Monster Paradise
701 The Book of Sorcerer Dao
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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701 The Book of Sorcerer Dao

The seventh level of the Sorcerer Goddess Tower was located in a wooden room. It did not look very big, and the decoration was simple. It was the complete opposite of the luxurious setting in the castle earlier. Lin Huang took a quick look around and focused on the stone tablet that was not far in front of him. It was not as simple as the golden lines on the previous stone tablets. There were now 36 advanced rune lines.

Lin Huang's eyebrows knitted together. He could tell that it should not be a sealing rune, but some other rune. He did not summon Bloody or ask the grinning face above. He sat down in the corner of the wooden room as he started memorizing the 30,000 advanced completed runes and the 8,000 high-level completed runes. Three days went by just like that, and he had finally memorized all of the completed runes that Bloody had shared with him.

In the middle of the night on the fourth day, Lin Huang finally opened his eyes and walked to the stone tablet. He now understood what the rune was referring to.

"So, this is an invitation rune."

Sorcerers sent the invitation rune. Only people who could read as well as decode runes would be invited. It was like a door that required a custom-made key to enter.

Lin Huang smirked. The more he studied Witchcraft Rune, the more he thought that being a sorcerer was an interesting job. The invitation rune was one of the runes that Bloody had come up with. He soon found the decoding rune in his head and drew the rune on the stone tablet. A while later, the invitation rune transformed into stars and flew into the sky. Then, a golden door appeared. Although Lin Huang knew it was the effect of the invitation rune, he was still surprised when he saw the door. Without hesitation, he pushed the door open and walked into it.

As he stepped in, Lin Huang appeared in a large battle ring. There were hundreds of occupied seats surrounding the ring, and the audience members were wearing robes of all sorts. There was a certain high in the atmosphere, and many people were screaming excitedly from their seats.

"What's this?" Lin Huang was stunned to see this. As he was trying to figure out what had happened, a female voice came from above.

"This is a sorcerer's battle ring that's reflected from the time river. You'll have to fight the sorcerers from the ancient times, and you'll pass this level if you get a 100-battle winning streak. You'll have to kill your opponent to be considered a victor. Once you lose, your winning streak will be deemed ended, and you'll have to start from the first battle again."

"Did I not come here with my flesh and blood? Wouldn't I die if I lose the battle?" Lin Huang asked.

"You won't. It's your consciousness that opened the door while your real body remains on the seventh floor of the Sorcerer Goddess Tower. This is just the projection of your consciousness. If you die here, the projection of your consciousness will be recreated."

"So, is there any restriction in the battle ring?" Lin Huang asked.

"You can only use Witchcraft and not any other skill. You wouldn't be able to use any skills even if you wanted to. There's no other restriction besides this."

"But I'm not a sorcerer! I've only learned some runes, and I can't even perform any Witchcraft. How do I fight with those sorcerers without using any other skills?" Lin Huang was astounded because he had not performed the rune on his soul, and neither did he have any book related to Witchcraft nor tools with him.

"Perhaps you weren't a sorcerer before, but now you are." As the female above spoke, six golden beams shot out between his eyebrows and transformed into a book.

The book had a golden cover, and it was just the size of an adult's palm when it was closed. It did not look thick, but when Lin Huang opened it, there were hundreds of thousands of pages with completed runes in it. Besides those that he had obtained from the Sorcerer Goddess Tower earlier, there were also the advanced and high-level ones that Bloody had discovered.

"Is this the Book of Sorcerer Dao?!" Lin Huang was shocked as only real sorcerers would own The Book of Sorcerer Dao or the Sorcerer Book. He had never cultivated the Sorcerer Dao; all he did was memorize runes.

Suddenly, the thought of the six golden beams that transformed into the Sorcerer Dao book earlier came to his mind.

"So, the six golden glows that I obtained from the Sorcerer Goddess Tower combined into a complete Sorcerer Dao?"

"That's right. It's the beginner inheritance that the Sorcerer Goddess left in the Sorcerer Goddess Tower. As long as a person manages to break through the sixth level, the six memory seeds will combine into a complete Sorcerer Dao heirloom. This inheritance can be added to a sorcerer's Sorcerer Book, but for a non-sorcerer, it allows one to obtain the Book of Sorcerer Dao directly and become a sorcerer."

Lin Huang did not expect to obtain a side-job out of nowhere. All he wanted from the Sorcerer Goddess Tower was the Sorcerer Goddess's relics. He never wanted to be a sorcerer. However, what he could not understand was that according to the documentation in the secret skill that he obtained on the first level, the runes would only be recorded in the Book of Sorcerer Dao when the sorcerer had completely mastered the meaning of each rune or created their own runes.

Meanwhile, all Lin Huang did was merely memorize the hundreds of thousands of runes without understanding them, let alone master them. However, the runes that he forced himself to memorize were printed on the Book of Sorcerer Dao.

"Perhaps the Book of Sorcerer Dao thought I understood the runes because Bloody does?" Lin Huang could not think of any other better explanation than that.

Although he did not understand it, he knew that it was a good thing. The Book of Sorcerer Dao would be blank if it followed what he understood and he would not be able to fight in the ring. There were hundreds of thousands of completed runes in the Book of Sorcerer Dao which were sufficient for the battles that he was soon going to face. He knew very well that a sorcerer who understood more than 30,000 completed runes would be an elite among all of them. One who understood more than 50,000 runes would be a talent while mastering more than 80,000 would be considered a genius. It was rare for a sorcerer to understand more than 100,000 runes during the ancient times. Those who were still alive would have been a Sorcerer Goddess by now.

"The 100 opponents on this level have the same combat level as you do. They'll only be using basic runes, not advanced or high-level runes. However, there's no restriction for you, so you can perform any of the runes that you know. I hope you don't lose too quickly."

As the female voice faded away, the arena became utterly silent. The timer on top of the battle ring started counting down from ten seconds. The opponent across Lin Huang gradually appeared.


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