new rune line, he immediately drew the second rune line, followed by the third rune line.

Similarly, two of the rune lines did not belong to any of the rune lines that Wu Mo already knew.

After finished drawing the three rune lines, Zhu Xing grinned.

He then lifted his wrist. Without even pausing for a moment, he started drawing the new runes. In just a few seconds, a complete rune was drawn. Next, there was the second one, the third one…

During the final hour of the assessment, 3,000 complete runes were drawn by Zhu Xing.

After drawing the last rune, Zhu Xing stopped.

"I've completed the requirement of the final assessment. Am I qualified to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory now?" He said as if he was talking to himself. It seemed like he knew that Wu Mo was spying on him.

"Are you sure that you aren't going to add any new runes or rune lines to increase the probability of your winning?" Wu Mo's voice echoed.

"No, there's no need to do so. It's less than an hour away from the closing of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine. The fella who has gotten the key to the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine won't be able to get through this. If the rest of them can complete the second last round, they won't be able to enter the last round. Even if they're already prepared for it like I was, they won't be able to achieve the drawing on time." Zhu Xing was extremely confident.

Wu Mo remained quiet again as what Zhu Xing said was a fact. Lin Huang would be unable to get through this since he had not created a single rune line yet. Two others managed to get through the second last challenge. However, it was too late for them to get to the final assessment as they no longer had enough time to get through the final assessment.

It seemed like Zhu Xing was going to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory.

Right when Wu Mo was immersed in her thoughts, Lin Huang, who had been closing his eyes in the sky, finally opened his eyes.

As he opened his eyes, dazzling stars moved around in his eyes. Of course, the peculiar phenomenon disappeared in an instant.

Wu Mo felt that right at the moment when Lin Huang opened his eyes, she experienced an illusion. As she looked at him carefully, there was nothing different than usual in Lin Huang's eyes.

After opening his eyes, Lin Huang did not get out of his epiphany. Instead, he pointed in mid-air and drew a completely new rune line with his Life Power.

Soon after, he drew the second, the third, the fourth… He stopped right after drawing the 11th rune line.

Wu Mo was stunned to see what just happened. Lin Huang's performance was completely beyond her expectations. Soon after, a thought ran through her mind, "Damn it! You don't have enough time!"

In the air, Lin Huang had utterly forgotten about the time limit. After drawing 11 of the new rune lines, he started drawing the complete rune.

Although she felt that he would be unable to complete it on time, still, she reminded Lin Huang, "Lin Huang, you don't have enough time to finish the drawing. You have less than an hour left. You have to finish drawing the complete rune as soon as possible."

As soon as he heard Wu Mo's voice, Lin Huang suddenly paused. He then retracted his arm, and threads extended mid-air, controlled by his telekinesis.

More than 9,000 threads were created, and they all started drawing the Witchcraft Rune at almost the same time.

What Lin Huang did was out of Wu Mo's expectations again. She initially had no faith in Lin Huang as it was almost impossible for him to draw 3,000 runes in an hour. This indicated that he had to finish drawing one complete rune in about a second. It was an unconventional way for Lin Huang to draw thousands of runes at the same time and he quickly managed to complete drawing more than 9,000 complete runes.

Lin Huang did not recall all the threads that were controlled by his telekinesis power after drawing more than 9,000 of the complete runes. He kept about 6,000 threads with him and started the second round of training.

After more than ten seconds, about 6,000 complete runes were drawn. He then slowly recalled all the threads.

Lin Huang exited his epiphany after he had completed all the drawings. He was collapsing as dizziness struck him. He felt as if he was suffering from an intense bout of flu and fever.


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