Monster Paradise
712 The Conditions to Enter the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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712 The Conditions to Enter the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine

"You've obtained the blood of the True God. Would you like to turn it into a card?"

"Will this thing be restricted after it becomes a card due to my combat level?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"Yes, the card will be sealed immediately."

"Then, I shan't make it into a card at the moment." Lin Huang then looked at Wu Mo after declining Xiao Hei's request.

"Sis Momo, I understand that I'll obtain your inheritance here besides the reward, won't I?"

"That's right, but my inheritance isn't that easy to get." Wu Mo cunningly grinned at Lin Huang.

"I'll give it a try whether I can get it or not. I might be able to get it." Lin Huang smiled back.

"Follow me," Wu Mo said and left. Lin Huang caught up to her immediately. After walking not far away, he saw a familiar charcoal grey stone tablet. It looked exactly like the one at the Sorcerer Goddess Tower.

Wu Mo pointed at the stone tablet and looked at Lin Huang as they stood before it.

"You know what you need to do."

It was a sealing rune that was made of complicated rune lines that Lin Huang recognized immediately.

Wu Mo spoke again as he was ready to decode the rune, "This is a Ten Thousand Sealing Rune. Over time after you decode it, there'll be a new sealing rune which appears. It'll only be decoded entirely after 10,000 times. If you fail in the middle, you'll have to start from the beginning again. It'll be a completely new set of runes that are different from what you've decoded before, so it's best if you go through it once instead of doing it all over again.

"Also, you're only given 30 seconds to decode each rune. You'll have to start over again if you take more than that. As soon as you decode each rune within 30 seconds, the new rune will appear instead of waiting for the 30 seconds to be up."

Wu Mo added after she was done with the conditions, "You can get your little pet monster to help. It's allowed since your summoning monsters are also one of your abilities."

It was clear that Wu Mo had already seen Bloody at the Sorcerer Goddess Tower. There was nothing that Lin Huang should hide, so he summoned Bloody immediately.

"Let me try first. I'll ask for your help if I can't manage to do it," Lin Huang said to Bloody. Bloody looked at Wu Mo who was standing aside without saying anything. It nodded, then wrapped itself around his left wrist while Lin Huang started drawing the decoding rune on the stone tablet with his right hand.

He completed the first decoding rune successfully in less than 20 seconds. As the first sealing rune faded away, the second one appeared automatically. Now Lin Huang knew that what Wu Mo had said about the Ten Thousand Sealing Runes was real as the second sealing rune appeared immediately. Just as soon as he managed to decode the second one in 22 seconds, the third one appeared.

Lin Huang decoded them one by one patiently and carefully since a single error in stroke would break the entire rune. Time was passing by in the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine, but he had no idea what was happening outside. Even if he did, he did not have the time to do anything about it.

A female voice was heard as the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine drifted into the air and the shaking stopped. All of the people below heard her crystal-clear.

"The Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine welcomes all holy fire- and immortal-levels to enter. Those whose combat level don't qualify will be killed without mercy if you come in by force! Those who are hiding or suppressing your combat level can try if you're not afraid to die."

Many of the tribal members turned around and fled as they were afraid to become targets while some of them stood where they were without moving.

"Those who are qualified to come in may enter the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine after I'm done explaining the conditions of the assessments.

"There are a dozen external shrines around the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine with an assessment each. You'll only be able to go to the next one after you've passed the assessment. All challengers who pass the 12 external shrines are eligible to enter.

"There're 12 god-level treasures inside. Besides the one that was taken away by the activator of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine, the remaining 11 will be randomly given out to those who manage to break through the 12 external shrines. If more than 11 people pass, the one who comes later won't receive any of the treasures. That being said, only the first 11 who breakthrough will be rewarded with the treasure."

Many people became excited when they heard about the treasure, but they proceeded to listen patiently. After all, it was the first time the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine was open, so nobody knew what the conditions of entering were. It would be a pity if any of them accidentally broke the conditions and were disqualified.

"There's something that I must emphasize here. No fighting is allowed in the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine. Nobody is allowed to use any techniques to interrupt anybody. Whoever picks a fight or interferes will be disqualified immediately. Besides being sent out of the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine, the treasure will be confiscated, and the troublemaker will be blacklisted from the entering the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine forever. If the person tries to enter the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine again, he will be killed without mercy!"

Although fighting was harshly punishable in there, it also meant that they were allowed to fight outside. Many of them managed to read between the lines. Those who planned to rob treasures from others had to come up with another plan.

"The Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine will be opened for ten days. Throughout this period, all of the people who qualify may enter and exit the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine as they wish. The shrine will be closed ten days later. Everyone, including the activator, will be sent out of the shrine no matter which level they are on.

"If anybody manages to get the Sorcerer Goddess inheritance within ten days, the person will have the right to handle the Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine whereby he or she will have the right to decide whether to close the shrine and send everyone out…"

Wu Mo read out the conditions to everyone clearly although she was nowhere to be seen. After that, she answered everyone's questions one by one and eventually announced, "The Sorcerer Goddess's Shrine is officially open. All those of you who are qualified to come in may enter the door to the first shrine to join the assessment!"

As Wu Mo said that, thousands of people thronged the entrance of the first shrine like a swarm of locusts.


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