Monster Paradise
715 Increasing Difficulty With Each Level
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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715 Increasing Difficulty With Each Level

At the first shrine of the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine, the fourth monster horde arrived. It had completely revealed the true abilities of everybody there.

The powerful challengers who got into the first echelon were those who went at it alone. They were also the people who dared to challenge the imperial-level monsters.

Among these challengers, the plump man was not the only one who managed to kill the Frostyape Corpse in one hit, the skinny man who challenged him previously managed to complete a kill only mere seconds before him!

Aside from the both of them who were from Dynasty, the other three from the Union Government managed to kill the Frostyape Corpse at breakneck speed as well!

They were the five strongest humans there.

Despite there being a large number of tribal members, none of them had the courage to fight the imperial-level monsters alone. Instead, they formed teams and fought the monsters together. Nobody knew if they were doing this to conceal their true abilities or if they were truly that weak.

A few of the smaller teams that were formed to take on the imperial-level monsters managed to get into the second echelon.

The abilities of each team member were on par with the Frostyape Corpse. However, they did not choose to fight the monsters alone. Instead, they banded together to take on the Frostyape Corpse as they struck several heavy blows and killed them. Although the monsters were not killed in a split second, they still managed to kill them quite quickly and completed a kill within two to three seconds on average.

The party in the third echelon formed a team to kill the imperial-level monsters as well. However, they were apparently much weaker than those in the second echelon. The fight was not an easy one to them since they had to spend about 10 minutes to kill a Frostyape Corpse.

The fourth echelon did not even intend to hunt down the Frostyape Corspe since they knew fairly well that they were incapable of defeating such monsters. Even if they could, they would be unable to complete 10 kills within the time limit. They knew that they would definitely be disqualified and they did not strive to survive.

The fifth echelon was the weakest among the rest. They only managed to defend themselves against the monster horde and they would probably be disqualified at any time. They had no faith in themselves at all and were easily destroyed by the imperial-level Frostyape Corpse.

The fourth monster horde lasted longer than the previous three. More than two hours had passed but it seemed like it was not going to stop anytime soon.

Many of the teams from the fifth echelon were disqualified after the arrival of the monster horde, and some of the teams from the fourth echelon were disqualified as well.

It was only at the fourth hour after the assessment had begun for exactly 10 hours, that the fourth monster horde finally ended.

The monster troops transformed into glowing light and soon, they disappeared as the countdown ended.

Wu Mo's voice was heard in the air again.

"There are only 312 challengers who fulfilled all three requirements and are qualified to pass through the first level. I'm sorry to say that the rest of the challengers are disqualified."

"As for those who are disqualified, please don't attempt to enter the Sorcerer Goddess Shine any longer. If you wish to enter, please wait for the next opening of the Sorcerer Goddess Shine."

Just as Wu Mo's voice was heard, the body of the challengers who failed to qualify for the next level collapsed and soon disappeared from the snowy world.

Among the crowd, less than a tenth of the people remained after a several seconds passed.

Among the remaining 312 people, most of them were the tribal members while about a hundred them were people from the Union Government and Dynasty.

The elimination rate had exceeded 90% in just the first assessment. This had put many of them on alert.

"Congratulations, you've got through the first assessment. Now, I'll send you the second shrine."

Along with the voice, 312 of them entered a trance and appeared in a shrine shortly after.

The shrine was extremely large but there was nothing else aside from the posts, walls, and dome.

Just as everybody was looking around the shrine, Wu Mo's voice was heard once more.

"There are Witchcraft Runes everywhere in this shrine. Among these runes, only 200 of them are single-use dimensional runes that'll send the user directly sent to the third shrine. Activating the wrong one will lead to the immediate destruction of the rune. If it's inaccurately activated, the rune will be destroyed right after it has been activated."

Everybody's facial expression changed as soon as they heard what Wu Mo said.

"Here's a gentle reminder. Aside from the 200 runes that will send you directly to the third shrine, there are also a hundred runes that'll directly send you out of the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine. If you happen to activate such a rune, please come again during the next opening of the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine."

The tribal members' face turned grave as they heard this.

"The rules are pretty simple and I think everyone can understand it. If there are no further questions, the assessment for the second shrine will officially begin."

Runes appeared from the dome and floated around in the shrine. In just a few seconds, the runes had occupied the entire shrine.

Not only were the runes attached to the ground, the runic inscriptions were found on the posts as well.

As one looked from afar, the number of runes had exceeded 100,000.

To find 200 of the specified runes from more than 100,000 runic inscriptions was obviously not an easy task.

More than 200 of the tribal members were busy looking for the correct rune right after they appeared.

As for the humans, more than half of them seemed panicked. Despite the fact that the rest of them had begun looking for the right runes, a majority of them looked upset. Only about 10 of them were able to remain calm as they prepared for the challenge.

In less than 10 minutes after the second assessment had started, one of the tribal members had successfully activated a dimensional rune and disappeared from the shrine. Nobody knew if he was sent to the third shrine or if he was sent out of the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine.

After the first person had successfully activated the dimensional rune, the second and third person followed suit.

"Haha, I've found one!" The plump man from Dynasty stood still in front of a rune and fell into a trance. Then, he pointed his finger at the rune and activated it.

After a short while, his body was enveloped by a white glow, and he disappeared from the shrine at the very next moment.

As time passed, the number of people who remained in the shrine got lesser and lesser.

The second assessment had yet to end. However, whoever managed to get into the third shrine in advance would be able to start the third assessment.

"The third assessment is called Hopscotch. Each participant will be sent to an independent space. There'll be a 3x100 grid on the ground over there. The challenger will have to arrive at the finishing point a hundred boxes away from the starting point. There'll be an attack rune on each of the grid. Some of the attack runes are real while the rest are fake. If you happen to step on the a real rune, you'll be immediately disqualified. If you step on a fake rune, nothing will happen to you. Some of them might be a trip rune. Once you're trapped, you'll be disqualified as well."

"Flying is not allowed in this round. Therefore, you won't be able to activate spatial manipulation abilities. Challengers can only step on the grid on their left, right, or directly in front of them. Moving backward and walking diagonally are prohibited. You can't skip as well. You can use the Witchcraft Rune to decode any of the runes on the grid."

The difficulty level of the third assessment had obviously increased!

Lin Huang who was inside the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine had no idea what was happening outside. He was still focused on decoding the Ten Thousand Sealing Rune.


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