Monster Paradise
716 The Rune Cliff
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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716 The Rune Cliff

After the Ten Thousand Sealing Rune had been decoded for more than 300 times, Lin Huang encountered a rune that he was unfamiliar with for the first time. Bloody accepted the mission without hesitation and rapidly drafted the sealing rune.

Having decoded the rune for about 900 times, Lin Huang faced some problems for the second time. Bloody helped him out again.

With Bloody's assistance, Lin Huang only managed to unseal more than 800 runes after working on it for precisely two days without any rest.

As he continued unsealing the runes, he sensed an energy wave coming from the shrine.

Lin Huang then turned his head back and looked in the direction where he sensed the source of the energy wave. A plump, young man appeared in the shrine.

The golden armor revealed his identity that he was wearing.

"It's the people from Dynasty!" Lin Huang frowned.

Zhu Xing soon noticed Lin Huang who was hundreds of meters away from him. He was stunned when he saw Lin Huang at first glance. However, he was able to confirm Lin Huang's identity soon and started sizing Lin Huang up.

However, due to the rules that Wu Mo had mentioned earlier, he did not take the initiative to talk to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang caught a glimpse of Zhu Xing and shifted his focus back on to the stone tablet. He knew the rules of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine as well. Therefore, he was not worried that the person would attack him.

Zhu Xing knew that Lin Huang was only a purple flame-level at first glimpse. He was not even an immortal-level. Of course, he was envious of Lin Huang as the fellow with such low combat level could own the key to the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine. Furthermore, Lin Huang had even entered the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine two days ahead of him.

Zhu Xing then quickly shifted his gaze from Lin Huang towards the 11 treasures that remained in the frosted cabinet.

"The Sorcerer Goddess's blood isn't here. The fella must've taken it." Zhu Xing glanced at Lin Huang again, and greed flashed in his eyes.

As he was about to shift his gaze and carefully study the treasures, the cabinet suddenly vibrated. White, jade-like phalanges shot out of the cabinet abruptly. The phalanges entered Zhu Xing's body when he was unaware of it.

Zhu Xing immediately sat down with his legs crossed and started digesting the item that he had just obtained.

After sitting down for a while, he felt a stir in the space in the shrine. It was a tribal member that was being sent there. His body was in the form of a teddy bear that was more than two meters tall.

Zhu Xing opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the guy, and soon, he immediately closed his eyes to complete his task.

Lin Huang did not bother to turn around this time. Since the first person was sent, he knew that the number of people sent to the shrine would only increase after that.

Da Xiong soon noticed the presence of Lin Huang and Zhu Xing. Zhu Xing was familiar to him as the man had exhibited outstanding performance and it was hard for him not to notice him.

Seeing that two items had disappeared from 12 of the cabinets, Da Xiong could confirm Lin Huang's identity as well.

As a tribal member, he was curious about Lin Huang, who had obtained the key to the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine. He secretly sized Lin Huang up.

After a short while, the cabinet vibrated again. A book slowly floated in front of Da Xiong. He then extended his hand and grabbed the item that he had chosen.

The book turned into a ball of light that gradually merged in between Da Xiong's eyebrows.

Da Xiong immediately sat down with his legs crossed as well, watching the item that he had just obtained.

In the last ten hours, before Lin Huang could complete decoding the Ten Thousand Sealing Rune, five people were sent to the shrine one after another.

Wu Mo guided them to a stone tablet that looked similar to the one in front of Lin Huang. They started the assessment of the Ten Thousand Sealing Rune as well.

As for Lin Huang who had not rested for almost 60 hours, he finally carved the last rune on the last sealing rune of the Ten Thousand Sealing Rune.

The outer body of the stone tablet peeled away, revealing the dark bronze metal. Soon after, the complete form of the stone tablet appeared in front of Lin Huang – it was a metal door.

As the outer body had been completely peeled off, the metal door expanded rapidly and soon, a door that was three meters tall and a meter wide formed.

The changes that happened on Lin Huang's side had attracted the attention of the five of them who looked at the metal door.

The four of them immediately shifted their focus back to their work, but Zhu Xing did not. His eyes stared dangerously at Lin Huang, but his hands did not stop decoding the runes. He was just drawing blindly.

Lin Huang did not see this, and neither did the other four.

Lin Huang was standing in front of the door. However, he did not push it open.

Right at this moment, Wu Mo appeared next to him and said, "Please enter. The next assessment is the key to decide if you can inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory."

Lin Huang nodded, extending his hand and pushing against the door. He then strode into the dark space behind the door.

Right after Lin Huang disappeared, the dark bronze door that was transformed from the stone tablet faded away as well.

Wu Mo then turned around, exchanging glances with Zhu Xing who had been staring at Lin Huang.

Zhu Xing took a glance at her and soon, shifted his gaze back to the stone tablet in front of him.

Lin Huang appeared in front of an extremely high cliff right after he entered the door.

The cliff was thousands of meters tall. There were intricate carvings on the cliff which were made of various types of complete runes. There were at least 100,000 or millions of them.

Wu Mo's voice was heard again.

"On the rune cliff, there are 1,080,000 complete runes. You're given three days to memorize all the runes. If you can't finish it within three days, you won't be qualified to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory. Your memory regarding what you've seen from the cliff will be erased as well."

"Memorizing 1,080,000 complete runes in three days…" Lin Huang had no confidence that he could achieve it. He even doubted if Bloody could do so.

"You can ask your pet monster to help you. However, whatever that it memorizes won't be considered. You have to memorize it by yourself. Despite its talent in Witchcraft Runes going beyond comparison, it's still a monster and won't be able to inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory." Wu Mo felt disappointed. If it were human, it might be the one to inherit her memory.

"Bloody, I'm counting on you." Lin Huang knew that he would not be able to do it on his own.

Bloody nodded and started memorizing the complete runes.

Lin Huang had no choice but to memorize the complete runes one by one. However, he was slow at memorizing. He managed to memorize less than 20,000 runes in a day.

Even Bloody was only able to memorize less than half of the total number of runes in a day.

"I won't have much time left in the afternoon." Lin Huang knew that he would not be able to finish it according to their efficiency. He frowned as he started thinking of solutions.

While he was immersed in his thoughts, an idea suddenly ran through his mind. A golden card suddenly appeared in his hand…


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