Monster Paradise
703 The Lady in a Red Robe
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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703 The Lady in a Red Robe

The second opponent that Lin Huang encountered was a sorcerer in a black robe. He was just slightly more powerful than Tai Yun, but that was it. After confirming where he stood in terms of ability, Lin Huang did not kill him instantly. Instead, he treated his opponent as an experiment as well as his practice partner.

Different runes kept lighting up from the Sorcerer Book and charging towards his opponent. The black-robed man was finally killed following Lin Huang's 29th attack after defending himself fiercely from the previous 28 attacks. Lin Huang won his second victory. However, he had yet to be satisfied with the practice. The coming battles became his solo performance in which he did not even give the slightest chance to his opponents as he would always attack first as soon as the battle started. All of the opponents became his moving targets. Only some of them managed to strike back while the rest were killed almost instantly.

Just like that, Lin Huang won battle after battle. The first one, the second one, the third one, the tenth one… Until the 67th battle. It was a tall lady with red chiffon covering her face with only her eyes revealed. Her entire body was wrapped in a dark burgundy robe, but Lin Huang could see her seductive body. The lady was almost 1.8 meters tall. However, he noticed that she was wearing heels underneath her robe, but he had no idea how high they were.

The lady was not Lin Huang's first female opponent. After glancing at her, he thought that he would not have to hold back on her. As soon as the countdown ended, he did what he usually did, which was to attack first. This time, something out of his expectations happened. The lady placed both her palms on the books and opened the both of them. Two runes of defense and attack lit up at the same time. Lin Huang was shocked to see that as it was his first time encountering a person who managed to handle two runes at the same time.

As the two runes lit up, a large hemispherical frost shield and a frost ranged attack appeared. The chill spread all over the battle ring.

"Ranged attack?" Lin Huang raised an eyebrow as such an attack did not have much effect, but he knew what the lady was up to. Besides strengthening her frost shield, the frost ranged attack could also turn the battle ring into her show. As soon as the ring was covered in frost, she could attack with any frost rune from any corner.

"It seems like I've encountered someone powerful." Lin Huang grinned. No matter if it was her Witchcraft performance or her battle instinct, this lady was so much more powerful than the opponents that he had encountered earlier. He became serious. Then, he placed his palm on his book. As a red rune lit up, waves of flames flowed like waves in the ocean. The white frost collided with the waves of fire. The ring was now half-flaming red and half-frost white.

However, this only lasted for less than two seconds. A blue rune lit up on the lady's book, and a dripping sound was heard in the ring. It started raining heavily. As both the frost and the rainwater suppressed Lin Huang's fire wave, his attack was soon washed away. It was his first time being subdued in the battle since his winning streak.

A red rune lit up on Lin Huang's book, and a fiery tornado appeared like a flame dragon, attempting to devour the heavy rain. The battle came to a tie once again. Lin Huang had finally broken free from the lady's suppression. The lady had a potent ability. It proved that besides the ability to perform two runes at the same time, she was also very agile in different types of runes. Lin Huang was attacked by her restraint rune and was almost defeated.

However, Lin Huang was becoming more familiar with the runes as they fought. He even managed to learn how to use two runes at the same time as she did. Besides that, his performance in runes improved. As they fought for more than an hour, the lady became slower in the frequency of her rune performance as her energy was drained. That was how Lin Huang turned the tables around and won the battle.

After the battle ended, he took a half an hour's rest not only to recover his Life Power but also to digest the lessons that he had learned from the battle. The battle with the red-robed lady had benefited him significantly and transformed his standard in using runes. He was now excited for the opponents to advance.

However, the opponent in the 68th battle was mediocre and was not as powerful as the red-robed lady before. The same happened to all of her opponents after that. None of them could compare to the red-robed lady. They were not even on the same level compared to her. Lin Huang won all the way to more than 90 battles, but none of the opponents could pique his interest.

"What's with the red-robed lady? Why is she so much powerful than the opponents that were sent later?" Lin Huang could not understand it.

Although the last blue-robed man that he encountered was much stronger than the opponents before, he still could not compare to the red-robed lady. Just like that, Lin Huang won the 100 winning streak with disappointment.

"Congratulations, you've completed the 100 winning streak and passed the test!"

Lin Huang asked immediately when he heard the announcement, "What's with the red-robed lady that I encountered in the middle of the battle?"

"She's a special challenger who might or might not appear," the female voice explained. "It depends on your luck."

"That means I might still encounter special challengers in the eighth and the ninth level?" Lin Huang understood immediately.

"Yes." The female voice gave an assuring reply.

"They might or might not appear. The sequence of their appearance is random too."

"I get it now." Lin Huang nodded and was sent out of the ring.


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