Monster Paradise
702 Sorcerer Lin Huang
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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702 Sorcerer Lin Huang

Lin Huang's first opponent was a handsome, young man wearing a white robe with a blonde ponytail. As soon as he appeared, almost all of the females in the audience screamed in excitement. Lin Huang recalled that the emcee had said that the battle ring was a projection of the time river. He figured that his opponent must be a popular man back in those days. The audience's deafening cheer was most probably a projection of what had happened in the past.

The white-robed man sized Lin Huang up obnoxiously as he appeared in the ring.

"How dare you challenge I, Tai Yun? Prepare to die."

Lin Huang raised his eyebrow as he did not expect to be challenged so daringly. He replied, "We'll find out who'll die later."

Although Lin Huang had never fought with anyone with Witchcraft, he was experienced and was not afraid of imperial-levels or even demigods. Fighting a sorcerer who had the same combat level as him was nothing to him. The battle was just a show for him to perform with a huge audience watching.

Soon, the countdown ended. Tai Yun scoffed and a Sorcerer Book covered in white appeared in front of him. He extended his right hand and placed it on top of the book which flipped open on its own while a red rune lit up from the page and transformed into a flame boa. The flame boa then sped towards Lin Huang who was tens of meters away.

"A flame boa… Fire attribute rune?" Lin Huang smirked as he could tell which rune the man was performing at one glance.

"Alright then. I shall use you as practice then."

He pressed his hand on top of the Sorcerer Book as well. In the next second, the book opened on its own with a blue rune lighting up. A terrifying chill came out of the book with icy blue arrows that bolted out of it and swallowed the flame boa.

Within seconds, the flame boa was pierced by the icy arrows hundreds of times and disappeared. However, the remaining arrows were now hurtling towards Tai Yun at an alarming speed. Tai Yun was shocked, but he did not panic. He placed his palm on top of the book again, and this time, a yellow rune lit up. Pieces of thick bricks started stacking in front of the white-robed man until a barrier which was tens of centimeters thick was formed and blocked the arrows that were coming towards him.

Although some of the arrows penetrated the wall, none of them managed to pierce through and get to Tai Yun.

"Break it!" Lin Huang shouted.

Silver arrows shot out of the book in a spiral form. In the air, the arrows spun like drills with an intense sound of the wind, rushing towards Tai Yun.

Tai Yun was stunned. He thought the barrier would buy him some time to think of a strategy, but the drilling arrows seemed to be able to pierce through his wall of bricks easily. Helpless, he had to strengthen the barrier. As he placed his palm on the book, a layer of frost spread out of it and soon, the barrier was now frozen. Lin Huang's drilling arrows could not pierce through the barrier that was now reinforced with a layer of ice.

As Tai Yun felt relieved, he was coming up with strategies to attack next. Although Lin Huang's attacks had been blocked twice, he did not panic at all since he had mastered the battle rhythm while Tai Yun was just defending himself from his attacks.

"You use ice. Then, I'll use fire." Lin Huang grinned.

He placed his palm on the book again. Sparks of flames that were the size of a thumb roared towards Tai Yun's barrier like a meteor shower. Tai Yun thought that he could relax for a bit, so he was shocked to see what was coming towards him. Before he could react, the stars collided against the barrier. Sparks flew, and explosions were heard. The explosions melted the ice on the barrier at an alarming rate while many of the bricks were smashed. Lin Huang had retreated to the edge of the ring, unaffected by the explosion.

It was a different story for Tai Yun. The spiral arrows that were stuck on the barrier were shot in all directions when the explosion happened. Tai Yun was devoured entirely in the explosion flare, and it felt like death for him.

"I think I've overdone it. Will he die just like that? I thought I found someone to practice with me," Lin Huang mumbled to himself. Fortunately, the explosion muffled his mumbling, or else, Tai Yun would be pissed if he heard what he had just said.

Soon, the hundreds of explosive stars burned out, but smoke still lingered in the ring, and nobody could see how Tai Yun's condition was. However, Lin Huang was sure that he had not perished as there was no announcement declaring the loser. Lin Huang did not continue to attack as he waited for the smoke to disperse patiently.

The challenges in the Sorcerer Goddess Tower were tricky. Although the arrangement of the opponents was random, they would be more powerful than the other. Tai Yun should be the least powerful one among the 100 opponents on this level. He was the best for Lin Huang to practice with, so Lin Huang did not wish for him to be killed that easily so that he could practice more.

It took a while for the smoke to clear. A clumsy person appeared amidst the smoke. The person's body was black like it had been charred. His hair was frizzy from the heat of the fire. Although he looked disheveled, people could still recognize that it was Tai Yun in his once-white robes. He could not bother about his image anymore as he panted hard. If he had not managed to defend himself with Witchcraft, he might be dead in the ring now.

"Hey, can you still fight like that?" Lin Huang teased.

"We can proceed if you're still able to fight. If not, I'll send you out of the ring."

Tai Yun glared lethally at Lin Huang as he noticed that Lin Huang was ready to attack him again. He then said unwillingly as he clenched his teeth, "I surrender!"

"What? You surrender just like that?" Lin Huang did not expect that at all.

The announcement of the female voice was heard.

"The winner of the first battle - Lin Huang! 1% of winning streak completed."

"You can choose to rest for half an hour after each battle. Would you like to take a rest?"

"There's no need for that. please continue." As he had gotten the hang of fighting with Witchcraft, Lin Huang decided to proceed with the battle since the first battle did not drain any of his energy at all.


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