Monster Paradise
700 An Unfamiliar Rune
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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700 An Unfamiliar Rune

After passing the test on the fourth layer, Lin Huang soon came to the fifth level, which was similar to the fourth level whereby he was sent to a castle of a different style. There was also a sealing rune on the stone tablet. However, this time it was made up of 72 primary rune lines and was much more complicated than the previous one.

Since Lin Huang had gone through the fourth level, he was familiar with the steps. He soon found a decoding rune in his head and started drawing on the stone tablet. After the deciphering of the 72 rune lines was completed, the sealing rune then faded away while his consciousness was sent into a virtual space. This time, he was still required to decode the runes on the rocks, but it was triple the number than before; he had to go through 300 rocks while the time on each rock was extended to five minutes.

Lin Huang went through all of the rocks with the runes that he had memorized in his head. After that, a golden glow went into his head. It was 6 a.m. in the next morning when he was sent back to the tower. He then looked at the 30,000-odd completed runes that he had just obtained. Only 16 of them were out of Bloody's knowledge base. He stood by the stone tablet and memorized the 16 strange runes carefully.

A while later, Lin Huang opened his eyes and placed his palm on the stone tablet. He was then sent to the sixth level of the tower. This time, he did not start the challenge right away. Instead, he took out a tent and slept in his sleeping bag.

Besides draining his Life Power, the drawing of the runes was exhausting as each of the lines were complicated, and there was no room for mistakes. The rune would not work it was different by a single millimeter. Moreover, he did not sleep the night before, so he wanted to have enough rest before starting the challenge.

The gigantic face was puzzled as he watched. He was excited to see how would Lin Huang finish the rest, but he did not expect Lin Huang to sleep instead. Now, all he could do was to wait patiently. Lin Huang slept until past 5 p.m. before he came out of the tent. He then walked to the stone tablet after eating some snacks and putting the tent away.

The stone tablet on the sixth level was still a sealing rune, but this time, it was made of 108 basic rune lines. Not only it was much more complicated than the previous one, but Lin Huang also found the rune unfamiliar after studying it. As he went through the runes that he had memorized, he realized that the rune was not covered under Bloody's knowledge base. He then summoned Bloody, which nodded after taking a look at the rune on the stone tablet.

"This really wasn't covered in the 50,000 runes that I went through the last round, but it's not difficult to decode it."

Bloody then shared the decoding rune with Lin Huang. After memorizing both the rune on the stone tablet and the one that Bloody shared with him, Lin Huang then recalled Bloody and drew the decoding rune on the stone tablet. As soon as the rune disappeared, his consciousness was sent into an opening again.

There were 500 rocks this time whereby each rock had completed runes with 108 primary rune lines while the time allocated to be spent on each rock was ten minutes. Lin Huang then started the test immediately and went through the first to the 183rd levels smoothly as he had all of the decoding runes in his head. However, he was stuck on the 34th level as he had never seen the rune before. He then realized that the rune was out of Bloody's knowledge base again.

He was worried that he could not summon Bloody in his consciousness, but he then realized that his concern was redundant.

"Another one that's out of coverage." Lin Huang forced a smile. Bloody was puzzled as it looked around. It did not ask anything and started looking at the rune of the rock.

"This is an illusion rune, and it's slightly complicated." Despite that, Bloody managed to come up with the decoding rune within three minutes. After memorizing the rune, he then started drawing it on the rock.

As he had taken some time to search for the rune in his head, he only managed to finish drawing the decoding rune two seconds before the countdown ended. He did not recall Bloody as he stepped onto the 35th rock.

"Don't go back yet. I haven't completed a tenth of the levels, and I think there'll be many unfamiliar runes later."

Bloody nodded and wrapped itself around Lin Huang's left arm.

Lin Huang encountered another unfamiliar rune when he was on the 45th level. As he was thinking about it, Bloody spoke directly, "I've never done this one before, let me think about how to decode it."

Bloody gave him the decoding rune in less than five seconds, and Lin Huang passed the level once again. Later on, he encountered 28 unfamiliar runes. He did not even have to check if those were runes that he had never seen before as Bloody would give him the decoding runes directly which saved a lot of his time.

Just like that, Lin Huang managed to pass 500 levels with Bloody's help. As he stood on the 501st rock, a golden glow went in between his eyebrows, and they were both sent out of the space. As soon as they got back to the sixth level of the tower, Lin Huang then looked at the runes that he had just obtained.

There were more than 50,000 of them this time, and Lin Huang was unfamiliar with half of them. He decided to find a seat in the tower with the sun shining through, and he started memorizing all the unknown runes. Two days passed just like that. Finally, he managed to memorize more than 20,000 unfamiliar completed runes.

It was on the third morning when he opened his eyes.

"I've been on the Sorcerer Goddess Tower for a week, and I'm only on the sixth level. Hopefully, I'll spend less time on the last three levels, or else, I'll run out of time." He was concerned as he looked at the time shown on his Emperor's Heart Ring. He could only stay a month in the ruins. As he stood up, he walked to the stone tablet again and placed his palm on it. Soon, his body faded away from the sixth level.


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